Gardasil: Sharing the Carnage with Boys

By Jennifer Otto, California

Zach before Gardasil

Zach before Gardasil

In 2014, at the age of 18 and a half, Zach was a first semester full-time college student and worked a laborious job roughly 30 hours a week.  His life was on track, he was social, active and happy.  Zach swam like a fish in the water with a body built for track who walked miles almost every day.

In early October that same year, Zach sustained an ankle injury which placed him out of work while he recovered.  During this October 3rd appointment for his ankle, he was talked into a flu vaccination.  October 13th, Zach returned for a follow up and was talked into accepting the Gardasil and meningococcal vaccines.  It was shortly after this that the first phase of his health decline began.

Zach’s muscles ached. He experienced intermittent joint pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, and a rash that lasted over 3 months, and just generally felt unwell as a whole.  Being a mom and a teacher who frequently sees illness, I initially thought it was nothing more than him coming down with something viral, mixed in with possible exhaustion from work and school.  But, he kept getting sicker. By mid- November, he was running a fever, coughing, congested, aching, hurting. By this point, it became clear something more was going on as this was not his norm.  He rarely got sick and when he did, it was brief and minor.  Something just wasn’t right.

I took Zach back to the doctor and he was prescribed Zithromax due to what had now become a viral infection.  He seemed to start getting better within a couple of days, but by the end of his course of antibiotics, his ears began to bother him, he was having hearing loss, and he was running another low grade fever.  Not being a child with a history of ear infections, this was yet another indicator that something unusual was going on with him. We returned to the doctor and learned he had a double ear infection, so he was placed on a 10 day course of additional antibiotics.   During this time, he was often too unwell to attend his classes or work his shifts.  His first semester of college fell to the wayside.

Zach’s weight plunged during this period, dropping to 110 lbs. at the height of 6 ft. tall.  The symptoms were persistent, often leaving Zach bedridden.  Being almost 19 by now, Zach returned on his own to see his primary care physician on February 3, 2015.  While we still had not made the connection, it never once occurred to me that the doctor would use this opportunity to inject Zach with another dose of Gardasil in spite of the symptoms he had gone to see his doctor for during this visit, but he did.

On February 5, 2015, a mere 2 days following that February dose, both of Zach’s knees went out on him at work, seconds apart.  He was unable to finish his shift or get himself home, so he had to call me to get him.  We returned to the doctor the next day when his knees still hadn’t stabilized after rest.  This marked the second decline in his health and he was then referred to rheumatology.

All the symptoms he had before were further exacerbated.  The pain increased, muscle weakness became a constant. His gait changed due to the pain, the imbalance caused by weakness and the instability of his knees.  His legs would occasionally fold like an accordion and his knees would become swollen and red.

By March, it became obvious that he would not be able to return to work anytime soon, so he was forced to resign and spent much of his time in bed.

Symptoms still continued to manifest. By the summer of 2015, he was using a cane to keep himself upright.  By this point, his routing history was well under way as he was moved from one specialist to another, then rerouted back to those who had referred us out.  By the end of 2015, he had seen a nutritionist, gastroenterologist, orthopedist, head and neck surgeon, an infectious disease specialist, 2 rheumatologists, 2 geneticists, 2 neurologists, and hematologist/oncologist.  A gamut of tests have been run on him, but his constellation of symptoms is so complex that they were all left perplexed.

Zach after Gardasil

Zach after Gardasil

Between October and November of 2015, his glucose jumped 47 points, leaving him borderline pre-diabetic for no known reason, but his doctors missed this, so he was not being monitored.  Recently, I took Zach to an out-of-network doctor who ran a series of additional tests and caught this oversight when his H1c indicated he was borderline pre-diabetic now and was an additional area of concern to focus on.  Zach has also developed extensive food allergies.  His body appears to be perceiving even healthy foods as a threat and is now fighting what it believes to be the enemy.

While other tests have showed some things such as atypical B and T cells, indicating a possible autoimmune inflammatory response, his network doctors and UCLA have not been able to explain this.  We also learned in December 2015 that his spine was beginning to wear and he now had a compression fracture on his L3 on L4 and the start of degenerative disc disease in his L5.

Through all this, Zach’s health has continued to decline to include ataxia, paresthesia, intermittent numbness in the face and arms, and now a confirmation of POTS and vasovagal syncope with mixed vaso-depressive and cardio-inhibitory response.  His low grade fevers appear to be cyclic as he still gets them, in additional to all the other symptoms that leave him in chronic pain.  He is able to use a cane for extremely short distances, but he requires a wheelchair now for longer distances.

I have watched my only child age decades within the span of less than 2 years.  It has taken a year and a half later for him to finally find a group of doctors who believe he is Gardasil injured, but they do not know how to treat him.

The idea of any child having to suffer this breaks my heart in ways I never thought possible.  This is and will always be my biggest regret.



  1. Thank you for speaking out on this! My son was 11 when he was given the Gardasil vaccine in July 2013, along with the other “standard” 6th grade shots. He had chronic sinusitis, allergies, and some other health issues – when I asked the pediatrician if my son was healthy enough for the vaccinations, I was assured it was “no big deal.” My son started having anxiety, foot pain, and sleep issues that night. Then behavior issues. I didn’t put the two together and took him back for shot #2. The body pain started to travel, the anxiety became debilitating. He was panicked and could not sleep. Life became a nightmare, he was always sick and was almost put in a pediatric psych ward. He missed so much school we were cited for truancy. He was so thin, his stomach so bad, he couldn’t eat. Thank goodness I found a mom support page on Facebook with parents who had good knowledge and a naturopathic Dr who listened. In June of 2014, my son was diagnosed with Lyme Disease – and since beginning that treatment has started to improve. We know his immune system is still compromised, so the progress is slow but steady. He will hopefully attend high school this year after being home for 3 years. I will always regret trusting that pediatrician and giving my son that vaccine.

    • Barb Durie-Hill says:

      Please tell me how this vaccine could have given your son Lyme Disease? I thought Lyme Disease came from ticks?

  2. I’m sorry to read this. Please read my article at and if possible follow RECOMMENDATIONS.

    • Jennifer Otto says:

      Dear Fran,
      I am so profoundly sorry to read of your son’s experience with this vaccine and I thank you for sharing. I understand completely what kind of nightmare this is to endure, the helplessness we feel as parents when watching our children suffer, the desperation to find a way out of this dark abyss, the moments of euphoria when we find a course of action with potential promise for better days ahead. As I watch the number of injured climb daily, I am left to wonder when our children stop being considered a “rare coincidence,” that solitary risk that is usurped by the benefit of all, or worse, when a doctor flat out refuses there are any risks involved in spite of the growing evidence to the contrary. Fran, I wish you and your son the very best on this incredibly difficult journey. <3

  3. Please consider homeopathy for your son. Two of my children have recovered from extensive vaccine damage using homeopathy. We used the vaccines in homeopathic form to treat followed with constitutional remedies. Very similar symptoms to your son expressed in different ways.

  4. Why hasn’t this been recalled?

  5. Vaccines are poison, a set up for a life of misery. Sorry to hear you are going through this.
    There is hope however.
    If you have had enough of big pharma, check out:
    Dr Sebi, an herbalist from Honduras
    Dr Jennifer Daniels who uses alternative treatments. She now lives in Panama.

  6. NANCY BERMEO says:

    Mi hija 3 dosis en 6 meses a sus 11 años, era totalmente sana; pos vacuna VPH gardasil: Disautonomía, síncope neurocardiogénico, síndrome de intolerancia postural ortostática (taquicardia postural ortostática), hipotensión, valvulopatia mitral, taquiarritmias, fibromialgia, vitiligo, pérdida de memoria, perdida de visión, pérdida de audición…y la lista sigue. En Colombia tenemos más de 800 jóvenes enfermas con enfermedades no propias de su edad. Mi deber informar lo que sucede a mi hija para que nadie más sufra este dolor.

  7. Have you considered ozone therapy for this? Ozone modulates the immune system. I have personally attended thousands of treatments and the results overall are phenomenal. I even took it to Sierra Leone where we successfully treated 4 cases of Ebola and it cleared within a few days. The article is published in the African Journal of Infectious Diseases.

  8. Maryann says:

    Please , please get this info to Zach and his family! Read Anthony Williams book- The Medical Medium….he can heal his body and detox the crap out with diet and supplements that are well outlined in his book. One of my daughters took this effing vaccine and had suffered total hairloss! But we are doing his program and I’m confident her hair will return when she heals. It takes a good 6- 12 months for results to be returned to before the vaccine trauma. Best part of Anthony ‘s program is its all healthy, can help all of us.

  9. Claudia Ruiz says:

    I am very sorry to read your son has been so ill. My daughter had 2 doses of this vaccine back on 2014 and since then to the actual day July 2 we have had to deal with her immune system damaged, several constant seizures, for 9 months she was paralyzed with no urinary control and no movement or sensibility from T8-T10, repeated blindness and severe headaches. Her last crisis had her in coma and again hospitalized for more than a week. All health problems we have had to fight with faith in God but probably the worst part has come from doctors and health politics in my country. Gardasil has made a very good job in buying conscience among medical community and governments around the world. Actually in Colombia we have over 1000 confirmed Gardasil affected girls and women. My daughter has been invited by our local council in Bogota and by congress man Ivan Name to speak out in both auditoriums giving her testimony and demanding medical attention and saying out loud what Gardasil has made to her life. As I said I am truly sorry for your son but in Gods will he will recover. Have faith I will have him in my prays. My daughter name is Juliana Vera and you can find her on YouTube. God Bless you

  10. Rita Little says:

    I am so saddened to read this. But there is help
    Please consider seeing Dr Mark Flannery. He helped my daughter from Gardasil fallout. He’s in California but works with patients all around the globe.

  11. How terrible sad. Yet there is hope! He needs to detox, first midly a few times and then stronger. He needs to drink 2-2,5 liter water a day and a specific diet, organic, no sugar, no soft-drinks. Each morning hot water with one (organic) lemmon + organic Curcuma(powder) and just a little black pepper and maybe Fresh ginger. The Curcuma & pepper & ginger is effective against low-grade inflammations. The lemon helps the body to regain the correct PH-level. Twice a day he needs to take a special white clay or norit, to get rid of the toxins in his guts and liver. And taking pre-&probiotics and L-glutamine to rebuild the inside of his small intestines and gut,because they have been seriously negatively affected by the antbiotics. He needs a combination of sylibum marianum and cynara scolymus (artisjok) and chelidonium majus to help his liver and asparagus (jummie) and s-acetyl-l-gluthathion to do the cleaningproces in & by the liver. Also, since he is so inbalanced on a cellular level, Schussler celsalts could help. More is possible and should be done, but I can’t write that because you’ll get an overload of info. He needs a specific advice, tailormade for him: that can’t be done through this forum. So, you could find him a holistic working doctor.

  12. Mom of 3 says:

    Call Dr. Miroslav Kovacevic near Chicago and request IVIG for vaccine injury. If he can’t do it (since he’s a pediatrician and your son is older now), he’ll refer you to someone who can. He has helped many people overcome severe autoimmune processes.

  13. Andrea Cayea says:

    Dr. Peter D’Adamo is in Connecticut works for the University of Bridgeport– I am certain that he can help. He has something called “the Shift” where he sees patients with students, as a mentor to them. Hope you explore this option and take a chance.

  14. Healing from Vaccine Injury says:

    I am so saddened to read about your boy. I believe that I was a victim of vaccine injury as a teen, though not the same vaccines that your son received. I spent many weeks and sometimes months from age 12-29 in bed, too weak to attend regularly at school or do much work. Eventually, I was able to heal myself by following an extremely nutritious diet, taking lots of dietary supplements, and sticking to a regular bedtime. It took about 3 years of perfect adherence to this regimen to heal, but I have regained my strength and am able to work and care for my children. I recommend not eating sugar, refined foods, additives, or animal products that come from an animal factory. Select instead animal products that come from a healthy farm environment. I also recommend wheatgrass juice and fresh vegetable juices. I also think it is extremely helpful to use probiotic products. Purified water has been an important part of my healing. I have had to adjust to the fact that I am very fragile, but that if I am extremely careful with the way I care for my body, I am able to work and study and enjoy my life. I pray that your son will be able to regain strength and health.

  15. White Eagle says:

    I cant believe doctors nowdays.
    When my own mother was pregnant with me back in the mid 50s, she was given the whole slew of vaccines they had back in the day, for going over to a military base in the orient, she was told that it would not affect her baby. I ended up having allergies, lowered immunity to whatever anyone was catching, and coordination problems that we later figured out was ‘asberger’s syndrome (however you say that). My own son was born prematurely and his doctor wisely advised to wait till he was one year old and with a more developed immunity system before giving him any vaccines.
    You know..even a vetinarian will not give a pet more than a couple of vaccines at once, and makes sure they are compatable, as well as spread out over a proper time.
    NO Doctor should give a child a vaccine for anything if that child is sick. And with what is in the ingrediants of these, small children should not be receiving them anyways. Even nurses cringe at the mercury, heavy metals and poisons that are included in them. Young children should not be given anything witih mercury in it.

    Then theres the corruption involved… Bill Gates is being sued by India for abusing some children there as experimental subjects for his companies new vaccines. Others have pushed Gardasil upon the children , with the goal of sterilizing them. Why they are having boys take that I do not know.

    That a doctor would push a SECOND shot of Guardasil upon a kid that is sick, or exhibiting symptoms that could possably be from side effects, Quackery!

    Even more interesting is that renowened doctors that have documented the nurological damage, to include facial tics, slanted mouths, unaligned eyes, etc, indicative of mini-strokes as well as other side effects, have , along with natural cures doctors, been subject to a high deathrate, some obviously outright murders. All one has to do to see that is to google or otherwise search the ‘dead doctors’ list.

    In the mean time, detox seems to be the best way to fight this while you can from what Ive read so far.

  16. Al Reil says:

    FB Dan this page titled Lyme, Candida, autoimmune, parasites & other things. They MAY have SUGGESTIONS that can benefit you, your son, those suffering. People share their stories, offer facts, science, results. There ARE many things that still can be done to offset at least the symptoms, if not the conditions. So very sorry this is happening.

  17. Stacy Pena says:

    Please contact the following doctors for help. Dr kotsanis Dr minkoff Dr. Frank Shallenberger Dr. Jerry tennant
    These are all alternative health doctors who are willing to look beyond traditional care. Call all of them. They are all in different states but all are in the very top of their field. One of them will help cure your son. Please contact each one to decide which office you should travel to.

    • Hi Stacy,

      I haven’t checked the links you posted yet, but

      > These are all alternative health doctors who are willing to look beyond traditional care

      So-called ‘alternative medicines’ WERE actually the medicine in the past.
      We the people have all forgotten or didn’t get informed about it at all.
      It is a great shame that victims/families keep going back to the modern medicine to buy more poison.
      Getting MRI etc is bad for your body and even when those doctors find some DATA, they can’t fix the problems caused by HPV vaccines because they don’t look at the CAUSE as I wrote before here. Chiropractic can help when the victim has suffered long with pain etc, cause their bones etc got crooked but many need more.

      I’ve been saying so many times, but people need to realize that they’ve got to detox.
      I can’t emphasize enough.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, I am sorry that this vaccine caused so much pain to Zachary and your family. My son who is now 15 also had adverse reaction to this vaccine. He received his first vaccine on September 2014, second on November and third on April 2015. He also had similar reactions like your son. After visiting many ERs and doctors, we have not found what’s causing his symptoms. Now fast forward to early part of June 2016, my son came home with low back pain and can’t walk or get out of the bed for a week. After going to chiropractor and acupuncturist he got better. But as of yesterday the pain came back. We are taking him to the MRI this afternoon to figure out what’s causing the pain. After reading your story about Zachary, I feel like this pain might be another symptom from this vaccine. If you have found any doctor or helpful ideas or anything that help Zachary, please share it with me. We are also in Southern California. Thank you. Jennifer.

  19. I am terribly sorry for Zack and yet, I see the same pattern here.
    Victims and their families must realize that they were so cunningly swindled.
    Gardasil and Cervarix were made to make healthy people sick, die or infertile.

    Stop fraudulent HPV vaccines!!

    and yet, many still keep their ‘faith’ in modern medicine which was actually created by evil doers.

    It’s very simple.
    Your son was injected with poisons, so you have to detox.

    How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? – HEAVY METAL TOXINS – Reply to a father of an HPVV victim

    Help his immune system by whatever suits him and get the toxins out of his body, then he’ll get better. Get some help from genuine doctors or so-called ‘alternative medicine’ which WAS our real medical helpers, who know heavy metal toxin issue, mineral balance etc. But remember, symptoms can get worse before he gets better. And yet, if you keep looking at “symptoms” as bad or your enemy, you cannot fix the problem because symptoms are the signs that your body is fighting back.

    What is ‘modern medicine’ doing to us?

    If you keep feeding him more poison called ‘medicine’ or ‘treatment’, he will simply get worse and will become a ‘yummy patient’ who would pay to the fraudulent business for the rest of his life. It’s about time for all of us to realize that our ‘authorities’ are the fraud to begin with.



    Good luck!!

  20. Lynda Shumway says:

    You can never give up hope. I have a few suggestions. Dr. Buttar and his Center for Advanced Medicine & Clinical Research in North Carolina has healed many people, including the vaccine damaged, when no one else was able to.
    Also, if you go to and find a TBM practitioner with the most level of certification in your state, you may find someone who may be able to help your son.
    I lay awake half the night last night after I read your story. Somehow these people must be held accountable. There are lawyers you can find on the Internet who specialize in representing vaccine damaged individuals.

  21. He, and all guardasil patients should do the Gerson Diet/Therapy! Totally detoxing the metals and contaminants that they’ve caused.

  22. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Try GcMAF, do the research and you’ll see the connection.


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