Japan: Researchers link HPV vaccines to CNS disorders

[SaneVax: Independent researchers in Japan have linked HPV vaccines to multiple central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Although they have not yet identified a conclusive mechanism of action, at least they are conducting research into Gardasil and Cervarix as potential causes. Kudos to the research people in Japan, it is nice to see ethical responses to the world-wide epidemic of conversion disorders left in the wake of HPV vaccination programs.]

Researchers: Cervical cancer vaccination linked to symptoms affecting nervous system

By Tomoko Saito, Staff Writer

One-third of side effects felt by patients who received a vaccine against cervical cancer are believed to be caused by a dysfunction within the central nervous system, a study suggests.

“There is a possibility that a change is taking place inside the brain,” said Kusuki Nishioka, who heads Tokyo Medical University’s Institute of Medical Science and led researchers in an independent study.

Nishioka said it remains unclear whether the vaccination is directly responsible for the side effects, although many women developed a number of symptoms after receiving the vaccination, which is given to bolster the body’s immune system.

One patient experienced 62 different side effects after receiving the vaccination, the most reported, including those related to the central nervous system.

The findings by Nishioka and six other medical experts were announced at a news conference in Nagano on Sept. 13.

The group studied the cases of about 2,500 women who complained about health problems after receiving a cervical cancer vaccine.

The researchers said they confirmed a total of 7,676 cases of side effects.

Of these, 2,570 cases, or 33 percent of the total, represented more than 80 kinds of side effects stemming from a dysfunction of the central nervous system.

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