Vaccines and Superbugs?

[SaneVax: The more you examine vaccine science, the more it appears that those promoting vaccines for everything under the sun have little concern for the data contained in peer-reviewed medical journals, unless of course it supports their viewpoint. One has to ask: If vaccines are all they are purported to be, why can they not withstand healthy scientific debate?]

Vaccine Research Creating Virulent Strains

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Vaccines: Cure or Kill?

Something very interesting was acknowledged recently in the world of vaccines.  During malaria vaccine research at Pennsylvania State University, biologist Andrew Read found that malaria parasites spread in immunized mice, evolving to become even more virulent.  Read found that surprising result after injecting mice with a component used in several promising malaria vaccines.  Then, when unvaccinated mice were injected—or immunized as claimed—with the super-virulent strain, they got sicker than mice vaccinated with the normal malaria strain.As a result of his experience, Read says he hopes his findings will prompt other vaccine researchers to consider how vaccines can or will affect the evolution of parasites.  Didn’t the over-prescribed use of antibiotics create super bug infectious organisms?

To the credit of the National Institutes of Health, Patrick Duffy, chief of NIH Laboratory of Malaria Immunology and Vaccination, said, “If there is an effect like this we need to be mindful of it and take steps to minimize this kind of impact.” [1]  I would like to add there is that and much more that apparently doesn’t wiggle under your microscopes and you are not taking into consideration that occurs in human biochemical interactions, which are contributing to very young children coming down with dramatic chronic diseases, something not seen before in the medical literature, e.g., brain cancers, and other health anomalies, I contend.  Here’s a clue: check out aluminum adjuvants.

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