Zimbabwe: Government to Assess Vaccination Programme

GOVERNMENT will add three more new vaccines if the ongoing vaccination programme to wipe out two main child killer diseases under the immunisation month is successful, a health official has revealed.

Government is targeting to eradicate measles and polio as well as reducing child deaths from vaccines-preventable diseases under the ongoing programme.

In an interview yesterday, Epidermology and Disease Control Director in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Dr Portia Manangazira, said human papilona virus (HPV) vaccine for cervical cancer would be introduced for young women, while rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines were for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia respectively.

“The three vaccines will come in only after the ongoing immunisation programme is successful and that will be sometime next year.

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[Note from SaneVax:  The government health officials in Zimbabwe are to be congratulated for their decision not to expand their vaccination programme until their current efforts have been proven successful.]

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