However, she said she was never warned about any of the risks or side effects of the HPV vaccine.

I just believed everything the doctors told me.

Katy says that if one is already infected with HPV your chances of getting cervical cancer increase by 44% after you receive the vaccine.

Nine months later, she was found with stage 2 cervical cancer.

In the next video, Asha relates how her life was destroyed after receiving the Gardasil vaccines.

Within 2 weeks after receiving the last Gardasil shot she was diagnosed with ITP, a blood disorder, and one of the known potential side effects of Gardasil. She is now in the early stages of developing leukemia.

Gardasil: Should This Vaccine Ever Have Been Brought to Market?

As countries around the world begin to question the safety of the HPV vaccine, and as lawsuits outside the U.S. mount (one cannot sue a pharmaceutical company in the U.S. for vaccine injuries – they have immunity), one has to wonder how this vaccine was ever approved.

One French doctor who formerly worked for the drug company Merck, which makes the Gardasil vaccine, has predicted that Gardasil will become “the greatest medical scandal of all time.”

Dr. Julie Gerberding of Merck was Head of the CDC When Gardasil Was Approved

Julie Gerberding was in charge of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, which includes the years the FDA approved Gardasil as a vaccine. Soon after she took over the CDC, she reportedly completely overhauled the agency’s organizational structure, and many of the CDC’s senior scientists and leaders either left or announced plans to leave.

Some have claimed that almost all of the replacements Julie Gerberding appointed had ties to the vaccine industry.

Gerberding resigned from the CDC on January 20, 2009, and is now the president of Merck’s vaccine division, a $5 billion dollar a year operation, and the supplier of the largest number of vaccines the CDC recommends (article here).

Black Women who are Vaccinated with Gardasil are Vaccinated Against the Wrong Strains

The Gardasil vaccine has now been found to be completely worthless for African American women, by scientists at Duke University School of Medicine. Apparently this fact will not stop doctors from continuing to vaccinate them, however.

One must wonder how the parents and friends of Moshella Roberts feel about this news, knowing now that she died needlessly from a vaccine that she never needed? (More info and link to the study.)

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