Belgian Infant Dies After MMR Vaccination

[SaneVax: Xandro’s parents were concerned their son was still too ill to receive a vaccine. Upon cursory examination, his pediatrician pronounced him fit enough for vaccination. The 18-month old child suffered cardiac arrest. Coincidence? Population based? Surely it could not have been the vaccine!]

Parents Insist Vaccines Killed Their Sick and Fragile Toddler

By Christina England, Vactruth

Death after MMR

An extremely sick toddler died in Renaix, Belgium last week after receiving his MMR vaccination from the ‘Kind en Gezin’ Child and Family Health Centre. The toddler, the second to die in Belgium in less than six months, suffered a cardiac arrest after receiving the MMR vaccination given to him by a G.P. despite warnings from his father that he was still unwell.

Xandro just 18 months was recovering from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) a respiratory infection involving his lungs and breathing passages (1) and his father was worried that he was not well enough to receive the vaccine.

Cedric Sanspuer, Xandro’s father, told reporters that his son had remained a sick and fragile child since his illness and that he had asked the G.P. to give him a thorough examination before giving him the vaccine. According to Mr. Sanspuer, the doctor examined the toddler briefly before stating that he appeared to be a ‘bit snuffly’ but his chest was clear before giving him the vaccination which his parents now believe led to his death.

Xandro’s parents told newspapers that they feel that the doctor should not have vaccinated their child knowing that he was so sick and blame ‘Kind & Gezin’who they say were at fault,  They have since issued a complaint. (2), (3)

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