HPV vaccines: Colombian Controversy Continues

SaneVax-FeaturedBy Norma Erickson

On February 16, 2015, Colombia enacted a new law (1751 of 2015) which establishes human health as an autonomous fundamental right. As a fundamental right, it means services promoting health, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and palliative care should be ensured under the responsibility of State to all people without distinction of any kind. What this means for Colombian survivors of HPV vaccinations remains to be seen.

Theoretically, this new law would guarantee the victims of serious adverse events after HPV vaccines could receive any diagnostic tests and treatments necessary for them to recover their former state of health at the expense of the government regardless of their health insurance status, social standing, or location. This is particularly true since the government mandated the HPV vaccines which have apparently injured so many young women in Colombia.

Fernando de la Hoz

Fernando de la Hoz

February 26, 2015, Fernando de la Hoz resigned from his position as Director General of the INS (National  Institute of Health). Despite the fact that de la Hoz held this position for just a little over a year, he claims his resignation had nothing to do with the recent controversy over the multitude of serious new medical conditions occurring after Colombia’s recent HPV vaccination program.

Fernando de la Hoz said his resignation was not related to the backlash from parents in Colombia who believe their daughters are survivors of severe adverse reactions to HPV vaccines resulting from the release of a report compiled by the National Institute of Health (INS) which declared the symptoms to be a result of mass psychogenic illness.

Parents March for their Daughters

Parents demand action.

Parents demand action.

March 6, 2015, hundreds of parents of girls with new medical conditions occurring after the second dose of Gardasil marched in Carmen de Bolivar to bring attention to the serious health issues their daughters are dealing with.

March 8, 2015, in conjunction with parades celebrating International Women’s Day and the March for Life, parents from Carmen de Bolivar were joined by others marching in Bogota, Cali, Medelin and Sincelejo.

According to Jaun Carlos Jimenez of the Committee of Parents of Girls of Carmen de Bolivar, all marches were focusing on demands for their government health officials to:

  1. Conduct studies to determine the exact cause(s) of the new medical conditions suffered by so many after the administration of HPV vaccines
  2. Provide adequate treatment for the 800 girls known to be affected to date
  3. Suspend the use of HPV vaccines in Colombia until such time as the safety issues are resolved

Parents of affected girls say government health authorities have eliminated any possibility of real diagnoses and treatment for their children by adopting the theory put forth by a Colombian National Institute of Health (INS) study stating that the vaccine has no relation to these diseases and that they are due to mass psychogenesis.

This leaves hundreds of Colombian parents desperate for answers and treatment protocols for their daughters, parents who believe their girls are survivors of adverse reactions to HPV vaccines.

Independent Medical Professionals Agree with Parents

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, arguably the world’s foremost expert on autoimmune disorders, shocked the audience of the III Colombian Symposium on Autoimmunity by stating he would not recommend HPV vaccines for his own daughter.

When asked about the mass psychogenesis theory explaining the new medical conditions occurring in so many Colombian girls shortly after HPV vaccinations, he replied:

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld

Although it is known that there are sometimes panic reactions, especially among women, it is very unlikely that the symtoms presented after receiving the vaccine are due to psychological reasons, expecially if one takes into account what is happening in different parts of the world with the same signs and symptoms.

When we administered HPV vaccines to mice, they had the same symptoms as girls affected. I don’t believe the mice bewitched each other. As with any drug prescriberd to a patient, we must consider whether certain vaccines are needed.

If the negative effects outweigh the benefits, the vaccine should not be prescribed.

For Dr. Shoenfeld, HPV vaccines fall into this category. According to Dr. Shoenfeld, this has been demonstrated in Colombia where hundreds of children are suffering from autoimmune disorders directly caused by the vaccine. Dr. Shoenfeld stated:

If there is a case, or an avalanche of cases, this must be investigated in the proper way. To say it is something psychological or  viral is not enough. You need scientists from different disciplines to analyze it.

We believe aluminum is a toxic substance for the brain. It accumulates, continues this for weeks and months. It’s like a Trojan Horse for the brain. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Experimental research shows clearly that aluminum adjuvants have a potential for inducing serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum adjuvants carry a risk for autoimmunity, inflammation of the brain and neurological long-term complications and therefore can have profound and widespread consequences for health.

According to Dr. Juan Manuel Anaya, director of the Center for Autoimmune Diseases, University of Rosario,

The development of autoimmune diseases is an issue of paramount importance when it comes to vaccines.

The trouble  is that the risk-benefit ratio of developing autoimmune diseases after vaccination for HPV has not yet been resolved.

Remember Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld’s words, ”If the negative effects outweigh the benefits, the vaccine should not be prescribed.”

Merck’s own prescribing information sheet states for every 100,000 people who use Gardasil 2,500 serious adverse events are to be expected.

According to the FDA a serious adverse event must fit one of the following criteria: death, life-threatening, hospitalization, disability or permanent damage, congenital abnormality/birth defect, or the requirement to intervene to prevent permanent impairment.

No Country in the World has a cervical cancer diagnosis rate of 2500 /100,000

Help us save our children

Help us save our children

As a matter of fact, Malawi currently has the highest cervical cancer diagnosis rate in the world at 75.9/100,000. No one in their right mind would trade that number for 2,500 serious adverse events per 100,000 vaccine recipients.

 When it comes to HPV vaccines, the risks obviously do NOT outweigh the benefits.

The time has come to halt all HPV vaccination programs until the safety issues have been resolved and efficacy has been scientifically proven.

Stop sacrificing our children on the altar of The Greater Good!

Money and profit should NEVER trump children’s health!

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  1. Sandy Lunoe says:

    It is most commendable that information is being widely spread concerning the tragic situation in Colombia where so many young girls are deeply suffering after Gardasil vaccination. Due to political prestige the authorities are no doubt negative towards this being revealed across the world. However, they are surely positive with respect to solving the gigantic problem. The numbers of girls who have had their health damaged may become thousands as vaccination continues. Additionally there are the thousands of parents and family members who are desperately struggling to help their precious injured young girls.


    It is imperative that the batches are thoroughly analysed by several independent research institutions and that the results be compared.
    In pharmaceutical production there are never two batches which are the same with respect to test results, be they physical, chemical or microbiological etc. This applies to all injections/vaccines. Sometimes when there are serious adverse events reported we hear that the batch was maybe a hot one. (The fact is that every batch may be a hot batch!)

    “A study on HPV prevalence in Colombian women shows that predominance of specific HPV strains may not only vary according to the country but also according to age ranges within the country”.
    “The vaccination program should be immediately halted until it is investigated and clarified irrefutably that the specific virus strains which are targeted by the vaccines are actually prevalent in the Colombian girls regarding both the relevant age group and for all relevant regions” (1).

    Vaccinations continue despite the fact that there are widespread concerns regarding the vaccine’s safety – in Colombia and in all other countries where it has been introduced. The longer the delay in investigating and finding answers the more money rolls into the pockets of the manufacturer Merck and others who are involved in sales of the vaccine (2)
    Manufacturers are known to use all possible creative methods to increase sales including corruption and even criminality: manipulation of clinical trials and statistics for adverse events, fraud, bribery, threats, political pressure and more.

    The Colombian authorities, in maintaining that the cause of the suffering of hundreds of young girls is due mass psychogenesis (a theory which is totally ludicrous, considering amongst other factors Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld’s observation: “When we administered HPV vaccines to mice, they had the same symptoms as girls affected”), are instrumental in delaying serious investigations of the injuries.

    The statement that the girls’ suffering is due to psychological reasons suits the pharmaceutical industry as their sales of psychiatric drugs both to the girls and to their desperately worried parents and families may be soaring. This means even more profit and more customers, some even for life because of potential side effects and addiction to the drugs.

    The authorities received support from the pharmaceutical industry in many ways to continue with the vaccinations.
    Nobel-prize nominee, Dr. Nubia Muñoz Calero appeared on the scene and made assurances regarding safety of the vaccine. It was not revealed that she is a member of the Merck HPV Global Advisory Board (3)
    Dr. Harald zur Hausen, Nobel prize winner for his discovery of the link between HPV and cervical cancer also arrived in an attempt to convince that the vaccine is safe. (His award was highly controversial due to implications of ties between a pharmaceutical company and the Nobel Foundation) (4)

    This question may well be as appropriate as this one was at the time: “What if the earth is not flat?”

    From the very beginning, HPV vaccines have been enveloped in a shroud of unanswered questions. Now, perhaps the most relevant of all is being asked: Whether HPV is the cause of cervical cancer. It is surely the most pertinent question of all and the one with which proponents of the HPV vaccine industry may feel least comfortable (5)

    “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science” (Albert Einstein)

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    Thanks Norma for keeping us informed of what is happening in Colombia.

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