Vaccines: A descent into madness

By Trine Villemann

Yellow Fever Vaccine Induced Madness

Yellow Fever Vaccine Induced Madness

Until April 15th 2011, I was a great believer in vaccines. My son was born prematurely and very ill and in order to protect him he had every vaccination available because I trusted the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies when they told me that vaccines are safe and prevent diseases and death.

Now I know better – because on that April afternoon disaster struck. My husband, BBC Correspondent Malcolm Brabant, went across a busy road to a vaccination-centre in a suburb of Athens, Greece, where we lived, to have a yellow fever vaccination in order to go on a business trip to the Ivory Coast in Africa.

20 minutes later he was back. I didn’t know it at the time, but the vaccine had already begun its devastating journey through his body towards his brain.

The alarm bell sounded less than 24 hours later, when I found my husband in our living room burning up with fever. We both instantly knew it was a reaction to the vaccination. My husband had been told to expect “flu like symptoms” but his fever was above 40 degrees (104 F) and his shivers were so violent that our big double bed rocked so much that things fell off the bedside table next to it. I kept the fever down to a bearable 38 degrees by plying my husband with Ibuprofen, but as soon as I didn’t, the fever shot up again.

Then the insomnia started. My husband who usually passes out the minute his head hits the pillow, could not sleep. He became irritable and irrational. He began to do things that I found very hard to put into a normal context – like the afternoon he decided to go and sit in the sunshine on our patio dressed in his thick winter coat, a huge woollen scarf, shorts and slippers because “he was going to sweat the fever out”.

My husband was hospitalized and his treating physician knew him very well having treated him for pneumonia two years earlier. We recently saw this doctor again and she went over the notes she wrote on his admission.

“Confused, animated and aggressive”, was how she described my husband’s mental state.

The morning after his admission it became even more obvious that something was terribly wrong with my gentle giant of a husband as he chased a doctor out of his hospital room apparently – or so my husband said – because he had been asking inappropriate questions.

My husband’s biochemistry results were abnormal. His liver enzymes were elevated and continued to head north over the coming days.

And the fever persisted. The doctors ran an abundance of tests, but there was nothing that could explain the high fever and the abnormal blood results – apart from the yellow fever vaccine.

Mentally he was disappearing into a place where it was becoming more and more difficult to follow him. He told me his electronic e-reader flew across the room. He started firing off crazy emails and he cried a lot.

He began thinking that he was the Messiah and explained to me how dear, departed friends would “buzz” him – that’s how he described the messages he said he received – to tell him what to do.

On April 28th 2011 – 13 days after my husband had the vaccination – the Greek doctors broke the fever using steroids, but by then he was so far gone mentally that he was transferred to a psychiatric clinic a few days later.

The psychiatrist diagnosed my husband with an “acute, organic psychosis” a condition which ended up haunting my husband more than a year after the vaccination. He has spent over 8 months in locked-up psychiatric wards and has suffered beyond belief.

Sanofi Pasteur, the maker of the yellow fever vaccine, denies any link between the vaccine and my husband’s illness. However in May 2013 the vaccine-maker for the first time admitted that my husband is not the only one who has been sent mad by the yellow fever vaccine. Sanofi Pasteur admitted to “fewer than 10 reports of mental disorders related to the vaccine, including Mr Brabant’s”, but I have investigated this and found hundreds more.

At the WHO Monitoring Centre in Uppsala they have gathered at least 400 reports of yellow fever vaccine-related adverse events involving mental disorders over the past ten years.

Only about 3-10 percentage of all drug-related adverse events  are reported, so there are bound to be thousands of people around the globe who have been sent mad by the yellow fever vaccine. I am in touch with people from several countries who have all suffered psychotic episodes after having Sanofi Pasteur’s yellow fever vaccine.

With so many reports of yellow fever vaccine-related events involving mental disorders, it is fair to say that Sanofi Pasteur and the relevant regulatory agencies have known for years that the yellow fever vaccine can cause these problems.  Yet, they have done absolutely nothing to investigate the vaccine and the psychiatric complications it can cause.

There is, however, a growing realisation that the yellow fever vaccine is unsafe and unstable. Doctor Thomas Monath is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on the yellow fever vaccine. He recently appeared in a PBS-programme called “The Great Fevers” and said this about the yellow fever vaccine:

“This vaccine was considered one of the safest vaccines ever developed. And there were no real concerns about safety. That has now changed in the last decade and we now recognize that there are some really severe and significant, serious adverse events.”

The issue of how safe all of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines really are has also surfaced recently. In 2012 the FDA issued a stern warning letter to Sanofi Pasteur after inspections found numerous safety breaches at their vaccine-manufacturing plants in France and Canada. And just a few weeks ago I was contacted by a whistleblower who shared some very disturbing internal Sanofi Pasteur documents with me. The whistleblower alleges that Sanofi Pasteur is involved in illegal behaviour in order to cover up recurring safety issues with their vaccines.

As soon as Sanofi Pasteur became aware that I was in possession of this material they sent their legal attack dogs after me, but I am not afraid of Sanofi Pasteur and have handed over these documents to the relevant authorities.

Sanofi Pasteur has done nothing to help my husband. We have shared all his medical records with them. They refuse to share any of the findings of the investigation they say they have carried out. Sanofi Pasteur asked for and received a list of my husband’s treating physicians, but they have not contacted any of the doctors on the list we provided – the maker of the yellow fever vaccine is simply not interested in finding the truth.

My husband is finally doing better, but he is still medicated and his mental prognosis is uncertain. As a family we are slowly trying to claw our way back to a normal existence after my husband’s vaccine-injury, but life has changed dramatically. We take one day at a time. We dare not plan and we dare not hope.

One thing, however, is certain. I will keep on fighting for justice and I will not give up until Sanofi Pasteur acknowledges that its yellow fever vaccine sent my husband mad.

Malcolm Brabant’s story in his own words is available here.

French translation of this article here.


  1. Lucy Hill says:

    You are very brave to speak out, my heart goes out to you and your family. The majority of vaccine damage is never traced back to the vaccine, we’re just told “It’s genetic” or “Rare”. The pharmaceuticals go on to profit from the vaccine damage they cause, this is what has to stop, they should be profiting from our good health not from our sickness, the financial goalposts have to be moved otherwise the the system will remain sick.

  2. Sandy Lunoe says:

    It is a pleasure to know that Trine Villemann is a contributing writer for SaneVax. We look forward to more of your excellent articles, Trine!

    It is a godsend that Trine, who is Malcolm Brabant’s wife and a serious investigative journalist is following up this most worrying and scandalous case. Sanofi Pasteur the manufacturer of Stamaril the yellow fever vaccine is intertwined with Merck/MSD, a company known for its widespread culture of corruption and criminality.

    Trine has already shown that she is extremely determined and courageous and is no doubt aware that these characteristics are necessary in order to dig deeply into this serious case.

    When I heard about Malcolm becoming so ill after the vaccine I asked Trine if he had also taken the anti-malarial Lariam (mefloquine) as this is suspect number one regarding causation of psychiatric disturbances. Malcolm did not take Lariam, so suspect number one is the yellow fever vaccine.

    Regarding this vaccine, one may well wonder why it seems to be widely accepted without question that only this specific vaccine, not others, is officially required by some countries. Why does this vaccine seem to fly under the radar without attracting attention? Why don’t the many who are interested in the vaccine issue give it more focus?

    I have read surely one of the best books ever concerning diseases and vaccination: “Dissolving Illusions”, by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk. Of the almost 500 pages there is a great deal of interesting information about diseases and vaccination, but there is only a very small section regarding yellow fever, mostly describing serious symptoms of those who were afflicted in the 1800’s.

    It is high time that there be stronger focus on the yellow fever vaccine and that a thorough, independent investigation regarding all the relevant aspects be carried out. Thank you Trine Villemann for working painstakingly towards this. Good luck – and here’s wishing your husband Malcolm complete recovery.

  3. I don’t understand either why the yellow fever vaccine seems to be of so little interest to the regulatory agencies. We force this vaccine upon millions of people in Africa every year. Unfortunately there is no reporting system in place in that part of the world so we have no statistics regarding AE’s, which is why it is so much more important to pay attention to the statistics that we do have – like the ones form the WHO.
    The vaccine-maker, Sanofi Pasteur, has admitted that it knows the vaccine can send people mad, but is still allowed to carry on producing the vaccine without any further investigations? I just doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Peter McCarry says:

    Are there alternative manufacturers of vaccines available in Europe, specifically Netherlands? I was considering a trip to Kenya, where an official yellow fever vaccination certificate is required to enter the country.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your story! There are a couple of interesting articles on about how Thiamine may be related to adverse reactions to Gardasil, Lupron, Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, etc. I wonder if the articles may be interesting or useful to you. If you do a search for “Thiamine” or “Derrick Lonsdale” on hormonesmatter, some interesting articles will come up. I had an adverse reaction to Cipro, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, and I think that thiamine deficiency may be part of the puzzle. Just food for thought in case it is part of your puzzle as well. You are a brave family for sharing your story! Thank you for speaking out!

  6. Sandy Lunoe says:

    Peter McCarry, for interest.
    The government of Kenya only requires a yellow fever vaccination if you are travelling to Kenya from a country with risk of yellow fever. A list of these countries is given in this link.

    Please also note that practically all health authorities normally recommend a wide variety of vaccines wherever you travel. “Recommend” is very different from “Require”!

  7. Shelley Ling says:

    It is appalling that these companies are still allowed to make and give vaccines. I have gone completely to the homeopathic remedies for vaccines and have come across an amazing treatment that may help you to clear that vaccine from your husbands system, it is called Hellkunist Medicine and can put you in touch with an amazing therapist if you so wish. She had a son that became autistic after his vaccinations and has since through this method cleared him, herself and become a practicing Dr of this nathuropathic medicine.

  8. It is important to realise that ALL vaccines are useless and dangerous; the only response they elicit is anaphylaxis, a harmfull immune response, sensitisation, i.e. increased susceptiblity to the targeted diseases and related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections. All outbreaks/epidemics occur preferentially in the vaccinated. The little premature baby given many vaccines in my opinion survived by a shear miracle.

    Everybody contemplating receiving vaccines should read the easily accessable product inserts which list a great number of serious reactions, organ by organ. Including autism and colitis. PIs for many pharma products list psychotic episodes. It is better NOT to travel to such countries that require evidence of vaccination or treatment (such as for malaria).

    Fever should never be suppressed, it is a healing process. It was not unreasonable that Mr Brabant wanted to ‘sweat it out’ It was unreasonable and dangerous to suppreess his fever. Many people accept the misinfomation by doctors that fever is bad; Mr Brabat’s body needed high temperature to burn-off the vaccine toxins. Little knowledge is dangerous.

    • Sandy Lunoe says:

      Just to avoid a possible misunderstanding in connection with Dr. Viera Scheibner’s comment regarding malaria. Many countries recommend but there are none which require malaria prophylaxis. There are no countries which require evidence of treatment for malaria.

    • I absolutely agree with you Dr. Scheibner.
      We have Dr. Taneki Mouri in Japan who stated the same though his claim made him somewhat suffer from horrible criticism from big $$$$ just like your case. As a matter of fact, I just laughed when I found your Wikipedia page said:

      A great number of doctors, scientists, legal professionals and other critics have questioned her qualifications, research abilities, and honesty.

      Medical and pharmaceutical INDUSTRIES have to protect their secret in order to protect their profit!!

      Through my investigation on so-called HPV vaccines over a few years, after flu shots my then GP told me to take gave me CFS and hay fever, and my child suffering from symptoms which some counsellors or psychologists could never help, and I finally found the answer by myself on the net, I have figured out this HUGE CON called immunization and vaccination. By putting POISON in our babies and adults telling us “it’s for your health!” they have been actually creating never-heard-before illnesses with heavy metal toxins(HMT) along with other poisons!!

      I’ve learned HMT are the real cause of various problems, from autism, learning disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia, delinquency, domestic violence and violent crimes!! I read a doctor saying he believes the name “bi-polar” is just a pseudo name. Another doctor wrote “schizophrenia” is not a correct name. ALL LIES, folks.

      I checked the ingredients of Sanofi’s yellow fever vaccine in JP,

      黄熱ウイルス (17D-204株) 4.74log10 PFU以上 (備考) PFU: Plaque Forming Unit
      D-ソルビトール  7.5mg
      ゼラチン      7.5mg (備考) ブタ皮膚由来

      It’s got yellow fever virus 17D-204strains, with stabilizer D-sorbitol and gelatin deprived from pig skin.
      Now, I remember solbitol is carcinogenic, and gelatin contains MSG… neuro-toxin.
      Reading Malcolm’s symptoms, I even suspect that they might have put some HMT in the vaccine on top of above.

      Dr. Mouri and a few other JP doctors wrote that symptoms are the sign of your body fighting back.
      My father who was a medical doctor also said to me many a time that modern medicine doesn’t deal with the cause but only tries to suppress the symptoms. He also showed me this very big thick book telling me it was about the ‘side-effects’ of all medicines. He added to say, “medicine is a poison.” He told me these several times and that helped me figure out what has been going on for centuries.

      In my current view, he was brainwashed through education to become a salesman for medical and pharma industries. So was I. I wish I knew what I konw now and I never let anyone touch my child starting that vitamin K which has increased child leukemia/child cancer!! I know nobody who suffered from the problem the lack of Vitamin K could cause, but I know a boy who contracted leukemia when he was 8. And our local paper quite often carries stories and cries for fundraising to save their children with those illnesses.

      We have to end this farce.
      Please start from signing our petition to stop so-called ‘Cervical Cancer Vaccines’ which cannot do what they claim.
      and send this link to everybody you know.

      To victims of HPV vaccines in Japan, I’ve been telling to avoid doctors(unless he/she understands all above or to some extent), take things to support their immune system such as glutathione cream(or IV), and DETOX!! You’ve got to eliminate the CAUSE of the problem to get well.

      Just for the sake of it Trine, if ever possible, have a hair mineral test and see if Malcolm has got any HMT, and if positive, detox that as well.
      Keep fighting!! We’re all fighting for the same thing.
      And be sure to watch the video(link from my name).
      It tells you why this is happening.

      • When I correct the Wikipenia entry, within two weeks they put it back to their version. They seem to know me better than I do. I hope that enough people see their real intensions and realise that what they do and write says more about them than abour their targets. One can only laugh at their ignorance of the meaning of ‘ova’ after my name, which simply indicates that I am a female. I stopped using it because it doesn’t matter in the Anglo-Saxon world.

        They also don’t know the definition of an ‘expert’. According to the UK Appeals Court definition “The individual claiming expertise must be an expert in the relevant field. This was described in the South Australian case of Bonython as a requirement that the individual “has acquired by study of experience sufficient knowledge of the subject to render his [or her] opinion of value, a description which has found favour in England and Wales…Generally speaking it is the experience itself which determines whether this admissibility is satisfied, not the route by which the expert came to have it.”

  9. Pauline Cory says:

    Please get your husband to a homeopath and get the Yellow Fever antidote, I am sure it will help him reverse this reaction permanently.

  10. Sandy Lunoe says:

    Please note that there is a distinct difference between a “recommendation” and an official “requirement”.
    Malaria prophylaxis is officially RECOMMENDED but it is NEVER officially REQUIRED by any country.

    (“ need to take …”, “ must…” and similar wording should not be incorrectly understood as an official requirement even when such formulations are in official publications).
    Note for example the above official information for Uganda :
    “The following pages present country-specific information on yellow fever vaccine requirements and recommendations, malaria transmission information and prophylaxis recommendations”.

    • Sandy,

      Tell me how many of dumbed down sheople can figure out the difference
      between “recommendation” and “requirement”?

      I assume many of them automatically think they’d have to take the pills
      when they get to see that “You will need to take…”.

      Also I heard when Johnny coWARd of Australia started selling fraudulent and poisonous
      HPV vaccines, that they don’t make the jabs mandatory because in case, they can evade the
      responsibility for any death, serious injury etc afterwards.

      It’s somewhat like the traitors abolished death penalty in the UK and Australia
      in 1960’s. I bet many lefties were pleased of the move but the real meaning of that is
      for them to protect themselves, because those who commit treason were to face
      the very death penalty!!

      Haven’t found the UK on that site( yet, but
      UK Justice Dept
      and so forth. Oh, the US

      Let me add another episode I saw on twitter.
      This mother in Japan wrote that a flier they received from either school or
      local government said girls MUST take HPV vaccines. Luckily the mother was
      skeptical about them therefore she didn’t make her daughter take the poison.

      But that’s the tactics.
      Even when it’s not officially “required”, they make it sound as if…so that those who
      are so trusting would automatically think, “Oh, we should get it.”

      Very cunning and evil.

    • Interestingly,

      Health Information for Travelers to Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
      Yellow Fever
      Health recommendation: Yellow fever is a risk in Côte d’Ivoire, so CDC recommends this vaccine for all travelers who are 9 months of age or older.
      Country entry requirement: The government of Côte d’Ivoire requires proof of yellow fever vaccination for all travelers, except infants.

      So the country of destination “requires” it but CDC just “recommends”.
      Talking about confusing…

      • According to the “Package leaflet: information for the user” (Stamaril, yellow fever vaccine (live)) the vaccine is given to people who “travel to any country that requires an International Certificate of Vaccination for entry”. [Many other leaflets use the word “require”.] This means that some countries do require yellow fever vaccine. I was also told by some people who travelled to such countries without the ICV that they risk to be injected with the vaccine at the entry to the country.

        The same PL also lists serious reactions such as high fever with headache and confusion (possibly a eufemistic word for psychosis), viscerotropic disease (YEL-AVD) resembling fulminant infection by wild-type virus progressing “to one or more of metabolic acidosis, muscle and liver cytosis, lymphocytopenia and thrombocytopenia, renal failure and respiratory failure. The mortality rate has been around 60%…in primary vaccines with onset within 10 days of vaccination. The risk appears higher in those aged over 60 years although cases have also been reported in younger persons.”

        The leaflet also warns that vaccines should only be given to those “who have a considerable risk of acquiring yellow fever”, while not indicating how that could be achieved in the countries that ’require’ evidence of the receipt of yellow fever vaccine.

        As far as malaria medication is concerned, many, if not all, employers who send people to malaria endemic areas require them to take malaria medication, often some time before their departure.

  11. Sandy Lunoe says:

    CDC explains here the FORMAL difference between requirements versus recommendations:

    Package insert information, leaflets and many other sources are often unreliable with respect to distinction between recommendations and FORMAL/OFFICIAL requirements.

    This is never a FORMAL/OFFICIAL requirement.
    Many employers recommend malaria prophylaxis. They do not and cannot formally require it, irrespective of how they may word their information to employees. One of several reasons that malaria prophylaxis cannot be formally required is that documentation would be impossible.


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