My Personal Gardasil Journey

By Kristin Clulow

Hello from Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Gardasil Changed My Life

My name is Kristin Clulow. I am currently 29 years old, and I am a Gardasil survivor. If someone had told me four years ago that my life would be where it is now, there is no way I would have believed it. Simply put, I am blessed.

Before Gardasil, I was fit and healthy. I had a Business degree, had a great job, great friends, and a great life. I didn’t drink, smoke or do anything to harm my body. I was 55kg. I loved sports and being outdoors. I had so much in my favour.

In May 2008, I received my first of three injections of the highly publicised, Government sponsored Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, commonly known as Gardasil. It is a mass produced vaccine, promoted and encouraged for females ages 9-26 years, for the prevention of cervical cancer. I was administered this by my General Practitioner (GP), who explained the benefits, but no risks to my health.

Two weeks after receiving the first of three vaccines, I fell at Karate and broke my left foot. It was a bit strange, as I have always been a bit of a tom-boy, and have suffered little injury. I was in a moonboot and on crutches for six weeks. This coincided with starting a new job (which was a little awkward), but I coped well.

In August 2008, I received the second vaccine. I had just come off crutches and was regaining the strength in my left leg. Approximately 4-6 weeks later, different things began to happen. One weekend in September, I lost my sight. This then came back. Soon after, I couldn’t stand in heels. My balance had started to go. I then could not dance, jump, skip or run. I couldn’t wear open backed shoes. My walking started going ‘wonky’ and my balance and co-ordination wasn’t what it was. My handwriting then disappeared. My body would start twitching and shaking when I had intent to do something. I could feel my speech beginning to be altered. All of this happened primarily to my right hand side. It was like I had a stroke.  Several visits to the same GP who had administered the vaccine proved ineffective – I was told it was everything from stress, a pinched nerve, to insanity. Needless to say, I changed GP’s in the hope of an answer.

I switched to a new GP who had not witnessed this sudden deterioration before, but knew there was something wrong. He sent me to a Neurologist for further assistance. After several tests, I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Although there were no signs on any scans or tests, all bodily signs presented pointed to this. I was administered three doses of IV Methylprednisolone treatment over three days. This saw little improvement. In December 2008, I resigned from my job as my health continued to deteriorate, and went full time in the retail environment.

In January 2009, I sought a second opinion from a Neurologist inSydney. After examining my presented physical symptoms, he asked me one question: ‘Have you had any vaccines recently?’ He explained that he had several patients recently presented to him with similar symptoms. Every patient had one element in common: Gardasil. He recommended that I undertake five days of IV Methylprednisolone treatment. Although this had done little before, at this stage my health was deteriorating, and I thought it may help. It didn’t. IV Methylprednisolone is a steroid. My Neuro explained it simply. He said it is like a ‘fire’. It goes through your body and kills off everything, and then your body can rebuild. The problem was, my body had been knocked down so much, it couldn’t get back up. The next five months saw my health deteriorate further. I had blackouts, hallucinations, and struggled to do simple, everyday tasks. I couldn’t sleep. I was constantly sick. I worked full time, attended physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. When my symptoms extended to encompass my left side, my medical team went back to the drawing board.

I underwent a PET scan in June 2009. The process is similar to an MRI scan, but the results are more detailed. The results of this scan showed that my cerebellum – the part of the brain the controls the motor functions had switched off. This warranted IV Immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment. By June 2009, I struggled with everything that I had taken for granted before. I struggled to walk. I had to hold onto things to keep my balance. I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I couldn’t walk down a corridor without being puffed. I remember being wheeled to a scan in a wheelchair. For a previously healthy, active and always on the go person, this was absolutely devastating. Even now, remembering this brings tears to my eyes. I struggled to speak. I could say a few words, but stringing a sentence together was impossible.

It was so frustrating because I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldn’t physically say it. I could not write at all. My hands shook so much that even holding a pen and not throwing it across the room was impossible. I struggled to eat. I remember my Mum feeding me toast in hospital one morning because I could not get the food to my mouth without shaking, and I could not find my mouth, because my perception of where my mouth was had gone. I had no immune system. The hospital staff believed I may have contracted Swine Flu because I was so sick. I had no nervous system. It was explained to me that the myelin sheath – which acts like a coating around the nerves – had been dissolved. My white blood cells were confused and were attacking themselves.

Basically, I was dying. The Neuro was honest with me and told me that the IVIG may work. Or it may not. At this very point, I had two options: sink, or swim. Sinking wasn’t an option. So long as I had breath in me, I would swim. And swim I did.

For the next 12 months, I was in hospital every 28 days to receive IVIG treatment. A great deal of this was sponsored by the Australian Red Cross, who I am forever grateful to. IVIG is the ‘peacekeeper’. It is human auto-immune and helps to restore the body. The thing is it can only do so much. The rest is up to you. I underwent intense physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and hydrotherapy. I was told I could not work for at least two years.

It was believed to have been an illness called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). ADEM is defined as ‘an immune mediated disease of the brain. It usually occurs following a viral infection but may appear following vaccination, bacterial or parasitic infection, or even appear spontaneously. As it involves autoimmune demyelination, it is similar to multiple sclerosis, and is considered part of the Multiple sclerosis borderline diseases. Simply put, it presents itself in a similar physical manifestation to MS; however it is believed that the ADEM which I experienced was a one off attack of my immune system, not ongoing degeneration. Also, unlike MS, the myelin sheath is believed to be repairing.

In December 2009, I enrolled to undertake a Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at theUniversityofNewcastle. Looking back, I am sure everyone thought I was insane, considering I could barely walk, write or speak. For me, teaching was one of those things that I had always thought of, but had never done, and as I had two years off work, I thought it was the best time to do it. Plus, it would keep my mind busy. I was accepted, and commenced full-time study in February 2010.

The two years that followed were full of Physio, Rehab, Gym, Study, Medical appointments and much, much more. I filled up my days as much as I could and pushed myself as far as I could. And the results spoke for themselves. In November 2011, a repeated PET scan showed that my cerebellum was coming back to life. This was a miracle. When the cerebellum switches off, it dies and shrinks. Mine didn’t.

I am now a high school teacher. I absolutely love my job, and my students are amazing. I have the most awesome family and friends, and an amazing God who is always on my side. Without them, I wouldn’t be who, or where I am right now. I am so blessed to be in a position where I can help other girls and families who are going through a similar situation.

This experience has changed who I am without a doubt. It has made me appreciate all of the wonderful things in life, and not to worry about the things that don’t matter. It has taught me to be happy, and always look at things positively and to always laugh and to always have fun. I won’t lie, it has been the hardest time of my life, but it has been the most rewarding. I have been subjected to a great deal of physical pain, and still live with the pain each day. I push my body each day, which is both painful and frustrating. The accusations and remarks that I have dealt with from people who do not understand the situation only cause me to have a thicker skin, and a greater empathy for those who live with an incurable illness. The mental and emotional turmoil is surreal, and is made a thousand times worse by the drugs causing havoc within the body, and the overall uncertainty of the situation. I quickly learnt that having a positive attitude and living each day to the fullest was the best way to go. I may never be 100% again, but I’m cool with that. It just gives me something to keep working toward.

To all the girls struggling with this, I have been there. Never give up. Don’t let this beat you. You don’t know how strong you are until you have to be. Every day is a blessing. Have a little faith.

There is a great deal of information that I have not had time to mention here. If you would like more information, advice, or to be put in contact with others that can help, please contact me via the SaneVax team at or via Face book (Kristin Clulow).


  1. J.Power says:

    Thank you for telling your story so that others may be forewarned. People, we must stand up and say NO to this devastating drug. We must save our daughters and now our sons because our elected gov’t will not.

  2. Just read this – if you have any interest in healing your body of all the crap that’s gone into you, including the chemicals in the vaccine, email me and I’ll give you the name of an excellent team of homeopaths that I work with for me and my son. My son is unvaccinated but they do great work with clearing the body of those kinds of things. They are our primary doctors and they work with people all over the world.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. This is why my daughter will never have Gardasil. I have been aware of the myriad of risks for at least 12months, after becomming aware of the ‘one more girl’ campaign, and through the research of the AVN. I wish you all the best for the future and I sincerely hope you reclaim your health. Your attitude is fantastic, you are an inspiration. Thank you

  4. God bless you always and forever!!! Thank you for your story!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. My child suffered something similar following a “routine” and “mandatory” immunization at the age of 11.5. Her life was devastated by the encephalopathy/encephalitis that followed. IVIg was the best treatment she received and is keeping her functional presently. But, so much of her young life was taken from her…as was yours. May you find continued healing and health as you journey to improve others’ lives through sharing your experience!

    • I have Cervical Cancer so I have been doing a lot of reading on the subejct. Just like yourself, I did not have insurance and was unable to keep up with my Pap Smears. Before being diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, I had not had a Pap Smear in 9 years I always worried what would happen by not being able to have it done and now I know I ended up having to go to the Health Department in my county to have a Pap Smear. I also had to lie in order to have it done for free I would highly suggest going to the Health Department once a year for a free or very low cost Pap Smear. Although it CAN take 10 years for Cervical Cancer to develop, it can also take much less time which is exactly why Pap Smears are normally done annually. Also to answer your other question, Cervical Cancer is one of the slowest growing (spreading) cancers that there are. As for how fast they can grow or how slow, I cannot say for sure but I have read many times that it is one of the slowest growing and most cureable. However, just because it is one of the cureable does not mean that the battle fighting it is any easier, physically or emotionally. Having Cervical Cancer is extremely stressful on the person as well as the people who love them. Please find a way to get yourself checked. My symptoms began with bleeding during / after sex, then some mild to moderate pelvic pains, sometimes I get very sharp pains now, also I have had bleeding in between periods, and become very light headed at times, I also have nausea and occasional vomiting. Keep in mind though that most of these symptoms did not start until I had already had one symptom for five months. Good luck and I really hope you are able to have a Pap Smear and an HPV test done as soon as possible.

  6. Madeleine Innocent says:

    Homeopathy is probably the only discipline of health care that can reverse the side effects of vaccines.

  7. I don’t know how the makers of Gardasil can read these stories and still sleep at night…much less continue marketing that poison to the families of innocent children!! I believe there’s a special place in Hell for individuals who profit from maiming and killing children.

    • its called money and they love it more than they do our lives….

      • Ann Miles says:

        So true and at my teen-age son’s last physical, the doctor suggested the Gardisil shot for him. I was horrified.

    • Ann Miles says:

      The “right” person hasn’t had a serious reaction to it yet. Wait ’til one of thier daughters or granddaughters have a serious reaction or die from it . . .then they’ll take notice.

  8. Here in the states there is a condition called Guillen-Barre (pronounced Gee-yan Bar-ray) Syndrome that sounds like what you may have had. Any vaccination can cause it but so can many illnesses, including Mononucleosis. It basically is caused by the immune system going haywire as a result of being “fired up” into action, either by the vaccine or by the illness. I am glad that they were able to diagnose your condition and am sad that it took so long for the diagnosis to be made. I spent 8 years working as a nurse in the ER and as soon as you began describing your symptoms, my FIRST thought was to Guillen-Barre. It is a fairly rare reaction but, as you experienced, can be deadly if not properly and quickly diagnosed. It is so very, very important that after receiving a vaccination, if a person starts having the symptoms you were having, ensure that they inform their physician that they have recently received a vaccination. That is the biggest piece of information that could lead to as speedy a treatment course and recovery as possible.

    • What exactly could they do in the ER? When both my kids had a reaction to Dtap vaccine, all the pediatrician did was verify my knowledge! “Oh, wow, yeah — that’s the worst reaction I’ve seen!”

  9. Ann Miles says:

    If parents would teach their children – boys and girls alike – abstinance instead of safe sex, cervical cancer rates would go way down. Gardisil only protects again 3 out several strains of HPV, not every strain. We the people need to educate ourselves to all these new vaccines and not think they are God’s gift to the world. This country is getting so vaccine crazy it’s sickening.

  10. Amen! God made us. Enough said. Vaccines are man made. Enough said.

  11. Christina says:

    Teaching abstinence is known to be ineffective in controlling any STD. Teaching safe sex PROPERLY does prevent infections. All that teaching abstinence does is ensure that when kids DO inevitably experiment they don’t know how to protect themselves from infections/pregnancy.

    No way any of my kids will get any vaccines unless they choose to once they’re old enough to make a properly informed choice. And although I’ll encourage them to practice abstinence, I’ll certainly make sure they have a good grounding in how to protect themselves when they do have sex.

  12. “Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). ADEM is defined as ‘an immune mediated disease of the brain. It usually occurs following a viral infection but may appear following vaccination, bacterial or parasitic infection, or even appear spontaneously.” I did not read this as a rant against Gardisil. Her reaction could have been caused by, well, any vaccination, bacterial or parasitic infection, or appear spontaneously. So this does not change my mind in anyway concerning Gardisil. Both my kids will get it. But I will be on the look out for ADEM and Guillen-Barre Syndrome, as well as other possible bad reactions to a vaccine. All these are extremely rare, but I would not be a mother if I did not keep my eyes open for even the smallest possible problem. But the main disease and related health problems Gardisil is a vaccine for, are not so rare. Do you continue to give your child antibiotics even though they can cause death? Severe antibiotic allergic reaction kills more people than the rare side effects of vaccines. That is but one example. The benefits far outweigh the risks. There are ALWAYS risks. To pretend otherwise is shortsighted at best. But do not ignore benefits. We almost had Pollio wiped off the face of the earth! Some ways to downgrade vaccination risks is to chose not to gang the vaccinations. And never get a vaccination if even the slightest bit ill. With luck, and the help of Gardisil, we will wipe HPV and its resulting diseases off the earth.

  13. It concerns me that this vaccine has been so greatly publicised and encouraged, with seemingly minimal discussion about the associated risks. This is suggested by the fact that the GP who administered the vaccine for Kristin was unable to diagnose the vaccine he himself (or herself) administered as even a possible cause of her symptoms.
    If the government decides to advocate a vaccine, and accept the associated risks of adverse effects as incidental, I feel as a community we have the right to demand that:
    1. The professionals administering the drug are fully educated in both the positive and negatives to a point that they can communicate this to patients, and recognise the symptoms in the event it does go pear shaped;
    2. If the government provides funding to make the vaccine free, and has accepted that there will be an incidence of adverse effects amongst the patients, then funding should also be made available for the treatment of these adverse effects, making the treatment as accessible as the vaccine.

    Currently it seems like the link between what Kristin (and so many others) have experienced and this vaccine is being denied or rationalized away as unlikely or incidental. We are all aware that there are inherent risks associated with vaccines, why not be upfront about it from the start, provide the education so people can make an informed decision, have a contingency in place for the incidence of adverse reactions you know are going to occur, take some responsibility for the shortcomings of the product you have created and profited from.

    • Susan Duffy says:

      Kelly I hear hear you loud and clear, my daughter has been robbed of her young adult life due to over 100 anaphylaxis reactions triggered by the three shots of Gardasil. I am pro immunisation with the exception of the most recent addition to the National immunisation Program – HPV Vaccine. If I could turn back time and know what I know now my darling daughter would still be attending school, dancing and living the typical life of a 15 year old.


    From its inception until the appearance of tha uterine carcinoma of the cervix (UCC) take in average 25 to 30 years; the investigation on the vaccine against the human papilloma virus has begun the 2000; the scientific efficacy of this vaccine has just determined in the years 2025-2030
    HPV not causes definitely the (UCC); in the onset of this disease are involve multiple risk factors, including suspected HPV, but there are security for epidemiology and statistics that sex generates the disease. Mix in 130.000 nuns not found not any UCC.
    To accept that a virus or bacteria cause a disease must indefectible fulfill the 5 Koch postulates:
    1. The agent must be present in each case of the disease and absent in healthy subjects.
    2. The agent should not appear in other diseses,
    3. The agent must be isolated in pure culture from the lesions of the diseases,
    4. The agent has to cause the disease in an animal capable of being incoculated,
    5. The agent must be newly in the lesions of animal in experimentation
    Consequently HPV do not fulfill not any of Koch’s postulate; fulfill this postulate is accepted as dogma in medicine, scientifically we can sure that the HPV is not the
    causative agent of the UCC
    Until June 2012 solely in USA was 263, 328 advers efffects, disabling irreversible 8,860, death 1160, abnormal PAP 4900, dysplasia cervical 1950, cervical cancer 560.!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=1668544653!n=1997022391&fid=e71773d143454209a436ace1ced14dca&mid=3cd42a8d-d11d-11e1-af47-00237de3f55e&fv=1 .
    To accord of Vaccine advers effects reaction (VAERS) information that is denounced
    solely between 1% to 10%
    Dr. Harper, who helped develop the vaccine for Merck reports that the vaccine was not investigated in children under 15 years and the vaccine given to children under 11 years is a big public experiment.
    The vaccine was approved to give girls not contaminated with HPV; Dr.Howenstinc say if women are vaccinated contaminated with HPV are able to acquire a 44.6% CCU / Howenstine/james170.htm.
    This vaccine is transgenic; the Sane vax has discover that Gardasil is contaminated with DNA recombinant (DNArPVH) and has raised its concern to the president of the FDA Margaret Hamburg; the FDA replied that its presence does not cause any harm.
    A vaccinated girl became ill with rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. 24 hours after vaccination and found that the DNArPVH adhered to aluminum, two years after vaccination.
    To introduce the vaccine are using the marketing of fear: http://mujeresenaccion.over-
    HPV is ubiquitous and lives in wild and domestic animals, we pollute from birth, is on the doorknobs, on towels, on the nails, on fomites, in gloves and specula of gynecologists; sexual intercourse is not the solely means of contamination.
    HPV also lives in the 400 nm outermost of our skin and mucous membranes. ,
    If live on our skin, our immune system produces cellular and humoral immunity; our body is naturally being vaccinated for HPV to live on our skin and mucous ..
    The cervical carcinoma, neither the HPV are infections, contagious, epidemical, nor infectd only by the coitus
    Gardasil is genetically modified;; known vaccines are made from killed or attenuated original bacterial or virus; it is UNKNOWN damage that produce in the future and is prepared to prevent infection only of HPVs 16 and 18; it is know that exist 200 species of HPV.
    The HPVs are not distributed uniformly over the world. It was found that in Canada the HPV 18 solely less than 3%, more prevalent is HPV 31, in my country Peru there are no studies that established the predominant types of HPV, gardasiul contains 225 mcg and cervarix 500 mcg aluminum that produce Alzheimer’s, it is a mayor neurotoxine, disrupter of neurological funtion and immunoexcitotoxicity and polisorbato 80 which is a potent contraceptive that in the experimental animals produces sterility, atrophy of the testicles and funtional and morphological disturbance of the reproductive organs; are carcinogenic and mutagenic; also contains sodium borate considered poison, not used in medicinal preparations.
    Until now it is know 200 types og PVHs
    December 2012 FDA approved the gradasil to boys since 9 to 26 years to prevent the anal cancer and wart. It is a excess.
    For the reasons from Peru, depth, Huancayo, I believe that this vaccine is a Fraud?, Robbery?, Swindle?, Rough Joke?; it is not scientifically proven at this time, its effectiveness will be verified just the years of 2025-2030.
    Dr. Godfrey Arauzo
    E mail:
    Tel.: 05164252052

  15. Your story has helped me to realize that what i’m currently going through is due to Gardasil. I received my first shot 11 days ago. since then, I have no appetite, and I have experienced numbness, tingling and mainly twitching in my muscles all over my body including my legs, arms, face and head. I can’t help but think that I will only get worse. Please help me!! I have a neurology appointment in 11 days but I am terrified every single day that I will get worse or will develop new symptoms! I am only 22 years old, My life is just beginning!

  16. It has recently come to my attention that information provided for the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee in the USA (VRBPAC) in May 2006 revealed that when the Gardasil vaccine is administered to a woman with a dormant or harmless form of HPV, the virus can become activated, increasing the likelihood of precancerous lesions developing by a staggering 44.6 percent.

    See page 9: File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    an FDA VRBPAC Background Document: GardasilTM HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine . May. 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting. http://www.fda.izov/ohrms/dockets/ac/06/briefing/2006-4222B3

    ” Based on a`Background Document” submitted to the FDA by Merck & Co ., Inc . [14], injection of HPV vaccines into women who have concurrent vaccine-relevant HPV type infections may increase the risk, by 44 .6%, of developing high-grade precancerous lesions in the cervix . Therefore, it would be prudent to perform a sensitive HPV detection assay with accurate genotype determination on the patients to be vaccinated if prior HPV infection is suspected”.

    60% of girls age 18 and over are sexually active and at risk of having dormant HPV. The Australian government subsidised and encouraged girls 15-26 to be vaccinated via their GP and yet this information was not made available.

    My daughter aged 23 is being treated for high grade abnormal cells following vaccination with Gardasil at age 22 promoted by her Doctor under the government subsidised rollout. I have yet to hear back from Minister Pllbersek about why this information was not made available and when those at risk will be notified.

  17. Nicole smith says:

    I have 3 daughters and 2 of them were to have them at school but I am glad they didn’t have them because I know there hasn’t been enough research. I have taken everything on board.

  18. Dorothy Forbes says:

    I know a great deal of time has elapsed since you~Kristin, became so ill with the Cervarix/Gardasill vaccination. I hope & pray that you are still making good progress with your recovery, or have made a full recovery would be even more wonderful..God Bless ….
    G’Day Kristin, Thank you for sharing your story about the horrors of the Cervarix/Gardasil vaccinations; now currently on the go again for ‘young men’ as well as the ‘young women.’ I have been studying this Gardasil/Cervarix farce for a few years now and sent all the information to my daughter Eleanor to educate my two grand-daughters, who were aged at the time 16 yrs & 8yo. Now 19 & 11. My eldest grand-daughter got into all the sites available to her on the internet, and educated her young sister.about the dangers of Gardasil & Cervarix. The real dangers of the Gardasil/Cervarix vaccine programme is the parental permission being granted to ‘Pharma.’ & health authorities without as much of a ‘What Are The Side Effects of Gardasil/Cervarix.’ There are no side effects~ they are ‘Direct Effects.’ Whats more they are all bad & they are always denied. The best treatment for the ravages of Gardasil/Cervarix vaccines is to DETOX using (Chelation Thearpy, it’s when they remove the highly toxic chemicals from your blood stream,) so that all of the bodies systems can get back to normal. The discomforts you are still going through, proves that there are remaining toxins still circulating within your body, which should be removed. It would be best not go to your local Dr. for this treatment as many GP’s frown at this, and roll their eyes in disbelief. Go to your nearest Naturopath or ‘Google~Chelation Therapy.’ to find out where your nearest therapist is. Some patients say ‘It’s like a miracle.’ But always ask questions, what happens? How long? How will I feel? Etc; Etc; Make a list, be inquisitive. Be Safe! You’ll be feeling better after the first appointment. Cheers To You & Yours……& Good Luck…..Go Kristin……
    P.S. I am 74 years old today/28th Feb, and I do not take medications of any kind~ I also hate to hear of anyone being harmed by toxic meds.

  19. Hi Kristin,

    Thank you for sharing your experience on the net
    and raising voice for not only for girls and boys.
    I tried your (old) email address as well as but neither worked.
    And I’m not on Facebook…so I put it here.

    I hope you understand this entire thing is a fraud.
    There’s no evidence to say that HPV is the cause
    of this cancer, and there’s no evidence that this
    horrible vaccine can prevent it either.

    All for $$$$$$$$$$.

    Anyhow, I wonder if you still suffer from pain,
    if you’ve done hair test as well as MELISA test,
    and took zeolite to get rid of aluminium…

    Take care, and let’s fight!!

  20. Mothers, please read these articles and DON’T give your daughters this vaccine !!! I pray that my grand daughters have not already had them !!!!

  21. Melanie S. says:

    I don’t know if this thread is still active, but please, PLEASE help me!

    I received the first shot of Gardasil three days ago, and while the lump grew from dime to quartersized and was very red, it’s now faded to a bruise color and hurts with extreme pressure. I’ll list my symptoms over the past three days. (I’m 16, btw. Horribly anxious but I know my anxiety attacks don’t do this.)

    1st Day: Feverish, light-headed, dizziness, numbness in nose && head pressure
    2nd Day: Dizziness, numbness in hands and arm, heavy legs, weird feeling in ankle, leg pains, chest pains middle, left side, under left rib.
    3rd day: Severe chills, noisy stomach, running to the bathroom, tingling fingers, chest pains in same locations, blurry vision that comes and goes.

    Should I go to the ER?? Will this ever go away????? I want to cry, I never have reactions to vaccines, and this is getting progressively worse and I’m TERRIFIED of dying from it!

  22. Go to the er and try to get cleansed from this vaccine. It has ruined my daughters life. Passing out, constant pain 24/7 for years. We have not had any luck solving her problems.

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