Flu Vaccine Deaths: Just How Rare Are They? Learn How to Find Out for Yourself.

By Marcella, VaxTruth

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A few days ago I wrote a post about the death of Kaylynne Matten, the seven-year-old Vermont girl who died suddenly four days after receiving her annual flu vaccine. Kaylynne’s parents believe her death was related to the vaccine and they are still awaiting news from the investigation being conducted by the Vermont State Medical Examiner.  As they wait in limbo, Kaylynne’s grieving parents did what many other grieving parents have done; they shared her last photos with the public.   This is not a “desperate grab for attention.”  This is what parents often do when their child is suddenly taken from them and they can’t make sense of the death.  It’s what some parents have chosen to do here on Vaxtruth.  We started our  “Meet the Children,” feature so that parents of vaccine-injured children would have a place to tell their stories.  The goals of the Meet the Children page are:  1) Give parents an opportunity to tell their stories, 2) Validate parents experiences by letting them know that they are not alone in what happened, and 3) Educate other parents about the real dangers of vaccines and what can happen when you follow the CDC’s Childhood Schedule as if it is safe for 100% of the population.

We believe it is absolutely necessary for the stories of these children to be told, and for every parent to understand what can happen. Every parent needs to know that serious and even fatal vaccine-reactions do occur.  No matter how rare they are they do happen, and as Barbara Loe Fisher stated in her 1996 address to the Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Forum:

“You cannot be in the presence of a profoundly vaccine damaged child and not know that child could be your own.  And you cannot try to comfort a mother who has just buried a baby who has died from a vaccine … and not know that you could be the one standing over the grave.  When it happens to your child, the risks are 100 percent.

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