Gardasil: 32 Complaints filed in France

[SaneVax: Wednesday, 30 additional complaints for involuntary injury were filed in France against Sanofli-Pasteur MSD, which markets Gardasil, and the National Agency for Medicines (MSNA) on behalf of young women suffering autoimmune conditions after the administration of Gardasil. According to the attorney representing the injured young women, Jean-Christofe Coubis:

The large number of women experiencing autoimmune disorders after Gardasil confirms the danger of this product.

Perhaps government health officials should listen when scientists and medical professionals say Gardasil is not only useless, but potentially dangerous.

Gardasil: 32 New Complaints

Published by Initiative Citoyenne

Thirty complaints were filed Wednesday morning, healthcare division of Paris.Referred: laboratory Sanofi Pasteur MSD, which markets Gardasil, and the National Agency for Medicines (MSNA) for “involuntary injury.”

Gardasil, “not only useless but dangerous”

 The first criminal complaint for this vaccine was filed November 22, 2013 by Marie-Ocean Bourguignon, reached an acute encephalomyelitis attributed to an injection of Gardasil.

The large number of testimonies received, victims of autoimmune after injection of Gardasil diseases, confirms the danger of this product , said Jean-Christophe Coubris, which represents the 32 young women.  Some scientists (and increasingly many) share this feeling, without there being any question of calling into question the principle of vaccination. It turns out that reading the conclusions of these scientists Gardasil is not only useless but dangerous .”

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