Breaking News: Gardasil® HPV DNA discovered in post-mortem samples

By Norma Erickson, President

Testimony provided by Dr. Sin Hang Lee via an international video link before Coroner Ian Smith in Wellington NZ revealed the discovery of Gardasil® HPV DNA fragments in post-mortem samples. This inquest was conducted to examine the facts surrounding the unexplained death of Jasmine Renata six months after Gardasil® vaccination.

Dr. Lee, a pathologist on the medical staff at Connecticut’s Milford Hospital, testified:

“The finding of these foreign DNA fragments in the post-mortem samples six months after vaccination indicates that some of the residual DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil® may have been protected from degradation in the form of DNA-aluminum complexes in the macrophages; or via integration into the human genome.

Undegraded viral and plasmid DNA fragments are known to activate macrophages, causing them to release tumor necrosis factor, a myocardial depressant which can induce lethal shock in animals and humans.”

Dr. Lee stated, “The naked DNA in the vaccine was probably stabilized through a chemical binding between the mineral aluminum and the phosphate backbone of the double-stranded DNA.”

Dr. Lee did not claim the HPV-16 L1 gene DNA he discovered in the post-mortem blood and spleen samples was the cause of the sudden and unexplained death of the New Zealand teenager in her sleep. He did note that since the full autopsy analysis had ruled out all known causes of death, his discovery presented a plausible mechanism of action that needed further investigation in all cases of unexplained deaths following Gardasil® vaccinations.

Dr. Lee had previously tested a total of 16 Gardasil® samples from around the world under contract with the non-profit organization SaneVax Inc. Five of those Gardasil® samples were distributed in New Zealand, each with a different lot number. Dr Lee found HPV-16 L1 gene DNA fragments admixed with HPV-18 and/or HPV 11 L1 gene DNA in all samples.

These HPV DNA fragments were firmly bound to the amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS) particles used as an adjuvant in the vaccine formulation.

Fragments of HPV rDNA firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant have been found in 100% of Gardasil® samples tested. Various regulatory agencies agree these particles are in the vaccine, but claim they pose no health risk. These same HPV rDNA particles have been found in blood and spleen samples of a girl who died shortly after vaccination with Gardasil.

What does this mean for medical consumers? It leaves them with numerous questions that demand answers:

  • Do all lots of Gardasil® contain HPV DNA residue?
  • Is the HPV rDNA found in blood and spleen samples still firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant?
  • Do post-mortem samples from others who have died without explanation after Gardasil® also contain HPV DNA?
  • Do those who have experienced severe adverse reactions after Gardasil® have HPV DNA in their blood? Or, at the site of injection?
  • Are these particles bound to the host macrophages (white blood cells that normally destroy foreign particles and infectious microorganisms) rather than being destroyed as wild HPV would have been?
  • Could injected HPV rDNA activate the production of TNF (tumor necrosis factor) or other cytokines associated with autoimmune disorders?
  • Does this HPV rDNA have the capability of integrating with the host DNA and causing mutations that may lead to cancer?

According to Dr. Lee:

“There are only two known ways these HPV DNA fragments would remain in post-mortem tissue. Either the fragments are attached to the aluminum adjuvant and unable to be degraded by the DNA nucleases, or the fragments were integrated into the human genome. Either of these options may have harmful and potentially lethal consequences, and need further investigation.”

Medical consumers worldwide have every right to demand these questions be answered. Until answers are provided the human right to informed consent is being violated.

It is time for government health authorities around the world to provide autopsy samples from all deaths subsequent to Gardasil® to independent laboratories with suitable technology, in order to provide the answers to these questions for medical consumers. Anything less is a betrayal of the public trust.

Dr. Lee is known for using the nested PCR/DNA sequencing technology for reliable detection and genotyping of HPV in clinical specimens. He is the author of the chapter, “Guidelines for the Use of Molecular Tests for the Detection and Genotyping of Human Papillomavirus from Clinical Specimens” in a Methods in Molecular Biology volume published by Humana Press in July 2012.


  1. Mindanoiha says:

    SaneVax’ work is serious, most impressive and admirable. The team’s Mission is to promote Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Efficient vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information.

    However, the whole vaccine safety issue is turned upside down.
    “It is not vaccine critics who must provide evidence that vaccines are dangerous; it is the vaccine promoters’ responsibility to prove that vaccines are safe and effective and that the benefits outweigh the risks.” – Marcella Piper-Terry

    The vaccine promoters, including Merck the manufacturer and health authorities have not proved that Gardasil is safe, effective and that the benefits outweigh the risks. They are unable to do this. They know so little about the vaccine that it is utterly impossible for the risks to be weighed against possible benefits. Consequently, there are no grounds whatsoever on which safety may be evaluated.

    SaneVax has posed new and extremely relevant questions regarding Gardasil. These may be added to this already long yet incomplete list of unanswered questions.

  2. We need to be given a choice, always, and all information on side effects, ingredients etc. needs to be available and offered to whoever this product or any product for that matter, is given or sold to. I think it is safe to say most people especially those who do their own thinking [have a brain they use] no longer trust the medical profession or its providers.

  3. John Fryer says:

    The SUDDEN DEATH to young teenage girls after their gardasil vaccine is rare but so is SUDDEN INFANT DEATH.

    Since 1969 there has been CONSTANT linking of the INFANT DEATHS to vaccines injected into previously healthy babies.

    For each death there was a multitude of vaccine experts to say it was not possible, not plausible and that the vaccine actually helped to prevent INFANT DEATH such that in 1991 the UK government on the say so of one person brought forward the vaccine programme from 3 months to 2 months to get over the peak deaths at 3 months.

    So successful in fact that the 3 month peak was totally flattened out due to the new peak INFANT DEATHS at 2 months today.

    But for the million or so SUDDEN INFANT DEATHS since 1969 around the world we can be sure that VACCINES have ensured the survival of the vaccine industry that now brings us GARDASIL


    But lets not forget the MUTEAGENIC mercury in any vaccines

    The CARCINOGENIC formaldehyde use in vaccines

    And the role of ALUMINIUM adjuvants and the ARTHRITIS like condition in the injected muscle TISSUES.

    Regulators and Government are on top of all the problems and the ANDREW WAKEFIELD syndrome should be a warning to all those who don’t follow the official line that

    EVERY vaccine is completely SAFE.

    And the more vaccines you get

    The safer you are.

    Of course this is ONLY a theroetical risk which is similar to winning the lottery but in reverse.

    Risk Benefit calculations have always to be used when planning health issues.

    So let the babies take the risks

    And let the vaccine companies go from strength to strength.

    Harry Clark vaccinated at 4.30pm and DEAD at 10.30pm

    But dfon’t panic it wasnt the mercury/formaldehyde/aluminium vaccines.

    Mom did it and like lots of moms got life in prison for her deadly actions (of getting the vaccine right on time to the day?)


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