HPV Vaccines: Panacea or propaganda?

[SaneVax: According to Dr. Alan Freestone, when it comes to HPV vaccines, “pharmaceutical companies are knowingly injecting children with toxic substances for profit with the support of the government agencies supposedly put there to safeguard public health.”

Twenty years down the road, when we see whether or not HPV vaccines have made an impact on cervical cancer rates, what will the verdict be? Panacea, or propaganda?

The Big HPV Vaccine Sell

By Alan Freestone

Caveat Emptor?

Caveat Emptor?

Today I see that The Independent have run a story with the emotive title of: ‘The Jab That Would Save Boys Lives’.

The article starts with the unverified claim that giving boys the HPV vaccine would ‘save thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of pounds’. What?! That’s incredible…we demand jabs for all! Wait a moment though, the piece makes no mention of even the possibility of adverse reactions to the HPV jab. This suggests to me that the journalist in question (Charlie Cooper, the Independents ‘Health Reporter’…age 24, MA in Journalism from Goldsmiths…and no science or medicine background, which you’d guess would be a prerequisite for the position) didn’t do the most elementary research, nor attempt even a half hearted balance to the article. Either that, or the piece was more of an ‘infomercial’ for the pharmaceutical company behind the unnamed HPV vaccine (Merck and Gardasil or Glaxosmithkline and Cervarix in case you are wondering).

Merck has already campaigned successfully (by bribing state legislators and investing in an expensive propaganda campaign) to have Garadsil mandated for teenage boys in California.

Persuading us that teenage boys need this unproven vaccine is a simple way of doubling the size of the market.

Read the entire article here.

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