HPV Vaccines: International Moms Speak to Save Israeli Girls

By Freda Birrell and Norma Erickson

SaneVax-FeaturedOn October 9, 2013, The Jerusalem Post published an article announcing the decision made by Israeli Minister of Health Director, Prof. Ronni Gamzu, to administer free HPV vaccines to eighth-grade girls.

Almost immediately, comments started rolling in from concerned parents around the world. Many of them have daughters whose health has taken a turn for the worse after using HPV vaccines. They wanted to make sure parents and young girls in Israel knew that there may be more risks involved with HPV vaccines than the general public is aware of. Their efforts to warn Israel’s parents has made an impact.

Local activists have taken some of the comments from the end of The Jerusalem Post article, translated them into Hebrew, and created a flier for local circulation. This flier has been posted on a blog, Facebook, and made into a formal publication for physical distribution.

The SaneVax Team would like to send a personal thanks to every single person who had the courage to post a warning to Israel’s parents. We would also like to thank the activists in Israel who listened to the warnings and are doing their best to make sure everyone in Israel knows the potential risks involved with HPV vaccination programs for very little proven benefit.

People like you are the only reason informed consent will remain an option. Thank you, one and all!

Some of the parents’ comments are as follows:

Tracy Andrews-Wolf

My daughter was a healthy 14 year old girl. With each Gardasil shot she got sicker and sicker. She ended up spending over 8 months hospitalized due to the adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccines. She is now 20 years old and has brain damage and suffers from horrible seizures that happen all day and all night.  She is in constant pain.  She has the mentality of about a 9 or 10 year old. She had always wanted to go to college and become a teacher for special needs children. NOW SHE IS THE SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD. She will never be the same. I wish every day I could go back in time and refuse that shot for my daughter. Educate BEFORE you vaccinate!! It is NOT worth the risk.

Roxie Fiste

This information is saddening and irresponsible on the part of the Health Ministry. To offer a vaccine with a very poor track record is asking for sorrows untold. Our daughter was disabled at 21 years after just 2 doses of Gardasil.  Her life has been one long nightmare (since 2007), with seizures, Gastroparesis, complex migraines, loss of sensation in legs/feet/fingertips, head pressure, blurred vision, constant nerve pain, vitamin deficiencies, loss of coordination, and the list goes on. She was a very active college student with high hopes before this vaccine. Why would anyone want to freely subject their healthy child to this nightmare?!

Kelly Sotomayor

Kelly Sotomayor – what a shame! My daughter Sara was injured by just one Gardasil vaccination at the age of 13, she is now 20. She has had 7 years of hell! Pain, periods of not able to walk 2 years at a time, constant pain and the list goes on!  Gardasil is a biological weapon!

Lia Maria Costa

I had a healthy girl, now I don’t all because of Cervarix.

Lisa Haislip

Prof. Gamzu – I beg of you to reconsider this decision. Please Google Gardasil and side effects. Many girls have died from this dreadful vaccination; others are desperately ill from the vaccine.

 Although my daughter did not die, I lost the daughter I once knew – here is her story (the short version).

 5 days after the 1st injection (9/11), Jennifer returned to the GYN who administered the injection, complaining of severe abdominal and pelvic pain, nausea, weakness, fatigue, and that she started a very heavy period 14 days early.

 The 2nd injection was given in 11/11. Jennifer experienced a bad cough, congestion, chills, body aches, fatigue, myalgia, sore throat, postnasal drip, headache, and nausea.  A few weeks later, Jennifer returned to her PCP complaining of pain on the LEFT side of her neck into her shoulder blade and throughout her LEFT upper extremity, and LEFT chest pains (ALL INJECTIONS WERE GIVEN IN HER LEFT ARM). The pain was so severe that Jennifer couldn’t sleep during this time.

 The 3rd injection (04/12) stole the daughter I once knew. She was confused, scared, insecure, lost. I honestly thought we were going to lose her permanently. This injection triggered the severe neurological issues, including daily headaches, non-epileptic seizures, and constant nausea and vertigo.

 11/12 Jennifer lost vision in her LEFT eye while her LEFT arm and LEFT side of her face went numb. After her vision and feeling returned, she experienced a horrific headache. She was diagnosed with complex migraines with aura, hemiplegic migraines, menstrual migraines, and ocular migraines. The next several months were filled with daily headaches, brain-fog, head pressure (like wearing a headband that is too tight), nausea, and constant vertigo.

 Since 11/12 Jennifer has had two additional complex migraines with aura 01/13 and 04/13 (associated with her menstrual cycle). In 04/13 Jennifer began taking Topiramate (Topamax – anti-seizure medicine and migraine prevention).

 On 10/5/13 (a few days ago), my daughter had another episode. She felt a very sharp electric shock in her brain. The sensation, although short in duration, was very intense; she felt as though her eyes were rolling back into her head and that she was going to faint. She felt an out-of-body experience. We are waiting on results of testing for heavy metal toxicity.

 I beg you to reconsider. The benefit of the vaccine does NOT outweigh the risks of this vaccination. Thank you.

Caron Ryalls

My daughter was a perfectly healthy, athletic, high achieving 12 year old when she had her HPV vaccination. She became ill a couple of weeks after her first shot, but we didn’t associate it with the vaccine. A couple of weeks after the second shot she became ill again, but much more severely and she has been extremely ill since. That was three years ago and her once bright future has disintegrated into a future full of pain, suffering and disability and my once bright and independent daughter may never be able to have a full time job or career. She has had to give up all sport and dance, which she lived for with a passion and she is able to attend school for a maximum of around 4-6 hours per week.

Her official diagnosis has been ME/CFS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (autonomic dysfunction), vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency. She is still undergoing tests to see what other deficiencies she has, as she has a lot of gastrointestinal problems and we suspect mal absorption is a problem. In truth, the doctors she has seen have had no idea how to assess or even begin to treat her as her health problems are so wide ranging and seem to affect every part of her young body. The thing that has shocked me more than anything is the complete lack of interest and support given to my daughter because her health problems are associated with a vaccine. This is something all parents should be aware of. In the unlikely event that she would be diagnosed with precancerous cells or even cervical cancer, the medical profession would have leapt into action and she would have been well cared for. Because she has a vaccine injury, no medical professional wants to become involved and the care she has received has been abysmal. The medical profession do not want to acknowledge the collateral damage with this vaccine, and there is an awful lot of collateral damage it, in every country – it’s a global scandal and there is global outrage from affected families. Unfortunately the influence of the pharmaceuticals outweighs the influence of devastated families.

The sense of loss the HPV vaccine brings to a very significant minority of girls is devastating. It devastates young lives and it devastates the families of those young girls. I honestly cannot believe why any government would introduce this vaccine with such a weight of evidence showing the deaths and injuries associated with it and such weak evidence claim completely exaggerated benefits. I urge any parent to research for themselves the risks involved with the HPV vaccine as the evidence is available and very clear. I live with the daily regret that I didn’t research this properly.

My daughter is now disabled and unable to lead a fulfilling life and she could still get cervical cancer. In fact no-one is able to give an accurate assessment of her risk of getting cervical cancer, despite being vaccinated because there too much uncertainty and unanswered questions with this vaccine.

Patti Thornton Adair

No child should face the injuries or even death from this vaccine. I have seen its damage first hand -prayers to all.


Donna Eliassen

When the head leading the team at Merck speaks out about the dangers about this vaccine and that it is not needed I don’t think anybody else can say anything. And she has spoken out publicly. Too late for my daughter though – it almost killed her – left her crippled and unable to walk and damaged her health in myriad ways for a number of years.  Destroyed a promising swimming career – from a super fit super healthy state champion swimmer 3 years running she went to someone who couldn’t even stand unaided for long periods of time. That was 2009. It is now 2013. I wish I could take these years back. I wish I could sue the Health Department. I hate myself for not being more curious when the Health Department told me on the one hand how this vaccine would do wonders for my daughter but hey I had to sign a disclaimer first. Hello? Was I stupid? I must have been. Merck, governments and reckless people who don’t damn well check their facts before sprouting off owe me and countless others compensation. Any parent consenting now to give this vaccine to their child should be imprisoned.  If you give your child this vaccine now after all the evidence (Google it!) and that of victims then that is nothing short of child abuse.

Sue Guy

With experience and much research I urge all of you to think twice and say no. Do your own research and don’t risk the health of your daughters before you do! I had wrongly assumed that because this vaccine was being given through school that it was safe and a good thing….it isn’t.

Heather Biondo-Meyers

With over 30,000 in the US affected and Japan withdrawing recommendation, you need to do a bit more investigating before you have 1000s of sick children. Over 2 yrs now and my daughter is still suffering. Gardasil took her down so fast and hard, she spent 17 days in the hospital fighting for her life and was told she has cancer, when all along it was a reaction to this worthless vaccine that was made for one reason and one reason only..MONEY!!! When your child start dropping to the floor with seizures etc, don’t say you had no idea it could happen. You have been warned about the risks, now do what’s right and protect your children!!! Enough of this Already, Just ENOUGH!!!

Annette Van der Meché

Our daughter only had two shots and they ruined her life! She has now been sick for 4.5 years and we nearly lost her 2 years ago! 2.5 years 24/7 excruciating headaches, dizziness, chest, joint, muscle and skin pain, numbness in hands and feet, too exhausted to have a life! Thanks to Gardasil!!

Linda Morin

On the night of October 25th. We had dinner and Annabelle decided to go and read

 In her room. After maybe 15 minutes I went to talk to her. I found her lying in her bed face to the wall, and that time I thought she was crying, because her shoulder s where shaking and she could not talk and made me a sign to go away. So in my mind at 14 maybe she was sad because of a boy, so I told her that if she wanted to talk to me, I was there to listen. So I left.

Came back 15 minutes later, same scenario, I insisted that she could talk to me, but not a sound came out of her.

I left maybe 10 minutes after she came out of the room. She could hardly walk,

She was dribbling, completely disoriented and could hardly speak. I could not understand a word. Nothing made sense. I panic instantly.

She looked like she had taken pills or lots of alcohol. An overdose of something.

I tried to ask her, but she could not pronounce a word.

I took her to the bathroom and started to ask her simple question. Her name.

The day we were, nothing came out. I put cold towel in her neck. It took maybe 30 minutes before she started to be able to pronounce words. After another 15 minutes, she could tell me her name and her day of birth. It slowly came back to her.

She promised me that she had never taken drugs or alcohol.

We call medical phone line, and they told us to go to the emergency, that it was not normal that a young girl in perfect health lost her mind like this.

 We went down to the emergency at the children hospital. On our way there she started to feel sick to her stomach. When we arrived that is like 2 hours after everything started, she started vomiting none stop. Like if she was intoxicated.

Of course with all the effort she started to have a big headache. She spent whole night on observation. Her test was clean. She was on a machine for her heart and pressure and blood oxygen. In the morning they ask her to do a few tests. Touch her nose with her finger. Very basic Neurology test. There diagnostic was migraine basilaire. I just could not accept this verdict. Migraine runs in my family and I never saw someone having the symptoms she had, my daughter was not herself she was out of order I was desperate, so I ask for a scan of her brain to see if she had a tumor or cancer . I know that the problem was in her brain. After insisting they accept. It came out normal. They told her to stop the pill, she had started yasmine for 1 month.

We came back home and my spouse told us that she had white vomit on her bed.

She could not remember anything of what happen that night in her room and until still came back to herself.

Life went back to normal.

Today looking back. I believe that Annabelle was having a seizure when I went to talk to her and since she had never done one and I never knew someone who did. I thought she was crying and did not want to talk about it. It’s crazy when I think about it today. It makes so much sense today. She was having neurological reaction to the vaccine.

 I did not know that she had the vaccine because at 14 years old they don’t need our approval. Never had information from school. Annabelle was very mature and responsible, it didn’t hurt so she didn’t talk about it.

The next day she went back to school and went to see the nurse at school and told her what happen during the weekend. Her exact words were headache, vomiting, momentary amnesia, weakness and aphasia and that she had spent the night on observation in the neurological department.  At that point nobody had one thought of the vaccine.

Before she had her second shot she explained to the nurse the same thing. And she gave her the shot anyway.

On Décember 9th, 15 days after her second. She came back from school. Had her dinner. Decided to go for her bath before doing her homework. I was sitting at 15 feet from the bathroom door. After 30 minutes I knock on the door, did not get any answers. So I open the door to find my daughter unconscious her head under water.

She died without making a sound. She died in silence. Nothing. She was very happy that week end, It was fine. Till today I still have problem to assimilate that she is gone. It’s like a nightmare and I can’t wake up.

Today I’m standing here and I still can’t exclude the Gardasil vaccine for being responsible for Annabelle death. The Coroner on my report can’t exclude it either. We still don’t know what took her life. Here in Quebec I have to prove that the vaccine is responsible for her death. Experts are taking my case and instead of finding the link between the reaction and the first shot of the vaccine. They are looking for a possible way that she passed away. For me it’s outrageous. They are defending the vaccine instead of our children.

 My Annabelle was in perfect health before Gardasil. 16 days after her first shot, she had a reaction like an overdose and spent a whole night on observation at the neurological department.  And 15 days after her second shot she passed, without any warning she left this life in silence.

This is in 2008…

Donna Malone

2 weeks after my 11 year old daughter’s 2nd shot, she was at the ER with excruciating hip/pelvic pain. She spent 10 days in the hospital unable to walk for 6 of those days. She was healthy, happy and active before this HPV vaccine! 18 months later, she still has hip pain, fatigue, and cannot play sports. Please do the research before just providing this for your daughter!!! God Bless!!

Gaynell Bailey

I am disappointed and horrified after reading this article! My daughter suffered from extreme side effects after receiving one dose of Gardasil! She woke the very next morning suffering from debilitating dizziness, muscle weakness to the point that she would collapse in the middle of walking or she was unable to hold her head upright, extreme nerve pain, stabbing back pain, headaches, light sensitivity, blurred vision, food sensitivities and many others that I am sure I have forgotten! Her neurologist said that all her symptoms were a result of a “serum sickness” resulting from Gardasil and that it would take 2 years to recover! 2 years! It is heart-breaking that more girls will now suffer when there is now the information out there regarding the potential for devastating side effects. Please research before agreeing to this vaccination! I wish I had!

Beeton Smiths

Our daughter here in Canada got the shot in grade 8 and she had some minor immune issues that were not even considered or were we even told that they might be a risk; she is now 2 1/2 years debilitated right after her last shot; no normal life at all, over half spent in bed weak, unusual tiredness, unexplained rashes – she was a teenage girl doing sports!! She was ready for life in high school, and it was all taken away because the right to be informed before we made a decision was taken away from us! Cervical cancer CAN and IS prevented through regular PAP tests – that’s all it takes! There is no guarantee that the HPV vaccine can prevent YOU from getting cervical cancer, than there is from you winning the lottery – that’s what it is, a NEEDLESS lottery. This vaccine is NOT safe for everyone and there is no sure screening – so why are you taking such risks with your young girls’ lives? Learn from our mistakes! Take a stand, and take action – make sure your girls get regular PAP tests and ENSURE this way that they have a great life and future ahead of them. Glenda Smith, Ontario Canada (this is a world-wide serious issue!) Bless all those young unsuspecting vulnerable girls.

Laura Price

Too many girls are being injured by this vaccine and nobody will stand up and admit it. Parents are not fully informed and we are now left with guilt every day for allowing our girls lives to be ruined by this vaccine.

Sharon Banfield

My daughter has become very ill after each vaccine, and now has ME/CFS. It has changed her life. She has been very ill. Please research it carefully and ask, does your daughter really need this vaccine? I regret my daughter having hers, every single day.

Jeannie Koger Matthews

This is completely irresponsible. Please look at the statistics of our girls in the United States. The adverse reactions are staggering! Over 30,000 alone injured in the US and even more staggering are the deaths associated with this vaccine. The initial research on this vaccine was not done in the correct manner. The vaccine was created for monetary value to benefit the profits of the pharmaceutical companies. There have been more adverse reactions than cases of the disease it was meant to protect against! FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO SANEVAX.org. My daughter has suffered since 2008 and has incurred now over 3 million in medical bills and is currently disabled! PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS before you consider allowing your daughter to get this. And girls, don’t let them fool you into thinking this will do you any good at all! This vaccine will turn your world upside down! Why would anyone want a 13 year old to be vaccinated without parental consent? They are not old enough to make an informed decision of this magnitude. PLEASE Feel free to contact me for further information, and keep in mind, my kids had their child hood vaccines, so I was never “anti- vaccine” but the greed and corruption of this vaccine is killing our girls and our population!

NicOla M J Renshaw

When my daughter approached the age range for this vaccine I decided to research into it for myself, and I’m very glad I did! What I found was an alarming number of terrible reactions to the vaccine including full disability and even death. I would never risk my daughter’s safety in this way. Especially when you consider that cervical cancer, as an STD, is preventable with responsible behaviour. Do not blindly accept, always research for yourself.

Brianna Traphagan

I was perfectly healthy before Gardasil I got ill after the first shot, but after I went for the second one I almost lost my life! My life has never been the same, I have numerous neurological problems and a tumor in my pituitary gland. If only I was properly informed I would not be living in pain each day.


  1. Roger Gillis says:

    My daughter was a healthy 12 year old. She had the gardasi shot. She did not have a reaction until the third and final shot. She was totally non-functioning. She had to be hospitalized numours times over a period of two years. She can not fuction, but will never be the same. She is now special ed, and special needs. Also, we can not sue Merck, without a doctor stating that the HPV shot caused this problem. We have visited many doctors, but none will go on record stating that the HPV caused her condition.

  2. This comes from a study, done in ISRAEL and Italy on Gardasil, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23902317 and this was their conclusion:
    We documented here the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. The increasing number of similar reports of post HPV vaccine-linked autoimmunity and the uncertainty of long-term clinical benefits of HPV vaccination are a matter of public health that warrants further rigorous inquiry.

    This was a fast-tracked vaccine, the long term effects on fertility have not been checked (the girls studied suffered early menopause) nor has its safety been solidly proven. It only protects against 2 cancer causing strains of HPV out of, I believe, 14 or so.


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