Controversial Norwegian Vaccine Used In New Zealand

By Connie Barr, Karen Aarre and Kjell Persen

A vaccine against meningitis that was developed and subsequently abandoned in Norway, was revived and exported to New Zealand, where it was used on over a million kids in a highly experimental campaign, says a recent Norwegian TV report.


Vaccine Controversy

“To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment.” – Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics

At the time of the New Zealand mass vaccination experiment, I reported in several articles about how important facts were disregarded and how statistics were used in a very loose way by the Authorities in New Zealand, to justify the campaign.

No doubt the very ‘cavalier’ attitude about the dangers inherent in vaccinations which shows up in this case, is a result of the almost religious adherence of health authorities to the vacccine dogma: Injecting a bacterium or virus and some toxic adjuvant substances into the bodies of kids is harmless and will protect them from illness. The dogma disregards other, serious effects of vaccinations that tend to appear later in life. Autism, which has become an epidemic of the vaccinated, is only one example. Allergies and other immune system malfunctions, virtually unknown before vaccinations, are increasingly common in this highly medicated world of ours.

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