CDC Admits: 2008 Smallpox Outbreak in US Caused by Vaccine

By Heidi Stevenson

You thought that smallpox has been eradiacted? Not so! It still exists, thanks to our vaccination-happy medical system. It’s time to stop believing the lies of our so-called health agencies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that smallpox had been eradicated from the world in 1980. This is simply untrue, and the reason is purely manmade. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is publishing an article in the April edition of the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases documenting an outbreak of vaccine-caused smallpox that centered in a gymnasium in 2008.

Entitled “Vaccinia Virus Infections in Martial Arts Gym, Maryland, USA, 2008”, the article’s lede states:

Vaccinia virus is an orthopoxvirus used in the live vaccine against smallpox. Vaccinia virus infections can be transmissible and can cause severe complications in those with weakened immune systems.

Smallpox is a highly infectious disease that can cause severe pustules all over the body, high fever, backache, malaise, diarrhea, delirium, hemorrhage, and has a high rate of death. One would have thought that this particular outbreak would be reported in the news media. However, it has been hushed up, only being revealed now, a full three years later after any risk has passed.

The Outbreak

The first person diagnosed with smallpox was a 26-year-old Maryland man who went for treatment because of pustules on his arm, chin, and back of the knee, along with headache and fever. The nature of the pustules was not recognized by his doctor, who simply told him to go home and get to an emergency room if his fever worsened. It did. He was admitted to the hospital and kept there until his fever abated. Although precautions were taken, the hospital did not isolate him in negative-pressure to help assure that his then-unknown disease would not spread.

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