Breaking News: Your Opportunity to Help Spain Ban HPV Vaccines

Madrid: Medical professionals, vaccine-injury victims, public health experts, scientists and vaccine safety advocates have joined forces to formally demand the Spanish Ministry of Health  and Social Policy remove HPV vaccines from the immunization schedule and establish a compensation fund for those who have suffered adverse effects from vaccines.

HPV vaccines: Just say NO

On Tuesday, 9 October 2012, Don Carlos Álvarez Dardet, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Alicante, and Dña Alicia Capilla Lanagrán, Vice President of the AAVP (the Association of those Affected by Papillomavirus Vaccines) will hold a press conference to explain the reasons behind these requests. (Contact Carlos Ponte – or visit this website –, for additional information regarding the press conference.)

This is not the first time professionals and citizens of Spain have expressed their concerns regarding HPV vaccination programs in their country. In July of 2009, more than ten thousand health professionals and scientific associations signed a document entitled, “Reasons for a Moratorium on the use of HPV vaccines in Spain,” and submitted it to the Department of Health. Apparently, their government officials did not think the concerns of 10,000+ professionals were significant enough to make a change to the vaccination schedule.

Meanwhile, the number of serious adverse events and deaths after HPV vaccinations have continued to climb. Despite the media hype, citizens of Spain see little value in the prospect of young girls (and soon boys) facing potential serious injuries and perhaps death by using HPV vaccines hoping to prevent the future onset of a disease for which there is already a safe and proven effective method of detection and treatment currently in use.

The citizens of Spain are not willing to sit idly by while their children participate in a government sponsored health experiment for the next 15-20 years in order to determine whether or not HPV vaccines will prevent cancer.

Spain Needs Your Help 

Do you have concerns about the sanity of HPV vaccines (currently Gardasil and Cervarix)?  Are they safe? Are they affordable? Are they necessary? Are they effective?

If you cannot answer all four of these questions yes, please join Spain in their fight to withdraw use of HPV vaccines until such time as they can be scientifically proven to meet these four common-sense criteria.

The AAVP has posted their demand for removal of HPV vaccines and the creation of a compensation fund for vaccine injury victims. Please take a moment to read REMOVE HPV vaccine is INVESTING IN HEALTH(see English translation below)

No matter where in the world you live, if you agree with the concerns expressed scroll down to the bottom of the page and add your signature to  this important document.

Help the medical professionals, vaccine-injury victims, public health experts, scientists and vaccine safety advocates who have already signed protect the health and safety of the children of Spain.

Rough English translation of Spain’s demand is here.



  1. Theresa heaney says:

    I believe that the HPV Vaccine must be withdrawn not alone in Spain, but worldwide. The serious concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of this co called “anti-cancer vaccine” must be thoroughly investigated and scientifically proven by independent authorities who have no vested interest in the sale or promotion of the vaccine.

    Cancer is not a contagious disease therefore to even promote this vaccine as an anti-cancer vaccine is false and misleading.

  2. andrea rupert says:

    My son was nearly killed by the old pertussis vaccine that was finally taken off the market. His pediatrician said it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice for the herd. His sacrifice was so that authorities should learn and to accept moral responsibility for wreckless disregard and industry serving pseudoscience that kills. Stop the slaughter if innocents, for their angels in heaven are always facing God and petitioning the divine for justice.

  3. catinka rabbers says:

    I hope the HPV vaccines will be removed from the vaccine schedual, there is to mutch at risk and to little know about these vaccins.

  4. catinka rabbers says:

    I hope de HPV vaccines will be banned form the vaccinschedual,
    there is to mutch at risk and to little known about the vaccins.

  5. Diane Denizen says:

    Actually, it would be better to ban ALL vaccines! Vaccination is based on bad science anyway, how can injecting foreign matter into the body as a cocktail of genetic fragments and neurotoxins like Thimerasal be of any health benefit? Its time people engaged common sense and stopped accepting pseudoscience as fact.

  6. Jackie Barnes says:

    This vaccine was introduced far too quickly, it would be best all round if this vaccine was put on hold until further reasearch into it’s safety and effectiveness was carried out

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