Australia Says Immunize or Lose Tax Benefits – But There’s a Way Out

By Gaia Health

Vaccine Mandates

News media throughout Australia have been doing Big Pharma’s work by telling parents that they no longer have a choice in vaccinating their children. They’re told that refusal will result in the loss of family tax benefits.

That’s sorta kinda true. However, there is a way of getting around the new rules—and I’m going to give you that information.

The immunization schedule for Australian children is increasing, just as it’s doing elsewhere in the world. On 1 July 2012, a little over six months from now, parents are being told that they have no choice: Their children must receive every vaccine on the government’s schedule or lose their family tax benefits of $726 per child per year.

Even more immunizations are being added to the mandated vaccination schedule, and some at earlier ages, thus increasing the risks.

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