We had no informed consent before Gardasil changed our lives.

By Glenda Smith

I was reluctant to grant permission for Angela to take the HPV vaccine in the fall of 2010. I remember thinking my daughter doesn’t need this, BUT maybe I’m not being a responsible mom if I don’t get it for her. According to the information I was given, the only risk was if you had a ‘severe immune disease e.g. HIV.’ I knew Angie had some chronic fatigue and celiac, but it said “SEVERE” and “HIV” – those are STRONG words that didn’t seem to fit Angela.

Gardasil changed my  life.

Gardasil changed my life.

So, trusting what I know now to be a vague and ‘ill-informed’ piece of paper, I signed and she began her shots.

April 14, 2011, Angie was 13 years old and in grade 8 when she received her last dose of HPV vaccine.

April 15, 2011, Angela called me at work feeling ill, nauseous, and dizzy and in severe abdominal pain. We thought she had eaten some wheat, but we checked everything. The pain never went away! It only got worse when she ate. She cried and cried in pain.

Angela never made it to her 8th grade graduation trip. For that matter, due to extreme weakness, severe abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness, she missed the last three months of grade 8. Trips to the family dr. and blood work accomplished nothing, not even an avenue that looked at her last immunization. An endoscopy even revealed her celiac under control. Over the summer pediatrician put her through test after test revealing nothing, yet her symptoms persisted. Pediatrician began to doubt Angela’s sincerity and eventually wanted her to be seen by a psychiatric clinic in the city. There was no way we going to put her through that. Angela was a stable, determined, and faithfully patient young girl.

It wasn’t until I reported her side effects to the local health unit I found out the HPV shot was Gardasil. It was only after I reported adverse reactions that the local health unit directed me to the manufacturer’s website and Merck’s product monograph. I was appalled at the very long list of side effects worded much differently than the information I had been given. It included phrases like a ‘weakened immune system’ as one of the risks. At the bottom of the list it stated “this is not a complete list of side effects.” Had I been given an opportunity to read this ahead of time, I would have never agreed to Angela receiving Gardasil at all.

I quickly asked our local health unit why this was not a part of the information we received along with the permission form. They simply replied, “We are not required to.” A little research and a quick look under Canada’s Health Act shows that indeed they are required to provide all risks, benefits and adverse side effects no matter how minor OR severe. In addition, they are required to provide alternative treatment options – which I now know to be simple regular pap tests. It was obvious that this whole HPV vaccine process was a manipulation tactic.

When 14 years old, Angela began going to Toronto’s world renowned Hospital for Sick Children’s GI department and various specialists. More and more blood work, procedures, MRE, stomach emptying test, and the list goes on. Yet another endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed inflammation here and there. “Cause unknown… Let’s just treat it,” was the approach. So she is put on medication after medication – dealing with side effects and no improvement.

Grade 9 begins and Angela miraculously makes it through about 6 weeks, attending school maybe 3 times per week. Then it was all too much and she just crashed – not able to even get out of bed for days at a time. More blood work. Still nothing shows up. Instead of earning 8 credits and enjoying a new life in high school, we had to plead over and over to get her home instruction, and that was for only 2 credits!! By now, things are taking an emotional toll on her (and I) as well as physical.

Angela has jumped through hoops for doctors who say this and that. She exhausts herself trying to do as she is told by them. Now just over two years later, she has basically NO trust in doctors.

January 2012, the abdominal pain seemed to be masked by extreme ‘roll around the floor crying’, bloating! This went on for months. She was admitted to our sick kids’ hospital April 30, 2012 for 2 weeks, put on an NG tube (tube through the nose to the stomach) and fed Tolerex, a nutritional formula. She was not allowed ANY food or drink this whole time! Right off the bat it made her feel worse and the bloating worse, but despite her crying and crying, they pushed to keep her on it. The 2 most upsetting weeks she will ever remember!

And then, it was almost a week at home on it before we said, NO MORE! As it turns out now, we find she is VERY sensitive to carbohydrates, and the first ingredient in the Tolerex was potatoes starch. More suffering for nothing…

Angela is almost 16 years old now. Doctors are now considering Gardasil as a possible cause for her mysterious auto-immune condition(s), but only at our urging with us providing scientific evidence to back up our statements. She attends grade 10 only 2½ hrs per day, 3 or 4 times a week if she is lucky. When will she ever be able to catch up in school and regain her life???

Angela has a GI specialist and nurse, a pain clinic team, an adolescent teen nurse practitioner and psychologist, and is part of the Seattle Children’s hospital online study helping teens live with chronic pain. Angela has two naturopathic doctors, a nutritionist, and sees a medical doctor who runs a naturopathic clinic.  She has tried vitamin/mineral IV treatments, is expected to take over 20 supplements a day, which make her gag and has changed very little for her, her diet is very limited. She is able to eat very little without increasing pain and bloating from the level she constantly lives with, and is still trying acupuncture.  She is exhausted with always ‘trying’ one thing after another having nothing alleviate her symptoms.

Before Gardasil, she had her celiac completely under control, and despite living with some chronic fatigue, she made basketball teams at school, volleyball teams, took trampoline, gymnastics and enjoyed horseback riding and hanging out with friends and was an ‘A’ student at school.  Her one ambition and excitement was to try out for the high school basketball team; an ambition she never got to pursue.

Now, only being able do ‘light’ activity 2-3 hours per day, none of these sports are realistic. If Angela pushes herself one day, it will take 3 in bed just to return to her ‘already’ weak self. Over the past two years she has seen friends very little because she can’t keep up with their energy and usually feels unwell. We have to specifically schedule limited social times or activity for her, and pick and choose how she will spend her valuable limited functioning time each day.

What plans for the future can she make like this? There is no cure. She often cries about missing out on the active things she once so enjoyed. It hurts when she sees her friends moving on and doing things that she cannot, like part-time jobs.  Instead she lives every day with two, three or all of the following debilitating symptoms:

  • abdominal pain (1st thing she had, severe, worse after eating)
  • severe bloating (bloating is constant, and just worse after eating as well)
  • being extremely limited in what she can eat, not eating things she used to love
  • chronic digestive inflammation
  • nausea
  • weak, muscle weakness (feels like going to collapse, hard to hold herself up)
  • severe fatigue/tiredness
  • unrefreshed by sleep
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • ear pain (when really tired and more run down then usual)
  • feels like she should be shaking
  • unexplained rashes (over sensitivity to things like outdoors, lake water, certain clothes)
  • unexplained itchiness
  • sharp pain down the side (hurts to move or breathe)
  • no energy, and if out and about more then 2-3hrs of simple activity per day, bed ridden for up to 3 days to return to ‘normal’ tired self
  • uncontrollable temperature variations; ‘hot’ or ‘really hot’ in an otherwise cool room (fan always on)
  • agitated
  • loss of good focus and concentration she once had (i.e. school work now difficult or sometimes impossible to complete)

We are scared. We have no idea when, or if, this will ever end. We have no idea whether any of us will ever be able to regain a ‘normal’ life.

I left my job only months after she got sick. Taking care of Angela physically as well as emotionally as a result of taking this vaccine IS my full time job. Our naturopathic doctor and a clinical nutritionist are who help us the most and who Angela feels most cared for by. We have incurred the cost of me not being able to work, in addition to the extra costs of healthy foods and supplements.

Angela is by ‘far’ not alone.  She is on a private support group page with over 70 girls from all over the world which helps her tremendously.  I am on with well over 1000 parents (more being added every day), all with children who are suffering similar or worse adverse effects, and these are just the ones who have found their way to a support group.

Although Angela suffers a great deal, we are still grateful as there are some girls who still have seizures after 5 years, some paralysis or neurological impairment, and there are those girls who have paid the ultimate price with their lives.  There are still many out there who are not even aware that Gardasil may have caused symptoms they are living with. The adverse effects of Gardasil in the research and the evidence against the vaccine are staggering!

Had I researched then and found what I know now, we would have a healthy young teenager living a normal teenage life as was her right.

We share her story hoping to prevent this from happening to another family and to offer support to those it has already happened to. It is the only way to help Angela feel her suffering is not in vain. Keeping faith holds us strong.

Our message is simply this: “Investigate before you Inoculate!”


  1. Wendy Brown says:

    Hi Glenda,

    Thank you for telling your story! I am so sorry to hear about Angie and her terrible symptoms. Have you tried a heavy metal detox cleanse? I have read that it helped some of the girls. You can google it to see exactly what some of the girls used.

    Good luck!

    • Glenda says:

      Thank-you for you support! I’m just retyping a long answer I had but somehow lost..blah! 🙁 …but a shorter version, YES, we had hoped chelation would be an answer for us as soon as we heard about it, but when tested, she was not high in aluminum like we expected. She was only a little high in mercury and lead. Medical dr. we saw who runs naturopathic clinic who does chelation said it could likely do her more harm then good 🙁 …disappointed there. Still praying for healing as she tires of treatments and tests. Even vit./min. IV did not improve her fatigue. Auto-immune disease are listed as adverse effects, and that’s what angie’s symptoms seem to be. I’m thinking more along the lines of it having to do with this aluminum adjuctvent (sp?) that sort of ‘holds’ the vaccine in place to fight any HPV and has been found in studies to attach itself to places it shouldn’t as being a culprit. It seems to be problems at the cellular level, like her body is fighting against itself all the time. It’s like walking through darkness with all of this. We won’t give up though! Thanks for caring!

      • Nichole says:

        Glenda, I’m so sorry for the trials your daughter is going through!! My heart breaks reading your story. You mentioned that you had a naturopathic practitioner… have you tried homeopathy?? It’s much different that naturopathy and it frequently confused with it. Homeopathy works deeper within the body to bring about cure. It’s very specific to each person but if you utilitze muscle testing it makes it much easier to find the right remedy. I looked in my materia medica and the remedies that fall under stomach pain worse after eating are: Baryta Carb, Calcarea Phos., Cinchona, Colocynthis (this worked wonders for my son’s chronic stomach ache, after using on 3 occasions he didn’t have another attack for a year!), Kali Bich., Nux Vomica, Psorinum, Zincum Met.

        I would love to send you these remedies to try or you can find most of them at a local health food store. They are $7 each if you buy them and you can muscle test to find which one will best help her.

        You can find me on fb https://www.facebook.com/ChristSavesAll

        I’ve used homeopathy for my family for the past 3 years and now help friends and strangers with their issues. I’d love to help you and your daughter find some relief of the pain she’s enduring.


        • Glenda says:

          Thank-you so much for your reply! YES…we have tried MANY homeopathic treatments, but over and over no one can understand ‘why’ things are not doing what they should be doing. I believe we just found out more why that is…microbiologist contacted us and explained more about the aluminum adjvant that is in the vaccine and the effects it is having on what was an already ‘vulnerable’ system – we are exploring possible bartenello (parasites) plus others that if existed before without showing any symptoms, now b/c of Gardasil more of and stronger. Magnesium malate is one thing for sure we are starting that may get rid of the adjuvant. Some very specific blood tests for these parasites need to be done too. We definitely tried Nux vomica, and still have it on hand. Still no results. Nothing working like it should. We will take these other steps now too that we have just been told about since posting and keep track of how that goes and ‘share’ any improvements, for sure!! Blessings to you for sharing!

      • My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing your story so that other moms and daughters will not go through this.

        I know you said you had tested for heavy metals, but I just wanted to add that sometimes the tests do not detect what is in fact there…sometimes these metals “hide” within the body and are very hard to detect. Also, some types of chelation certainly are dangerous, but if you look to the Autism community, you will find that many families have had success with Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol. In short, this involves frequent very small doses of the chelator (ALA for the brain, DMSA and others for the body and organs), to ensure that you don’t “stir up” too much heavy metal before your body has a chance to actually excrete it. Mercury and other metals affect the bodies ability to excrete toxins, so tiny frequent doses is much safer than some of the other methods being used…huge sudden doses of chelators are what do the damage. Also, saunas may help, along with epsom salt baths…odd as it sounds, sweating really helps a lot, although it may tire her out a lot in her condition. Gerson therapy is aimed at cancer patients, but a gentle version of that might suit your daughter. This consists mainly of juicing and coffee enemas, which sound a bit frightening, but if it helps to get her health back it would be worth it. Good luck!

      • I would definitely try homeopathy! This is the only way to”reverse” an immunization and get it out of you…

      • Hi Glenda I was going to suggest the same as Wendy..I will definitely keep your daughter in my prayers. Unfortunately, this will keep happening to our girls .. please consider the metal detox again your baby has gone through so much already fortunately her body is still strong.. and can stand more than we know.. but she has been given so much and detoxing will take time but could be very much worth the effort.. any time the doctors say something may not work or could make it worst consider it anyway.. I would really be interested in updates on her progress. there is much love and compassion for her and others who are suffering but the blessing is she is a proven fighter. there is a website called dherbs.com they have a wealth of information I pray you and your family will find something that can help her to regain good health and vibrant life again.. stay strong many are praying for you. Also consider (seriously) giving her only alkalized water and celtic sea salt baths..peace and prayers to you, your daughter and family

      • Julia Tosti says:

        Soooo sorry for all your pain and suffering.
        What about Thimerosal in the vaccine??? Maybe this is why she tests high in mercury?? Here is the untrue (my comment) definition from the CDC…however, it does give some insight about the mercury in vaccines. If the reaction was so minimal I wonder why they recommended not putting it in the vaccines. I don’t believe they have taken it out yet, even though they have just started making some vaccines without it. Very angering.
        “Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative used in some vaccines and other products since the 1930’s. There is no convincing evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site. However, in July 1999, the Public Health Service agencies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agreed that thimerosal should be reduced or eliminated in vaccines as a precautionary measure.”

        Good resource site: http://vactruth.com/

        • It was removed because people are afraid of it. Scientific data has proven it is not harmful in vaccines but they now use alternatives because of the large amount of mis-information the public has received about it.
          While I was too old to be targeted for school immunization, as a young woman I was in the age group encouraged to have the Gardasil vaccine. I strongly resisted for many reasons, one of which was due to the lack of information on long-term effects. It made me mad then, and continues to do so now that this is pushed on girls(their parents) and young women when HPV is 100% preventable with responsible sexual behaviour. The assumption that all girls will be irresponsible is harmful not only to them psychologically but physically as this story sadly shows.
          I am a Registered Nurse and I support vaccination programs for many diseases and illnesses, but the Gardasil vaccine seems dangerous, unnecessary and definitely lacking the long term studies it should have before being pushed upon our young people.
          Vaccines in general are safe, non-threatening and the best choice for disease prevention for MOST people, but not ALL vaccines are safe and not for everyone. Sufficient information needs to be provided so every person and every parent can ensure they are making the right choice for themself or their child.

          • E, thimerosal has not been removed from all vaccines. It is still in almost all flu shots and some tetanus shots. There is no scientific data stating thimerosal is safe. The bottle itself has a skull and crossbones on it. There was a study done comparing thimerosal exposed children to other thimerosal exposed children (higher exposure). The study said there was no major neurological differences between the children. This is like comparing 1 pack a day smokers to 2 pack a day smokers and concluding smoking does not cause cancer.

          • Scientific studies have proved mercury is safe for heavens sake look into things Nurses are the worst for swallowing everything Scientific studies in the past have also proved asbestos is perfectly safe and smoking is very good for your lungs and throat – in fact use for sore throats. Vaccines can never be safe – they can artificially made to look safe when you deny most of the side effects Lisa is correct – the experiments that the medical profession look at are often very obviously cooked and I am very suprised that most doctors seem unaware of proper scientific method

      • Hello Glenda. Sorry to hear about your tragedy. I wrote a story on Gardasil a few months back – http://www.healthsentinel.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2739:did-the-gardisil-vaccine-kill-jasmine-renata&catid=5:original&Itemid=24 – If you’re interested I’d be happy to talk with you about some alternative options to hopefully help your daughter. Just free information and someone to talk to. If you’re interested please email me at romanbys@healthsentinel.com. Have a good day. – Roman

      • tara macdonald says:

        did you try the Hoxey clinic in tijuana…. they took very good care of my father who probably wouldnt be here today with out them.

      • Glenda,
        Sorry about this tragedy. I wonder if you tried MELISA test. I assume even when your daughter’s aluminium level is low, if she’s allergic i.e. more vulnerable and very sensitive to certain metal toxins such as aluminium, even a small amount could affect her drastically. At any rate, as I mentioned on this page, http://sanevax.org/hpv-vaccine-vaers-reports-march-2012/ this is a HORRIBLE CRIME and I’m really disgusted with it. We’ve gotta stop this somehow, and that’s worldwide. Cervarix already killed one girl in Japan, and injured leaving so many in pain and with various problems like your daughter.

      • Have you taken her to a neurologist? If you haven’t make sure it’s the best one you can find. After years of difficult/unnecessary tests I don’t have much faith either and have found that some of the most simplistic things are blown entirely out of context with some doctors. It’s possible this has affected her nervous system somehow. I’m assuming that they have tested for things like meningitis, etc.

    • Please do some alkaline water theraphy.. it will help much… i have a similar symptoms with her…

      • Glenda Smith says:

        On it! Thanks! …no change, but at least it is health for her! (..over 2 months now)

    • Please find a good homeopath and work with them. Homeopathy is the only modality of health care that can undo past harms. It may take a while, but you should see steady progress.

  2. Sherrie says:

    Thank you for sharing, the story is so faimiliar to our family. My daughter had her last shot and one month later she had her first seizure. They came one after the other. She missed her sophomore and junior years of school. No doctor we saw would say it was the shot. She was in and out of hospitals constantly and before this she was perfectly healthy and happy. She returned her senior under protest from the school, we had to hire an attorney who fought the school to let her return her senior year. It has been a nightmare for our entire family. She suffers from extreme headaches and migraines daily. What this shot did for us was devastating. There has to be something done to help these girls. Best of luck to you and your family.

    • Glenda says:

      I’m so sorry for your trials through all of this too! Amazing how we can be from distant places and still face so many of the same challenges and all as a result of manipulation and deceit. It must have been so hard to take on the school! It was for us, but thank goodness we didn’t have to get a lawyer involved like you did, but had one lined up just in case. WHY would any school fight a child who actually WANTS to be in school for the right reasons?? That’s what bothered me the most! And, YES, getting a dr. to admit anything??? Angie fell sick the day after, so that gave us some leverage to at least consider it, but it wouldn’t make a difference in helping her! There is no cure for this…just treat the symptoms. I was saying above I bet it has to do with this aluminum adjuvant that is somehow altering her at the cellular level, but what test would check for that? I keep praying for the researcher Lucija (and her research team) to find a way to test for these girls, then maybe we can move forward!
      I’m so glad your daughter was strong enough to get back for her senior year! It means so much for them to be with their peers, understandably! How is your daughter now?

  3. Thank you for sharing.. This June our daughter will hit the 6 year anniversary for Gardasil adverse reaction. She has daily issues with pain, swelling, loss of sensation in legs, finger tips, Gastroparesis, seizures, exhaustion. She never got to finish college – brain fog, confusion, blurred vision, prevented this. She is disabled. We pray you find a way to detox your daughter – ours is allergic to the detoxes available. We are looking into hormone neutralization to improve energy. Perhaps you could look into this therapy as well.

    • Glenda says:

      Thank-you for your reply! I will look into the hormone neutralization for sure (i’m sure as most alternative treatments, it will be more out of pocket expense that insurance won’t even consider…it’s so hard because you want to do everything possible to help your child!). Chelation wasn’t possible for us either – her levels were such that dr. thought it might cause more harm then good. We were really hoping for it since it helped a girl about her age not far from our home that was terribly affected from Gardasil too. Thanks for the suggestion! Stay strong! I would have loved to read after 6 years there was significant improvement for your daughter! That would have given hope! She must have been one of the first to ever get it! Please post any improvements!

    • Allergic to detoxing? Have you tired zeolite? That’s to eliminate aluminium. It also gets zinc out so adding zinc supplement could be a good idea but you’ve gotta have the hair test to see the level and preferably the MELISA test to see her allergy level(to the metal toxins). Also if any of your girls took regular or so-called psychiatric medicines(it happened to some girls in Japan, stupid doctors give them those saying they are pain killer), you girls might suffer from the withdrawal symptoms, but you’ve gotta detox them… gradually so that the pain could be somehow endurable. It’s really simple. They were given POISON, and that’s what’s been causing all the problems and their bodies are fighting back. All the symptoms are the sign their bodies fighting back, but if you give them some medicine to stop the symptoms but not getting rid of the CAUSE, the problem will continue. Understand?

  4. Ezere Bartonne says:

    I second the heavy metal chelation. Intestinal damage is the most common vaccine injury and accompanies most other symptoms. Her intestine is damaged, she needs to get off all sugar and grains for a few months and get on Candex, a good digestive enzyme that will digest the wall of the fungus. It will constipate her, so a good fiber to draw the yeast and toxins out is mandatory. She will feel horrible at first, maybe worse than she already feels. Die off is no fun, I have gone through it, and can only do a few days at a time. She must also get on a strong probiotic such as Therelac daily, to rebuild the flora. Bovine colostrum powder before a meal 3x per day will help repair her intestinal wall. I did this to repair mine. At first, my allergies seemed to get worse with the colostrum, but after 5x, I had no allergies at all, and I am off all allergy meds. I also take organic raw apple cider vinegar, diluted of course, a few times per week, she may need it everyday. I mix organic noni juice into mine, a Hawaiian fruit used since ancient times to treat digestion problems but still dilute, or it burns going down. If she can’t take vitamins, perhaps a liquid vitamin? The local health food store should have a few good ones. Liquid is better anyway. Incorporate foods such as real sauerkraut, real dill picked, all foods with live cultures. Poor thing. I pray she gets better. It was probably the vaccines that gave her celiac it he first place.

    I suffered severe allergies, heartburn, hiatal hernia and bloating for many years. I even did a nissen fundoplication for the heartburn, but the bloating and hiatal hernia got worse and painful. I went back on Prilosec, but decided pharmaceuticals were not the answer and went this route, thanks to my auntie who opened my eyes to the intestinal damage caused by the vaccines and yeast overgrowth.

    My coworker’s daughter got the Gardasil shot at 13 and developed rheumatoid arthritis. She is now 19 and suffers daily all day. I have been hearing about MSM, a natural sulphur compound which is found in bovine colostrum (the highest naturally occurring source), and then picked up a book where 2 doctors did clinical studies using MSM and cured all kinds of diseases associated with pain and allergies, asthma etc. I gave her this book and she started her daughter it last week. My coworker said they got off easy apparently because many girls die from the shot. 2 girls’ autopsies in 2012 revealed the Gardasil genetic marker lodged in their brain tissue, which isn’t supposed to happen. They swear vaccines don’t cross the blood Bain barrier, but they’re wrong or they’re lying.

    • I am so sorry to hear your story. I am glad you are working with a naturpath and nutritionist. Have they tried transdermal magnesium therapy (mag. spray is easy and effective) or Barley Life (from AIM International)?

      • Glenda Smith says:

        …our next step! thanks for sharing! …this is something we haven’t tried, the spray. Other magnesium types have made her worse. Starting magnesium malate to help get rid of the aluminum adjuvant that came with vaccine and we suspect causing all the symptoms along with possible Bartonella, and/or other parasites – blood test next to check for that too. Never ending trial and error! Thanks for caring enough to share!

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Wow! so much of what you are saying is so familiar! Thanks for all your info! Lots we have tried. Chelation is a no go for her as dr. felt would do more harm then good due to her other metal levels (I think?), so don’t want to risk that. Aluminum not high, but we believe now has to do with the aluminum adjuvant in vaccine, and since posting, contacted by microbiologist doing this kind of research recommending magnesium malate which would help get rid of the adjuvant (that is what researcher Lucija found in the 2 girls you mentioned who died – quite the study!!…now if only media would pick it, and other incredible research she has done!). Also very interesting is the thought that she may have had Bartonella, and possibly another parasite before Gardasil, and vaccine made them (it) grow and strengthen. So now looking at a specific blood test to look for this and possibly treat, THEN maybe all of the other naturopathic treatment ‘will’ start to work like they are supposed to! Hoping and praying! So many directions to go! Angela is so tired of trying over and over without any improvement, but have to keep her spirits strong enough to not quit! Bless you for sharing!

  5. Cyndi Burns says:

    I urge you to take your daughter to Dr. Elizabeth Mumper for help. Dr. Mumper is in Lynchberg, VA. I believe she can help you help your daughter. My son who is Down syndrome but also became Autistic after vaccines has been helped by Dr. Mumper. She is a pediatrician and a DAN (defeat Autism Now Dr.) In March of 2008 I went on the TV show Dr. Phil to get help for my son. Dr. Granpeesheh from the Center for Autism in CA put me in touch with her. Dr. Mumper is incredible, loving, and will do everything she can to figure out how to help your daughter.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Wow! That is so awesome you have that connection to share, and so brave to be on TV! Thank-you for sharing! I am writing the info down for sure. We are in Ontario Canada, so that would take some planning, but following the US (Florida) researcher who contacted us since this post and researching this area and providing some guidance, I will keep that in mind! We do whatever we can for our children! (having them up to it is a completely other thing!) We keep praying for direction, and a prayer now to you, your son and your family for what you face!

  6. Kailee says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Glenda, this sounds so similar to me! I just turned 17 years old and am finally recovering from what the doctors told me was glandular fever and chronic fatigue which appeared right after I got my last Gardasil vaccine.

    I had all of these symptoms and had so many days off school, missing weeks at a time. I also lost so many ‘friends’ because they either didn’t believe me or got annoyed with me constantly being sick and getting tired so easily. After visiting the naturopath I found out that I am now mildly gluten and lactose intolerant and can’t eat many of the foods I used too. I lost so much weight, dropping from a size 12 to a size 6 in around a month or two as I couldn’t eat due to my throat being so swollen and the horrendous stomach pains that would follow.

    I’m so sorry to hear that Angie isn’t getting better, the best thing for me was just pushing through the eating and lots of protein from chicken, no red meat, it only makes the stomach pains worse. My naturopath also made me up some tonics of natural herbs to get my blood levels sorted out and to clean it out. I hope you find out more information and that Angie gets better soon.

    I would love to get in contact with you to know how your are going and how Angie is going, and to talk some more about the dreaded Gardasil vaccine. I wish you all the best


    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you so much for sharing Kailee!! You are a brave 17yr old! Angie will be turning 16 in a few weeks and I know would be happy to touch base with you! She is on a FB page for Gardasil injured girls called ‘Xena’ and girls from all over the world are on it. You have been through so much! It would be ‘great’ for you to touch base with other girls who DO get it and understand and still struggling with it!! Where are you from?
      Try finding her on FB under Angie Smith – profile pic is a palm tree/sunset :). Bless you Kailee for sticking this out and being so strong and for caring enough to share! A prayer for you!

  7. Im am so sorry to hear this has happened to your daughter. Have you tried homeopathics? I’m in Australia, and there is a homeopath here that specialises in treating vaccine damaged patients, after his own child was vaccine damaged a number of years ago. I’m not sure if it could help but it sure wouldn’t hurt to try it. Best of luck, I hope you find a way to help her.

  8. so so sorry – poor Angela ! I hope that her body can pick up some
    strength again . You have probably tried everything it certainly sounds like it, but since she cant tolerate much, this product that I am using ( and I am an MCS case with many similar symptoms) is very neutral and has been helping me a lot, its called ASEA. Its worth having a look at their website and read what it does ! For pain you might want to try Biofeedback if you havent already – yes chelation is a good idea, but can be a bit hard on the system……… best wishes <3

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you for your reply! So great to see people so caring! We have a woman at our church who sells ASEA, here in Ontario, Canada! We tried it for a long time and unfortunately no change. Her body just isn’t doing with things what is supposed to be doing. Since this post we have been contacted by someone doing research in this area and through his suggestion will be doing blood test for Bartonella and/or other parasites that due to Gardasil getting stronger, and larger in numbers. Praying for a break-through here!

  9. caroline says:

    Dear Glenda
    All though the vaccination was the start of Angie’s illness I think there may be something you can do regarding the her debilitating symptoms. Two women recently went to the Scottish Parliament Petition Committee to ask for effective treatment for thyroid and adrenal testing and treatment. As you probably know the adrenals can collapse after severe stress and i mean stress in the broadest sense ie illness, trauma etc Thyroid hormone increases the energy production and therefore the activity of every tissue and organ in the human body. (Dr Harry Lindner MD Falls, Pennsylvania USA has a site called http://www.hormone restoration. The thyroid gland controls a person’s health and well-being. I think it is possible that with correct adrenal support and thyroxine and dessicated bovine thyroid extract Angie’s health could improve significantly. If you would like more information please mail me and I can give you the links to the papers that accompanied the petition. Thyroid/ adrenal problems are often ruled out as the cause of chronic fatigue because of the current inadequate testing. The women who petitioned parliament nearly died as a result of the current diagnosis and treatment for this disease and were told they had fibromyalgia among other things. I have several friends who have the same symptoms as Angie and they are going to visit Dr Skinner in Birmingham UK who has helped me and many others. Best wishes Caroline

    • Glenda Smith says:

      This sounds very interesting. To bad we are so far away in Canada, but I will check out the website. Also, a couple of people we have started to see who do alternative medicine have mentioned treatment for the adrenals like you said. We are going to look at that closer and try some. Don’t know if it will be as effective as what you are mentioning, but it is at least worth a try. Thank-you for sharing!

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Sorry Caroline, the website you gave doesn’t work. Is there another one?

  10. My Daughter never had the gardcil vaccine but in 9th grade had all of those symptoms and more. Feel free to email me and I can share how we survived this very stressfull 2 years!

    • Stacey S says:

      Hi Liz,
      My daughter got the vaccination just as she was entering college. She has had some of these symptoms as well! Blood draw showed anemia (extreme fatique), low immune system, moody (she’s on anti depressants) and thinks she is gluten intolerant. Of course, I attributed many of these symptoms to being an over achiever at college, but reading this thread is making me very concerned that these symptoms are from the vaccination.
      She is doing ok, but still has the intestinal distress at times, fatique, moodiness, etc. I would love to hear what it is that has helped this.
      I have fantastic acupunctuists, chiropractors and holistic health friends (I’m in the birthing field) so I know that we most likely will need to have that kind of support.
      Thank you

  11. Cynthia says:

    When modern medicine fails in the US, we turn to functional medicine doctors. Functional medicine doctors look at the puzzles from a completely different angle. I hope you are able to connect with one near where you live or travel to one in Canada or the US. They change people’s lives and save them. Blessings.

  12. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for all that your sweet daughter and you have you been through. I have neurological and immunological damage from MMR and tetanus shots, and it makes my heart break to read about children and teens especially who are being damaged because doctors are not providing true informed consent about any and all vaccinations. This HPV vacc is especially evil, imo. The sheer number of girls being harmed or killed by it is beyond alarming, but the govt and pharmaceutical companies seem to think they’re “insignificant”. I’ve seen them use that word so many times for various vaccine and drug side effects, I want to scream.

    Oh, and I can most definitely identify with your daughter’s aversion to doctors after all she’s been through. It seems like most people in the medical profession do NOT listen to their patients, and they’ll do whatever they can to protect their sacred cow (vaccines) from being blamed for anything. I went down the road of having issues the doctors decided I imagined. It was suggested that I see a shrink. Thankfully, what’s wrong with me is, in part, measurable on blood tests. The real trick was getting to a doctor who would actually run the necessary tests. Some of what I have isn’t measurable, but I know it’s there. I’ve learned to live with it, and I’ve learned what triggers or exacerbates it.

    There are so many vaccine-harmed people in our society, and around the world. We are most definitely not alone.

  13. Dear Glenda,
    Thanks you so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you have had to deal with these “side affects”. I pray you and your daughter and your family will be renewed. I can understand losing faith in the doctors when they are only treating the symptoms, or at least, trying to.

    I encourage you to check out http://www.BiblicalHealth.tv. Dr. Jeff Hazim has alot of great information about nutrition and helping build up and cleanse our bodies. His wife, Dr. Andrea Hazim has lots of information about vaccines! There are lots of other people connected with that website who would be happy to help you in whatever way they can. But it sounds like you should at least check out what the Hazim’s have to say.

    May God’s peace be with you. Sincerely, Mary

  14. Thekla says:

    Don’t give up! My mom deals with and treats these kinds of problems daily. The vaccines usually load the body with heavy metals, causing it to react in various ways.

    She may be able to help you.

  15. Glenda, thank you for telling your story. That wasn’t something that was a consideration when my daughter was young, but I do have a granddaughter. You really should check out “Moringa Oleifera” It is called the miracle tree and helps with many auto-immune diseases. There are many sites to do research on it. It is pure nutrition in a powder form that is mixed with water (or juice if you don’t like the taste) There are many websites about it – here are a couple of them http://www.drinklifein.com and https://insidemoringa.com/elt . There are also may Moringa sites that are not of the purest form. You need to make sure that the product you get is from Zija International. I am a distributor in Canada, however there are many distributors in the United States or you can also get it direct from Zija International. Cost per month will run around $129.00 US plus shipping and taxes for the nutritional drink and a cleansing tea through a distributor and slightly more from Zija directly. A must see site would be from the formulator of the product, Russ Bianchi. His website is http://www.russbianchi.com. He also has an “Ask the Formulator” area where you can ask him questions. He will telephone you with a reply. He is an incredible man. Your daughter would have nothing to lose to try this “miracle tree”. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT.

  16. Have you considered constitutional homeopathy? It can be very helpful in these situations. I also think chelation is a good idea. Happy to chat with you if you are interested in the former. Best wishes to you and your daughter,

  17. Carol Adams says:

    I think that anyone who has a child who’s been hurt by that shot should sue the company that makes it. They say it’s there to protect the young girls from various problems, but instead, it causes more. They need to take this drug off the market and make our younger generation of girls safer.

    • Unfortunately, you cannot successfully sue vaccine manufacturers, as they are protected by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. I’m hoping that will change soon.

  18. Penny Carrier says:

    Find someone who practices Neuro-Training Kinesiology and they will be able to help you. I’m not sure if there is anyone in the US, Jenni Beasley in Australia has had great success in helping vaccine injured clients http://www.kinesiologyinfo.com/ . In the US perhaps you could look for a TBM (Total Body Modification) practitioner.

    • A. Frank says:

      Glad to see TBM is being recognized to help these victims. It is so sad to see the suffering. His son also helps those neurologically damaged. TBM and NH both have websites with listings of practitioners worldwide. http://www.tbmseminars.com and http://www.nhseminars.com I know there is at least one practitioner in the southern Ontario area on one or both websites. Good luck

  19. David Leigh says:

    Your story is very similar to my daughter’s, only we finally found some things that work and she
    has gone from being bedridden to horse riding and rock climbing. I was actually asked to not contact
    my daughters pediatrician again – 3 years later and I am still unwelcome. Why? Because I had a lot
    of questions about Gardasil and was discovering the ugly underbelly of this vaccine. The advice above
    is very good. It is a matter of detoxing on a regular basis, seriously controlling
    The diet for organic fruits and vegetables, a dietary regime and supplements.
    It may be the most horrible thing to watch your child suffer for what you thought
    was only going to help.

  20. David Leigh says:

    The courts have limited the awards for vaccine injury to $3000, including court
    costs. This hardly pays for the first consultation with an attorney. It doesn’t even
    approach the medical, special diets, special care and alternative therapy costs.
    Loss of work pay? Forget it. The Pharma industry owns the courts.

    • David, it is not true that the limit is $3,000 for a vaccine injury. I received a 6 figure settlement for my vaccine injury. I know 2 people who received 25,000,000 to cover the lifetime cost of care for their vaccine injured child. The National Vaccine Compensation Program had to pay my lawyer, there was no cost to me.

  21. I get severe ocular migraines when I eat MSG or other additives with glutemic acid in them. At the age of 38, I found msgtruth.org, a web site created by a woman that used to work in the processed foods industry adding such additives to food. She explained to me what was happening to me and in the last four years I have had 4-5 migraines, all from accidental ingestion of glutemic acid.

    I share my story, because msgtruth.org talks about the additives in vaccines and how they can cause adverse reactions. There is even a chart on what supplements might help protect a person that has adverse reactions to glutemic acid containing foods and vaccines. I take a little l-carnatine and taurine and I now read every label and avoid MSG, spices, natural flavors, autolyzed yeast extract, and a few other things.

    I hope this helps your daughter.

    • This comment from Steve is very important. I get migraine that could last for THREE DAYS when I eat something with MSG nowadays though it didn’t affect me at all in the past. That started AFTER I stopped eating it for a while and I believe my body was NUMB for years and couldn’t feel it. Anyhow, GARDASIL HAS GOT Yeast Protein 7mcg and that’s a hidden form of MSG along with a ROACH POISON, “Sodium Borate “Borax” 35mcg” and “Polysorbate 80 50mcg” which makes mice infertile, and that’s probably what made a 16 year-old girl in Australia absolutely INFERTILE… It’s a cocktail of poison, and when there’s no EVIDENCE to say HPV is the cause of this cancer, this is a horrible fraud. The entire thing is a shocking crime. Watch this and realize what’s happening around us, guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWwtOeFGbQA

  22. Ursula Stouffer says:

    Dear Glenda,

    Of course I knew most of what you’ve been saying here, but reading the whole story is still sad. Please try the CEASE therapy, it has helped so many people! I also second that she should be tested for adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. A naturopathic doctor can order the saliva test for adrenal fatigue (it is the most accurate test, and MDs haven’t even heard of it, never mind doing it….. but I am sure that doesn’t surprise you). Also, usually doctors only order the TSH for thyroid function, and their ‘normal’ numbers in Canada are way off. I believe the lab still considers a value from 0.4-5.0 to be normal. But more and more experts are saying that anything above a value of 2.0 is indicative of low thyroid. You also need to insist on testing for T3 and T4 (the actual thyroid hormones).
    I pray that Angie will regain her health!

    • Glenda says:

      Hi Ursula! So great to see you here, and even more of a blessing that you found Angie’s story! Yes, I have it on my list to check out CEASE therapy. Ang just wants a break from all the testing and treatments for now so she can get her 2 credits at school…there have been SO many! I’m sure the saliva test for adrenal fatigue was one of the first tests we did. And I knew about the T3 and T4 testing, but have to recheck to see if we did indeed get that done. Dr. Jaconello, the MD running the naturopathic clinic in Toronto did a lot of tests. So I will check again with him. And we will be trying the GAPS diet in the summer, but my ‘gut’ still tells me it is something to do with this aluminum adjuvant that is used that (from what I understand) sort of ‘lingers’ around holding the vaccine to fight any HPV, but attaches to places it shouldn’t and I’m thinking it’s what messing angie up at the cellular level. Have you read any of Lucija’s research? Fantastic stuff! ..from BC university. Missed you this morning. I actually made it out (with my dad) :).

      • Ursula Stouffer says:

        Trying the GAPS diet is definitely a good idea, you never know…. it certainly won’t do any harm. Eliminating all grains, and really all carbs except for what is in non-starchy vegetables is very healing. I also think that eliminating all pasteurized dairy is essential.
        I’ll have to look into Lucija’s research…. I’m sure I’ve heard of her, but I do so much reading, trying to heal myself, that I don’t remember what she is saying.
        I was exhausted this morning…. overdid things this past week and it caught up to me, it happens.
        I didn’t exactly ‘find’ Angie’s story…. it came up on my facebook wall, I believe Erwin Alber (VINE) posted it. I am connected with a lot of anti-vaccine sites. But I am glad I saw it, as sometimes things go by too fast and I miss stuff.
        Are you connected with the ‘One more girl’ project? They’re working on a documentary on the terrible damage Gardasil is doing, and have interviewed girls and their families all over the world.

      • GAPS was my first thought. Her symptoms all seem to stem from the gut and healing the gut is the answer to most diseased states. If she’s not quite ready to commit to the full GAPS diet you can still begin to incorporate healing foods: bone broth and coconut oil, fermented vegetables and kefir. Kefir is superior to yogurt and other cultured dairy because it is uniquely capable of actually repopulating the gut with beneficial organisms. Those bacteria actually aid healing AND they are themselves capable of manufacturing vitamins in the gut.
        I have a really good feeling you will be able to change your words that “nothing heals this”! Looking forward to your story of healing!!

  23. Kristine says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make your experience with this medication known. I have been thinking about this for several years as I have a daughter and have finally made the decision that we will not be pursuing this option. I really feel like the FDA lets this stuff out before it is properly studied, and the humans are the study base. I am so sorry for the unfortunate complications your daughter has had with this. I am a chronic pain patient (major back injuries) and would be open to talking with her about coping strategies that don’t involve medication anytime. Much love to your and your family and may this struggle resolve as quickly as possible.

    • Hi Glenda

      It must be a challenging place for you and the family to experience all of this, in the name of ‘progressive medicine’. Thank you for the sharing and trust that the perfect support/intervention will find you and Angela soon. I would like to suggest that you look into the NES System of conscious wellness (www.neshealth.com) as it is an incredibly powerful system of vibrational energy medicine. The infoceuticals (drops) are potent enough to remove the energy footprints of viruses (es from vaccines) and bacteria. It gets to the root cause safely and non invasively. I am a NES practitioner and have received wonderful feedback from my clients. You can can check out my website for details and should you need additional information, please feel free to email me. Many blessings and take care. xxx

  24. Faith M says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I refused this Gardasil for my girls (now 20 and 18) Every doctor since then has tried to “ENCOURAGE” them to reconsider and have it..because Just because they weren’t at risk (not sexually active and don’t plan to be until marriage) doesn’t mean the “guy” will wait. I had read about the side effects, and it’s JUST NOT WORTH IT! Thank you for getting the word out. Your daughter has celiacs so she is likely already eating gluten free, but I wonder if she’d ever tried “paleo” it is completely grain free of ALL kinds including rice. My daughter has a complicated medical history and this is the ONLY way she can eat and feel “normal”. 🙂 I pray that your daughter can get her life back. So sad that doctors are more concerned about pushing vaccines then they are about their patients health.

  25. Lisa M says:

    I’m not sure if this will help, but definitely worth looking into: It’s called the Gerson Therapy. Go to http://www.gerson.org and call them to see if its something that will help your daughter. It is an all natural detox therapy that can cure all sorts of ailments, including cancer. Hope this helps!

  26. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing this story – what a heartbreaking trial for your family! I noticed that several other commenters mentioned homeopathic treatment or CEASE therapy and I would heartily agree with them!! Here in Minnesota there are 2 practitioners that have written a book on Homeopathy and Vaccines/Alternatives and are very skilled in dealing with vaccine injuries as well. The website is: http://vaccinefree.wordpress.com/
    I can’t imagine how weary you and your daughter are of testing and trying different therapies but this is an amazing option and relatively low cost with often very quick results compared to other naturopathic/nutrition-based therapies. I have personally used homeopathy for the last 8 years and have seen it’s amazing effects on my own children and my extended family in treating Lyme’s disease, psychiatric disorders, major depression, allergies, neurological disorders, and SO many other things…

  27. As soon as I read this about your daughter, I thought about this video I saw a couple of years ago. I know by now you must have explored so much, so I am sensitive to your journey and offer this with the utmost respect and love. The whole video is very important, but the girl at around minute 4:00 is what caught my attention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgEP9FdIzT8 Lots of blessings to you and your family, and a special gentle hug for your daughter.

  28. Cynthia says:

    I am so terribly sorry to hear about what is happening to so many people after these vaccinations. I used to ba a nurse and as such was vaccinated and revaccinated repeatedly all my life. I then became a Teacher and it all started again……. On reflexion I can see that the difficult health periods in my life were always following some kind of vaccination. In 1999 I was fnally diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis then in 2006 Dercum’s Disease. Both of which have an auto-immune side to them. I feel that we are not told the extent of the damage that vaccinations can do to people who have fragile immune systems, even if they do not know it. Even a flu vaccine tips me over the edge now….
    I will pray that help can be found for all these young girls whose lives are so compromised.

  29. Rebecca says:

    first of all I hope your daughter recovers soon,it is so unfair……………and thankyou so much for explaining all the terrible side effects your daughter is battling…one of my daughters has had alot of health problems including many you mention and we have never considered the Gardisil as a possible cause…will be doing a lot of reading to find out more…all the best for her health and future 🙂

  30. caroline says:

    See youtube video of Scottish Parliament Thyroid Petition Meeting on 5th Feb 2013. In it two women who nearly died give oral evidence about their inadequate treatment for chronic fatigue and related symptoms over 15 years and what treatment finally saved their lives

  31. How many parents (yes I was one) who “thought” we were doing the right thing by vaccinating our children and ourselves? As an NP I thought I was doing the right thing because we all know that MD’s, Scientists and our managers have all the correct answers right? How wrong I was and now in my wellness clinic I work to help remove the toxins injected in children and adults (I see practitioners myself) dealing with health problems. Yes, I have success with those willing to do the work to feel better but isn’t prevention the better way to go? I feel for the health professionals forced to either get shots (yes folks, this includes flu shots causing a decline in health) or risk losing their jobs. For heaven’s sake wear the mask and reject the shot!

  32. Hi.

    Im sorry to hear about the ordeal your daughter have to face.

    Theres many suggestions to look into but Id like to add another one: the Gerson therapy with juices made by organic fruit /veggies + daily
    stimulation of the liver with coffee enemas. The caffeine will get absorbed through the porta system – blood vessels connected w the liver from large intestine – stimulate the liver to empty itself in order to cleanse incoming blood more efficiently.
    You can not just do therapies that will push things out from within without a serious detoxofication process. Youll just end up with toxins going round in your systems and the body cannot go into healing with so much waste products circulating.
    I know what Im talking about since I said no thank you to mastectomy/chemo etc ten years ago when diagnosed with breast cancer.
    The human body will always try to heal itself when obstacles are being removed.
    Invest in a Angelia juicer or Champion juicer in order to give your daughter organic fresh juices every day.
    If you need further info/support contact me through the guest book on my website.

  33. kristi says:

    I tell my daughter Lauren all the time – All I have to do is erase the girls name at the top of the page and put in your name and it is the SAME story after these shots! It is so sad. My daughter suffered for 4 years with ALL of the very same problems and more. No one could cure her and no one believed that she was sick from the shots. I know the pain your WHOLE family is going through! It is life changing! Once we decided to STOP any and ALL treatments believe it or not she started to slowly feel better. Lauren was sick of all of the medicines and doctors! She lost trust in the entire medical world. We tried to go back to life as ” NORMAL”Nothing made her feel better anyway and the costs were through the roof! I am happy to say that now Lauren is doing well. She is a junior in college and for the first time is enjoying her life again! I with my WHOLE heart believe that this vaccine needs to wear off and over time you will see LITTLE changes that will add up to BIG ones. This whole thing started when she was a junior in high school so it does take YEARS not DAYS. We know exactly what you are going through it is heart breaking!!! Please don’ t blame yourself just be there for Angie and things will slowly get better, a different better but one you can live with. Your are BOTH in our thoughts!

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you Kristi for sharing your story too! It helps a lot to hear another mom who knows how crazy a life it all is! Your story is very encouraging, to hear your daughter Lauren improving!! Thank-you for sharing that, and bless you and your daughter and your family for surviving it! The blame-game comes and goes, but thanks to moms like you sharing, we keep pressing on! We are now looking for a good rescue dog that would make a good therapy type dog that she can cuddle! Anything to help at the hardest of times! Pray that Lauren continues on the road to health, and maybe Angie not too far behind!

  34. Rosemary says:

    My daughter Lauren was also injured by Gardasil at the age of 12. This story is almost identical. Parent’s need to investigate prior to vaccination, especially with this vaccine. I wish I had.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Ditto to that!! I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, especially at such a young age. Hope you and your daughter have support too! Reply back any time to let us know how your daughter is doing. How long ago has it been for her?

  35. Michelle says:

    So so sorry to hear of your daughter’s trials w/this horrible thing! I’ve heard nightmare stories of girls breaking out all over in warts – to death!! what a horrible reason to lose your precious child! -or to see her life flail before your eyes!! as parents, we all want to help our kids when they need us! -to not be able to do so is heartwrenching! I have a couple of thoughts that mostly mirror what others have been saying; check out the GAPS diet to heal her gut, first of all – bone broths and veggie/fruit juices… check out various naturopaths and healers as many have various ‘methods’ and some work better than others… along w/the juices, I’d make sure to juice cilantro for the chelation of the heavy metals/aluminum issues.. of course this vaccine messed up her Immune system big time and only rest and TLC are going to ‘right’ it… someone also mentioned the candida issue/s and adrenal/thyroid issues.. which may ‘right’ on their own w/the above healing and juices/broths… Best to you and your precious daughter!!

  36. Brooke says:

    I am truly sorry for your ordeal and the way it’s taken over, thank you for being proactive to tell others. I’ll be praying for you and your daughter and your family. Could you tell me though have you been using probiotics, just for the possible benefit of making her food easier to digest for her stomach which seems to have some serious issues? I hope so… the heat/cold symptoms might indicate a lower thyroid function which might be caused by the stress. I cannot believe the faithfulness with which you care for your daughter and face everything with her. What a sweet mom you are, may you truly have a beautiful Mother’s Day this year and always. May healing come to your home, I pray for that. I know you are loved and cared for, I pray you know that as well, even though it’s probably hard at times to feel it.

  37. Camille says:

    Hi, so sorry to read about the ordeal you and your family have gone through. I know this must be extremely hard. I preach to my children, all of whom are grown now, to avoid this and most vaccines like the plague. A couple of thoughts here, Essiac Tea and Hydrogen Peroxide. Essiac is an herbal decoction that actually came from and Indian Shaman in Canada to a nurse there named Rene Caisse. The hydrogen peroxide is very interesting. A book called “The One Minute Cure” which you can get by going to http://www.theoneminutecure.com. Maybe helpful to you.
    Good luck and my prayers to you.

  38. Hi Glenda
    It breaks my heart to read about your sweet daughter. As the mother of 3 daughters – one just older and one just younger than yours – it is especially sad to think of the daily activity and friendships that your Angela is missing out on thanks to the mindless, for-profit action of the Gardisil makers. Your daughter and others are collateral damage of so many who receive the Gardisil vaccine, and so many other kinds. Please continue to fight with all of your might for insurance coverage; good alternative doctor care; making this travesty better understood, and against especially the insinuation that your daughter needs mental health because it is something she has created. Use the “MOMMA BEAR” in you to fight as a warrior for your daughter who didnt deserve this and even to honor SO many others who have lost their lives to Gardisil and others.
    Just wanted you to know a mother of 4 in Connecticut is thinking of you and Angela and hoping that one of these ideas here may be your answer. And if chelation, more supplements, Probiotics or something else isn’t the miracle cure; may you find peace in the struggle and know you are doing your very best.
    Hugs from the east coast,

  39. My heart goes out to your daughter, and the entire family. If this was my child I would look into a product called Zija. The formulator is Russ Bianchi, a brilliant man with multiple PhDs. His website is russbianchi.com – there’s a tab to click called “Ask the Formulator”. You can write for help and he will CALL you. He doesn’t write back, he talks to the individual and gives his best advice and information.

    Zija is mostly made of moringa oleifera, the “miracle tree”. It’s pure nutrition. I really believe this might help your daughter, but you’d need to talk to Mr. Bianchi. He’s very blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat anything, he would tell you the truth.

  40. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter’s story with the world. It is SO heartbreaking and I feel your pain! I get so angry when I read stories like this because we are only doing what we are supposed to do – trust our doctors though I am beg. to realize that most doctors are brainwashed in believing all this stuff is ‘safe’ – backed up by all these studies funded by pharmaceutical companies themselves- it is all about the dollar! It makes me sick because all of our children are paying the price, robbing them of their childhoods.

    I pray that Angie heals from this. I can so relate to your story about you feeling in the dark with all this and not trusting any doctors. Though my daughter was much younger, we went through our own nightmare of a journey over a year ago from our daughter being prescribed topical steroid creams for an entire year to manage her eczema – it turned into a nightmare from hell as our daughter suffered from something that the general medical community does not acknowledge and certainly not the pharmaceutical companies – called topical steroid addiction where the skin basically becomes addicted to the creams and when you try to stop them, the skin basically feels like it is on fire – she was 3 1/2 at the time and for 2 years I searched tirelessly on the Internet for an answer to her suffering and found it through someone else’s blog on the Internet.

    Doctors were useless and they wanted to do all sorts of invasive procedures on her including scopes for celiac disease when it turns out it was the steroid creams that were slowly poisoning her. Whenever I would question it I was told not to worry and that I needed to use them on her – that is was perfectly safe. I do not trust doctors at all! None of them any more. We were totally alone in the withdrawal period as doctors told me I was basically crazy and that I was making my daughter suffer more by stopping steroid creams. They couldn’t have been more wrong. She has her life back and we have ours now after 10 months of a very painful withdrawal. She is 100% healed meaning she went from having 90% of her little body covered in a relentless itch and burning rashes to beiong 100% clear and itch free. The worst part of it all now is that doctors STILL won’t listen to her story, saying there is no such thing. There are thousands of people out there suffering from the same thing she was and more and more blogs are surfacing on the Internet thank goodness. That is why it is so important to get theses stories out there and fight back! I hope the same for your daughter as my daughter healed. It didn’t happen over night and we went through about 2 years of screaming all night long and crying, but she is healed now because I didn’t give up and your daughter will be the same. You have to believe that.

    Here is my blog on our story: http://scratchymonster.blogspot.com/. I too am trying to get her story out there to try and help any other parents whose child is suffering from what appears to be out of control eczema. I strongly believe that our daughter’s problems all stemmed from vaccinations. Yes, some vaccines are probably safe for many people, but obviously not for all. I have read other similar stories to your daughter’s, esp. about Gardisil. I don’t know how it is still on the market and can’t believe doctors are quilting children and their parents into their child getting it. They use scare tactics! I wanted to share the story link below with you and hope that you can get in touch with the parents if you haven’t already. I ran across their story on FB about Kaitlin.

    Sounds like they found an answer to helping their daughter slowly heal from this. See below. I pray that your daughter heals from this – she is so lucky to have you as her mom. I told the doctor that if he comes near either one of my daughters with this shot, so help me God….Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story. She will help so many others with sharing her story – she is so brave! And I know in my heart that she will heal just as this other young lady is below. (kookmuh@gmail.com)


  41. Hi, Glenda. I wanted to mention NAET http://www.naet.com/ (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) as a possible solution for your daughter. My son had some really amazing results from the treatment. He (I believe) had a reaction to a MMR vaccine as a baby and shortly after developed eczema. It became more and more severe as he got older, to the point of barely being able to walk when he was 13, and also developing asthma, and his knees looked arthritic. After 5 days of his second NAET treatment, his legs were completely normal and was walking again with no problems. He was no longer exhausted. His asthma is greatly reduced. And no more judgment from doctors telling me I was the problem because I wasn’t pumping him full of prednisone and steroids like they wanted me to! Please at least look into it, it has completely changed our lives. Blessings to you from Georgia. 🙂

  42. Jaymi-Leigh says:

    Hi there. I hope these links are of benefit. One is on bioresonance that apparently can cure almost anything (I’ve a friend who went from 20 food allergies to zero in 9 treatments). One is the documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (the 2 guys in it cured their autoimmune diseases). The other is a link on repairing the gut with diet. I would also see a homeopath. Best of luck!




  43. Lisa Fisher says:

    I’m so sorry to read what you are going through with your daughter’s health. I know that you’ve probably had thousands of suggestions. However, I would like to highly, highly recommend a book called ‘AutoImmune: The Cause and The Cure.’ I am dealing with serious autoimmune issues in my own daughter, and this book has been extremely helpful.

  44. Dear Glenda,
    The body is an amazing thing, and as you can see it responds to what we put into it. You have a lot of great advice in here from caring people and I think that is going to be a great help to you. I encourage you to speak to your Naturopath regarding Moringa as stated in an earlier comment. I think that you should be able to get it much cheaper than $129.00 per month- please contact me if you can’t (I get it here for about the same cost as mainstream tea in Grenada). It is basically dried leaf from the tree, and you can use it like dried parsley. Word is that it cures over 300 diseases (some of the heavy ones). I also encourage you to check All Spice/Pimento berry- you can get this in essential oil for about $6.00 US, we have it here in Grenada made from Organic berries- here are the benefits of use: Pimento Essential Oil.

    Pimento also know as All Spice, this is because it tastes of all the spices together. It has a lovely scent and taste made from the berry of the tree. Curative benefits include: Pimento Essential Oil

    Pimento also know as All Spice, this is because it tastes of all the spices together. It has a lovely scent and taste made from the berry of the tree.

    Curative benefits include:

    protects against free radicals, cleans toxins

    pain relief

    prevents infection

    relieves gas, relieves muscle spasms, & arthritis

    protects against free radicals, cleans toxins

    pain relief

    prevents infection

    relieves gas, relieves muscle spasms, & arthritis

    The one I use can be put in oils to rub on the body, ingested for flavor in juice, used as seasoning in food.
    Lastly, I would try to check her magnesium levels- this is something we need in our diet as we can not manufacture this- A great source for this is the passion fruit seed- check out this article here: http://www.healwithfood.org/health-benefits/passion-fruit-seeds.php
    again a strong anti-oxidant that protects cells from free radicals and repairs damage.
    I’m sure that you are mindful of what she uses in skin care, perfume and deodorants- all of these things go directly into the blood stream, so use coconut oil as a lotion and something organic for the armpits (or nothing even better).
    It is truly criminal and sad that this is what we have to fight to keep our children in good health. My prayers are with you.
    Laura Smith (spicehealthy@gmail.com)

  45. Glenda,
    My heart bleeds for you. Having a daughter with chronic candidasis, which becomes “autoimmune” in effect and having no singular treatment, or cooperation from her, and knowing how these things change your personality, sap your strength as a sufferer and cause such angst as a mother, I can somewhat relate to your situation. I am turning 60 and am becoming more and more autoimmune myself with chronic urticaria probably from the Candida overgrowth that I have had my whole life (which is probably why I gave it to my infant daughter.) The ONLY relief I have had is in Juicing. Serious juicing. (See Joe Cross: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead). It is a whole system detox (not necessarily heavy metal) and it seriously worked when I did it last summer. Throughout the year I slid back into “normal” eating and now have urticaria, itchy privates, irritability, foggy thinking, aches and pains in joints, stomach upsets….etc. I was tested at 3+ Candida via stool test (3 out of possible 4) and have been on Nystatin for two months and just starting my third month. There seems to be no effect. Therefore, I am starting juicing again. The reason I am telling you all of this is I am starting to wonder if the genetically modified foods, hybridized grains, corn syrups, etc. (all current adulterated foods) are triggers for immune response. Maybe a depressed immune system from the adjuvants is contributing to a reaction to all odd proteins in our food supply. I really do feel that I won’t be able to eat “regular” food ever again once I detox. It might be worth a try, making sure you use as much organic as possible and all fresh, no bottled or canned or packaged in any way. I wish you the best of luck and send prayers your way for a solution for your daughter. (P.S. One of my daughter’s friends ended up in the hospital a couple of weeks after her HPV shot with “unknown mono-like symptoms.” She seems to be okay now.)

  46. I am so sorry to hear about the trials you have been thru! This is why we must be very careful at what we allow the government to do.. as we speak there is a bill on the table that would allow the school system to vaccinate without your knowledge when they please… so scary!!! I realize that you have been thru so much seen so many doctors and so many different types of doctors you are probably doctored out, but I do have one more for you to try.. please email me or facebook me, I have a guy that just might be able to help! My prayers are with you and be blessed always!

  47. OH and the NAET that is above is great.. I also have a friend that uses it and has improved dramatically and fast!
    God Bless!

  48. Hi Glenda- I am so sorry you are going through this. I pray that this will be lifted from you and you will find the answers. My husband and I run a health practice were we don’t use a treatment mentality. My heart goes out to you and I want to help you. Here are some protocols I am going to suggest and you pray about it and research it and see if this would help heal your daughter’s immune system. Angel’s immune system has been compromised and as a result her digestive system as well. So these are the two things that need to be the focus. Right now she needs very minimal and non-invasive. I would recommend an essential oil called ImmuPower by Young Living, weekly Ionic Foot Baths along with SOQI (HTE energy therapy equipment) treatments daily. I would find someone in your area who can giver her raindrop therapy which is oils on the spine. These oils will help release toxins from the body. I would recommend once a week. The Ionic foot baths really do work on removing the metals from the body as a result of prescription drugs. I would also recommend Nature’s Cargo salt. An 1/8 tsp in 10 oz of water 15 minutes prior to every meal and right before bed. The salt gets the digestive juices working for assimilation. This is a key protocol and will not feel good at first but will improve quickly. This will be the hard part but I think the most beneficial: I would put Angela on a long term raw milk fast possibly 100 days. She would drink nothing but raw grass fed milk, she can have kefir and yogurt and it must be 100% grass fed raw milk and not pasteurized. Please research raw grass fed milk and milk fast. You can research all these modalities on our website, http://www.journeyofhealth.net I can also get you in contact with people who can help you with these in your area. Be blessed, seek, pray and your daughter can be healed! Shalom, TONYA

  49. Thank you so sharing your story, I am truly sorry for your daughter’s pain and discomfort but also glad that you made this aware to us parents out here. I was considering this for my daughters, but didn’t really have much info to go by. You have really enlightened me, and I thank you for that.

  50. Angela says:

    so sorry to hear about your daughter and thanks for sharing your story as many may not know this..

  51. My daughter was given her fist dose in 4th grade at only 10 years old. Like you, when the doctor recommended it, I trusted that if it was approved it was safe. A week later she began to suffer from seizures. There were a lot of tests done and she was diagnosed with epilepsy. We chose to go with no medication and see if she had anymore. It has been 5 years and she is symptom free. We consider ourselves VERY lucky. We did not finish the series of course.The doctors would not conclusively say that the cluster of seizures were due to the vaccine, but also agreed it was not worth continuing the series. After I did more research I found that the vaccine was never tested on girs that young. Also, seizures and even some paralysis were side effects that we had not been warned about. Great job sharing you story! It will save other families from going through what you have experienced. It is NOT worth the risk!! Take care! Wishing you and your family the best.

  52. Glenda, my heart breaks for your daughter. I have a 13 year old daughter and when our peditrician asked if I wanted to give her the Gardisil shot, I said ‘Over my dead body’. My peditrician looked shocked but moved on.

    While reading through the responses, I noticed you think this is at the cellular level. Have you ever heard of a product called Protandim? It works at the cellular level. If you go to http://www.abcliveit.com you can see the research. I don’t know if it would help, but it may be worth investigating.

    Best of luck to you!

  53. Kendra Malczyk says:

    I don’t know much about treatments, but there are some schooling alternatives. Does Canada offer tests similar to CLEP’s? College Level Exam tests. I have homeschooled my children and my 19 year old son has just four months to finish a bachelors degree in history. I used saxon math and apologia science that prepared him well to take the American CLEP in biology and math. We have a grassroots program in America called CollegePlus that introduced me to the concept of getting duo credit for high school and college using these tests. He is getting his degree online through Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey. I was able to graduate him from our homeschool and they accepted him because of their partnership with college plus and because my son passed 19 CLEP’s giving him 78 college credits. These tests are compatible to SATs and ACTs and so he did not have to take those tests since he proved his mastery on the CLEP’s. It has made life a lot cheaper and easier to know this route for education. Bachelors in all kinds of subjects are available. Hope this helps with the education part of your struggle and journey. The people at Collegeplus are very helpful and if you had any cross country questions they would be able to help. They are online. I think some international students have used this program. Prayers and blessings your way.

  54. camille says:

    I have an almost 16 year old daughter who is healthy and after reading your story, my sincerely breaks for you and your family. I will most definitely be keeping Angela and all of you in my prayers. Praying for a miracle for her…Camille McIntyre

  55. Terri Sexton says:

    My daughter has had the same experience – missing so much school. She was diagnosed finally with Hashimoto’s. She got her GED and now is in her second year of community college. She will be 19 in August. I feel so unbelievably guilty for making her get the Gardasil shots. I have also been poisoned with Cipro and Levaquin – so unfair!

  56. Carol A. says:

    Get her to a good homeopathic doctor. I had many of her symptoms caused by a weakened immune system. My medical doctors threw up their hands so I sought homeopathic support and I’m so glad I did. He put me on a regimen of supplements to treat my weakened immune system and the underlying causes of this issue (thinning walls of my intestines caused by medications). Over a couple of weeks the pain/bloating went away. . .and over the last 2 years most of my food allergies have subsided b/c my immune system is now functioning as it should.

  57. Carol A. says:

    Get her to a good homeopathic doctor as soon as possible. I had many of her symptoms caused by a weakened immune system. My medical doctors threw up their hands so I sought homeopathic support and I’m so glad I did. He put me on a regimen of supplements to treat my weakened immune system and the underlying causes of this issue (thinning walls of my intestines caused by medications). Over a couple of weeks the pain/bloating went away. . .and over the last 2 years most of my food allergies have subsided b/c my immune system is now functioning as it should.

  58. amanda says:



    • Thank-you Amanda for your suggestion! YES, we have tried a very good chiropractor who saw some issues in her neck, but even with correcting it, no change, and Angie to weak to continue to keep going over and over with no improvement. Great to have a ‘neighbour’ connect with us :o)

  59. I have a medical background and tracked down the physician information for the vaccine.

    Can you tell me which of the listed adverse effects would have stopped you from getting the vaccination for your daughter if you had received proper informed consent? I am concerned that patients may not be getting enough information to make a valid decision.

    • I just typed a long message and lost it 🙁 …will try again, but a little shorter this time…sorry. From the product monograph had we been given it, “Guillain-Barre syndrome, joint pain, unusual tiredness, weakness, bad stomach ache, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, generally feeling unwell.” and “this is not a complete list of side effects”. Under ‘Warnings and Precautions’ “has a weak immune system”. Under Canada Public Health Agency site lists, “auto-immune disease”. With our daughter already having immune issues, and a lot of tiredness would have red flagged us for sure! Lastly, having been given the option of , “alternative treatment option” of regular PAP tests we would have not had it done for sure! Even Merck commercials state, “does not replace regular PAP tests’ because that IS the only way to detect, catch and treat cervical cancer in the early stages. Being in the medical field, I am very glad you are asking! You could save someone else a lot of suffering or worse! I know doctors offices are not given all the info either. They seem to leave it up to you to research their products on your own. A sad, sad shame! Thanks again for asking. Hope it helps!

  60. Esther Ripplinger says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s loss of childhood in a sense; pain and suffering. I recommend a class action lawsuit against Merck.

    • …except they are protected! …there may be a private case against the health agency who neglected to properly ‘inform’ us, but now we focus our energy and money on Angela and keeping her life best it can be.

  61. Have you tried Chinese medicine? You should find a Chinese medicine specialist and try some Chinese herbs. I am sure this will help your daughter a lot.

    • yes, some, and more to come. nothing yet, though. 🙁

      • Glenda,
        I am so sorry to hear of the awful things your daughter has went through because of this vaccine. I am a mother of an 18 year old daughter and also a cervical cancer survivor. I had heard the shots could have adverse side effects, so I never got her the shots. Thank God! She has recently discussed with me getting this vaccine and I told her I wasnt quite sure that it was a good idea…her best friend took the vaccine! She thinks since her friend had it and nothing happened then she should be okay…but I am thankful I ran across this website because I will definitely let her read your post! God Bless you and keep us posted! Thank you for the information!

      • kolleen says:

        I have never reached out to a stranger on the internet, but your story spoke to me. I have someone who has done wonders for my vaccine poisoning (multiple cancers from the SD-40 virus in the last 50s) and since she’s very close to me I may be able to get you an appointment. She’s in Ontario. Contact me if you feel it’s right. Otherwise I wish your daughter all the best, I’m glad she has you.

  62. I still can’t understand why so many mothers agree to their daughters getting this vaccine. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and if you do not sleep around you have no need to get this vaccine. The threats of a certain kind of cervical cancer inflicting young women has scared a lot of females to get this vaccine, but again, getting this cancer is only possible from HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. Be a virgin when you get married and marry a virgin, stay faithful to your spouse and there would be no need for a vaccine against HPV.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Amen! I should have trusted the instinct God gave me, but I caved not knowing what I now know. I was under the impression that this vaccine would protect her for years to come, and both my husband and I lost our moms to cancer. A tough lesson learned, but you are absolutely right on!

  63. another worried parent says:

    I wonder if anyone else had this experience: After high school graduation, my daughter was on antibiotics for walking pnemonia when she got her first two Gardasil shots that summer. She went off to college and continued to have respiratory problems/infections?, for which she was treated with more antibiotics and inhalers at the college health service. It was very difficult to follow up when she was home on break. . Asthma was ruled out by expensive testing with a lung specialist who didn’t think she had pneumonia either, but we never got a diagnosis other than seasonal allergies. She seemed to always have a wet, bothersome cough, and could not possibly have felt her best at college. After 4 years of college and graduation, she made the decision to get more vaccinations for a job, including her third dose of Gardasil. She still doesn’t think the vaccines are to blame. Mom’s just a nut about vaccines, you know. Six months later, she had a bad periorbital cellulitis (around her eye). She’s only 22. It got really bad really fast, but fortunately was successfully treated with antibiotics. She lost her health insurance and has had no health insurance for treatment. Not that I have any faith in the medical system to keep her well. I feel we are fortunate that something worse did not happen, but still remain very concerned. In my opinion, her immune system has not recovered from the Gardasil shots.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Sounds like a real rough go! With all the research coming out about the ingredients in Gardasil, you have every right as a mom to feel what you feel, and you are likely very right. Have her look up the product monograph from the Merck website herself and look at the side effects, and the line where it says, ‘this is not a complete list’. At least she is still safe, and that’s what counts. With the aluminum adjuvant remaining in her system however, there could be some changes down the road. Just something to watch for. If she did the research herself, then, being 22, she might understand the seriousness more….our daughter is on a FB page for injured girls and there are at least 100 from all over the world from aged 15-late 20’s. Talk to them and they will tell you all about the realities of adverse effects of Gardasi…as we do, they live the suffering everyday. Give her time. She is very lucky to have a mom so concerned and loving!

  64. Hi Glenda
    Has anyone checked her vitamin D level? So many functions in the body are dependant on this vitamin. and I believe the body can heal itself under the right circumstances, without using pharmaceuticals.
    Just asking because I had more than half the symtoms (unexplained pain in pancreas area and fatigue where the worst) in your list for about 3 1/2 years after using Nicorette (for 4 months) to quit smoking (I had no health problems while smoking)
    It was my natural path doctor who asked me to get my level checked, I went to a MD to get the requisition (it’s free if a MD orders it), the results where sent to the MD and he made no suggestions about what I should do, nor was he concerned about it, in fact, he had no interest in figuring out what was wrong with me. Prior to going to the Naturalpath, I was ready to take my life savings and go to the USA to see if a Dr down there could figure out what was wrong with me
    My deficiency wasn’t linked to any specific “disease” but once I was sufficient in D (supplements and tanning at a salon 4-5 times a week) most of my symptoms disappeared, not as quickly as they appeared.
    My ordeal lasted from April 2007 to Aug 2010, I learned of my deficiency in Apr 2010.

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thanks for sharing, Gail. Yes, she too was found by a naturopath to be low in vit. D, but she took it for a long time and when levels were okay, still no change in symptoms. We stopped for a while, but just the other day, a researcher told me to put her back on but on 5000UI (when I called Nature’s Emporium in Newmarket, they didn’t even think we carried that strength in Canada, but they had it). He said that vit. D also kills off bacteria cells (if I got that right!). So here we go again, back on and up dose. Hoping and praying for a difference this time (also testing through blood work for bacteria like Bartonella). Incredible isn’t it about how our regular doctors shrug and say, no problem there. They don’t dig deep enough and write everything off as fine! We too were ready to head to someone, anyone, in the States for help, but so many other girls on the support pages are from the States and not having much better luck then us. A researcher from US did call us and suggested we get her tested for the bacteria, so let’s hope it will be covered by OHIP! Great you are doing so well, and found your problem. Hope you stay well – and congrats on quitting the smoking! That will help!

  65. My heart goes out to your beautiful daughter and your family. I pray for her healing!

    Just one more suggestion: Miracle Mineral Supplement, also called Master Mineral Solution or MMS. Contact Jim Humble. He’s used it to cure AIDS, malaria, etc. You can find out more here: http://www.miraclemineral.org/

    I think the best thing is for you to research it yourself and to contact Jim Humble himself and read his book.

    Healing prayers for your daughter.

  66. Deborah says:

    Your daughter’s symptoms are way too familiar. My daughter didn’t have vaccinations, but she experiences severe energy problems, constant low-grade temperature which gives her peripheral neuropathy (pain) in her hands, as well as inability to keep weight on. We have tried many things over these 10 years. It seems like everyone, except traditional doctors, have a solution for you. Try this expensive product, try this weird diet, try this vitamin, try this essential oil, this mineral is necessary — you must take it. It is a problem just trying to decide what to take. If my daughter were to take all the medicines, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, etc that we have bought for her she wouldn’t have room in her stomach or time in her day to take all of them. So, let me tell you what we have done.
    We learned about muscle testing. I muscle test her for all of her pills, whether they be prescription, vitamins, minerals, or supplements. Then she only takes ones which test positive that time. This has solved many problems.
    • There are some things that she needs every few weeks/months, but to take them every day makes her throw up. Muscle testing keeps her from overdosing herself. Choline is an example of something that she needs every few months but if she takes it more often it makes her throw up. If she needs it her symptoms worsen.
    • Her needs change with the time of the month, what she’s eaten, and how much energy she has used lately. Muscle testing allows her to conform what she’s taking to her body’s needs.
    • I am convinced that the body has a hierarchy of needs. Muscle testing has allowed my daughter to understand when a need has been fulfilled and when to go on to the next step. For example, doctors said that she needed B12 to have energy. So, she took B12 pills and B12 shots but they didn’t help any at all. Finally she found D-Ribose. Her body wanted huge doses of D-Ribose for a few weeks then it tapered off. After that, taking B12 gave her energy. We suppose D-Ribose was necessary for the energy pathway involving B12 to work.
    • When an essential oil tests positive we retest it by putting the bottle on a location and testing again. When she only puts essential oils on a spot that tests positive then the essential oil doesn’t burn, even if it is generally considered a ‘hot’ oil. I don’t know if that always works, but it works for her.
    • It saves money – she doesn’t take unnecessary pills.
    I have heard of people that muscle test before they eat foods, but we have not gone to that extent.
    If you have further questions feel free to e-mail me.
    I hope this helps. I will pray for your daughter.

    • Deborah says:

      I thought that it would be easy for you to google simple instructions for muscle testing. After a bit of research I found it wasn’t so easy. So, perhaps you would like to know how we muscle test.
      Generally people stand up to muscle test, but my daughter has so little energy that she would rather sit down. Any physical activity can wear you out when you don’t have reserves to start with. You will need to take breaks, or change arms if this tires her out.
      1. Have the person being tested sit down.
      2. Take any batteries out of your pockets.
      3. Muscle testing: Have her hold her arm out straight. You are to press down on her arm. I usually press on her wrist with two fingers. Note how much energy it took for you to make her arm go down a bit. If you are new to muscle testing the person being tested may need to press up slightly as the other person presses down.
      4. Have the person in the chair hold something in their other hand and muscle test her (step 3).
      5. Before you get serious about muscle testing I suggest you play around with it. Try testing with Coke or a large battery, a bottle of vitamins, or whatever you would like to. If you test the same item 2-3 times will it test the same? (Be careful that you don’t wear her out.) Find someone who doesn’t believe this can work. Test them. We have had many surprises. We went to the store today and tested a few vitamins before we bought them. The cardboard box of one vitamin tested better than the bottle of vitamins! We didn’t waste our money on that vitamin. Sometimes my daughter will test very positive, but after taking that pill, on the next day she will test negative. Other times I will be sure that she needs a particular vitamin but she doesn’t test positive for it. Sometimes she will test positive for one brand but not another. If we are testing for essential oils she will test positive to one spot on her body, but not to another.
      6. When she tests positive for a bottle of pills she will take one out and muscle test that one pill. Often it tests negative. In that case she needs more or less of the pill. If two pills test more positive than one, but not as strong as the bottle, then try another pill. Keep holding more or less until you find the strongest number.
      7. Once she finds out how many pills to take then she will take those pill(s) and we will go back to step 3 to get a new baseline and try something else.

      • Glenda Smith says:

        Thank-you for all your info. It sounds very interesting, and doesn’t cost anything. I will have to take some time to read over your steps a few times, but it may be worth a try, although we have stopped everything except probiotics for now to give her a break. Like you said, she had some many meds, supplements to take she was gagging…no way to live on top of already sick, so just sticking to what she can handle. You sound like a very involved mom…so great of you. We have also been suggested just days ago to look at a possible bacteria as a problem – Bartonella, and Babesia. Blood work needs to be done, but treatable, so may consider that. This might be of interest to you. Our daughter being around cats and horses could be where she picked it/them up, as well as the possibility that something was passed from me to her. At least it is only a blood test and not ‘months’ of treatment just waiting and seeing. All the best to your daughter! A prayer for her and you too!

  67. brandi says:

    thanks for sharing! i have 2 girls of my own and they are still young! will definitely make me research things! let me ask… is it only/mostly females that this is happening to?

    • Glenda Smith says:

      I’m glad sharing will help another parent to be better informed then we were! It is mostly girls right now because since it started about 6 years ago, it was only given to girls, but NOW they have started giving it to boys and already their are a growing number of boys in the statistics that have suffered and worse have died. It is awful! …but I just feel so bad for those parents who like us are so trusting of our health care givers and then things go terribly wrong. Do your research. I wish we didn’t have to go to all the work since others are being paid to do it, but evidently WE DO. Let’s keep the younger kids safe, and teach them to say, NO, to ANYONE who tries to give them a needle without talking to mom and dad first. That’s where we are headed. 🙁 Keep your kids safe, and be well!

  68. Hi Glenda, so sorry your daughter has suffered so much because of this vaccine, i very reluctantly agreed to agreeing to letting both my girls have this vaccine. i didn’t want them to have it as I was already quite concerned about the contents of vaccines in general but when I conveyed my concerns I was made to feel guilty as tho I was being neglectful and putting them at risk by refusing consent and I was assured that it was safe. Like you I was not aware or made aware of any of the side effects. Fortunately both my girls seem to be ok right now but I still wish I had followed my gut instinct and refused. I notice that it is made by Mercke and had I known this then I would definitely have refused. They put the Aids virus and bird flu in polio vaccines, (admitted by one of the scientists who was on the scientific team responsible), and God only knows what else they have done in the name of “Science”. I hate how they think that they can play God with peoples lives with no concern at all about the end results, no doubt your daughter is now a scientific data result in their live threatening games. I hope that you manage to find a solution to her health problems soon, she has suffered enough at the hands of these lunatics. Wishing you, your daughter and your family all the best Glenda and sending prayers for a solution soon x

  69. Nicola says:

    Hi Glenda,
    I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s experience as a result of this vaccine. It is terrible that parents are not fully informed, and it’s just as bad that the medical community will often not admit to the possibility of illnesses like your daughter’s being caused by vaccines. It’s unbelievable.

    I know that everyone has a cure to offer you and you have tried so many things…. I wasn’t going to post this, but on second thought, I didn’t want to withhold this information if it could possibly help Angela.

    I have recently come across an article published in the early 1900’s by a doctor of the Mayo Foundation (precursor to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN) which details the use of raw milk to cure many diseases. I also recently read a testimony of a woman with Lyme disease (an auto-immune disease), who after 4 years of being horribly ill and trying every treatment recommended to no avail, allowed her body to heal by doing a 100-day raw (un-pasteurized) milk diet. After looking into raw milk more, it seems it is a complete food that, when eaten exclusively, gives the digestive system a break, allowing the body to heal, all while supplying all the necessary nutrients.

    The doctor’s article and the results of his treatment can be found here: http://www.realmilk.com/health/milk-cure/ and the testimony of curing Lyme disease can be found here: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/the-milk-cure-for-healing-lyme-disease/.

    The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it is not reliant on medicine or supplements – just a traditional food to help the body heal itself.
    I hope this information is helpful to you. I pray that God will bring healing to Angela and refreshment to your family.

  70. Hi Glenda,
    I am so, so sorry. Have you heard of the GAPS diet or the book “GUT and PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride? It lays out a diet/detox plan that gets to the root of healing a damaged gut and immune system. An internet search will bring up many, many people’s success stories for various conditions/symptoms by doing GAPS. It will also bring up naysayers, but it comes down to this: who do you trust? ~ Not the vaccine manufacturers or those who push unsafe vaccines on children – so, so maddening!
    Sincerely Praying you find the right healing path,
    Sarah Presteng – mom of 4, family on GAPS for various reasons

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Prayers wonderfully appreciated! Thank-you! YES…have my GAPS book and practicing the chicken stock and bone broth! Full diet to start in summer after she gets through her 2 courses so we can give full attention. I will do it with her 🙂 Also, since posting, possible bacteria called Bartonella brought to our attention, so will be checking that too. A full time job here trying this and that!

  71. Jon Dough says:

    Glenda, may your family have strength through you distress. I have read few stories about infants with seizures and auto immune finding balance with this. Completely got them off pill regements etc. Hope all the help you need is close. You fight inspires hope in your daughter.
    Check the link do some research seperate fake product from genuine.

  72. lauren says:

    when my child is scheduled for a shot (or before they take any kind of medicine) i research it. it has helped us avoid many adverse affects. vaccinations are overall terrific for society and i’m glad they have them. like any medication, it’s not going to be the right choice for everyone but these medications are heavily tested and those who suffer side effects are a tiny, tiny minority. again, reading up on medication before you take it can save a lot of grief.

  73. Kellie says:

    What a horrible journey for your family and your daughter! I’m just curious if any of the supplements that she tried were Shaklee supplements? I’ve definitely seen some miracles in my sharing of them with people.

  74. Hi Glenda and Angie,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve been having! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Have you considered NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques)? You can check out their website http://www.naet.com but basically it is a way to help the body “reprogram” itself to remove allergic reactions. It can also help the body stop fighting itself by “retraining” the body not to attack itself. You do have to be careful to find a practitioner that does “traditional” NAET therapy though, or you may get treated incorrectly and symptoms could return. The treatments may sound a little hoakey at first (I was VERY skeptical to start with myself), but when you consider that everything at its most basic level is made up of atoms with protons and electrons, it all starts to make more sense. I hope you find the information helpful and are able to find some relief for Angie soon!

  75. celticfiregirl says:

    Thanks for posting Angela’s story. My daughter is 13 and had her 1st shot of Gardisil and that was only because I felt pressured in the office. I haven’t taken her back because I just had this gut feeling that it wasn’t safe. Immune deficiancy runs in my family and in many families. That’s why we’re allergic to so many things. Thank you for the heads up.

    I’m more into holistic and homeopathic ways of healing. Check out Living Oils: http://www.youngliving.com/
    I’m new to the whole thing, but I have several friends on it and with the many issues they’ve had for years. It seems that Dr’s just give drugs to help symptoms and not really treat the issues. These oils actually get to the cellular level and help people get HEALTHY. Check it out, do your research, ask them questions. The founder was Dr. Gary Young. His info, should be on the site as well.
    God Bless!

  76. Leslie Myers says:

    Hi Glenda,
    I am terribly sorry to hear about your daughter and all her horrible struggles. This is awful to hear. I have Crohn’s disease going on 23 years now. When I read that they seen inflammation on her bowel, didn’t they wonder about Crohn’s or Colitis??? These are the many symptoms that go along with the disease. Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease. If you need any information, please feel free to contact me. I will pray for all of you as she is too young to be suffering. God Bless all of you

  77. hi – i am so nervous about vaccines in general. i’m so sorry to hear about the pain and suffering you are going through.
    have you looked into her glutathione level? there is much out there that maybe people with low glutathione levels are not able to detox on their own. just a thought.

  78. Saroya says:

    There is a nutritionist in Arizona that does very special work, she cures people of all sorts of serious illnesses! She cured my friend of a parasite that was killing her! She actually has a lot of Famous people go to her! She is not expensive, she really cares about people. her name is Harriet Hamilton! You can look her up on the Internet, if you can’t find her let me know and I can get her phone #. I am praying for your daughter! My daughter has not had the shot, but the doctor wants her to, but I won’t allow it!

  79. Hi Glenda,
    I want to first say that I am so sorry to hear of your daughte Angie having to go through all that she is going through. I think I may have an answer for all that you have been searching for. First I would like to say that I was diagnosed in 1995 with chronic fatigue syndrome and I literally thought I was going to die. It was horrible what I went through and yes I experienced every one of the symptoms that you mentioned above up to including a high fever of up to 103* for over 3 weeks. I first want to tell you that there is no such thing as chronic fatigue synrome. That is a name that the medical field puts on someone who fits into a catagory of a host of symptoms and all of those symptoms that you mentioned above are the ones that are in that catagory and when you said that Angie was tested and they couldn’t find anything I knew right away that she has a systemic yeast infection. If we can step back for one moment and go back to when you said that she has both “chronic fatigue syndrome” and celiac disease. Remember chronic fatigue syndrome is a made up name and celiac disease is also linked to a systemic yeast infections.
    The question I was wondering is if Angie was precribed a host of antibiotics as a child or even recently for any type of chronic condition such as ear infections and or sinus infections or any type of infections. Steroids can also cause this.
    There are many precribed medications which cause systemic yeast infections and Gardasil is also one of those medications. I believe from what you wrote that she has a systemic yeast infection and also known as “candida”.
    Each and everyone of us are born with good flora in our intestines and the average amount is approx. 5-7 lbs. Then what happens is as we are prescribed antibiotics by our physicans and anti biotic meaning “anti life” which kills all the good flora as well as all the bad in our systems and once this happens that protective wall of good flora is disrupted and broken down and once that happens there is no longer a protective barrier and therefore this yeast changes form into this candida. The candida is a live organism that can go into your blood stream and into every organ of our bodies causing havoc and great pain in those areas including even the brain and that is why Angie is having loss of concentration. The ear pain is usually fluid in the inner ear caused by a fungal infection and that is why she has headaches and feels dizzy as it will throw her equalibrium off.The itchiness and rashes are also related to fungus. If you took a look at this candida under a microscope it actually has antennas that can penetrate through every organ of our bodies.
    Here is the good news. She can get to the root of that candida and totally regain her health once again.
    Glenda I also wanted to share with you that most doctors will not acknowledge this as a problem and some will even deny that it exists, but the truth is that it is a beast called candida that you can completely get rid of.
    Glenda I would love to talk with you about what you can do naturally to get rid of this. Please feel free to sent me an e-mail message and I can give you all the information on this and how to conquer this. I know this is a very difficult thing to have to see your daughter go through this, but it doesn’t have to be forever. I can also send you a list of foods to avoid temporarily until the systemic yeast infection is goine. I will be so happy to guide you through the steps to getting to the root of this.

  80. Tersa Gutiereez says:

    Sorry to hear about your daughter experience, 5 years ago my daughter, my niece, my nephew had the shots and nothing happened to them, hope your daughters gets back her health,

  81. have any drs run testing for lupus?

    • Glenda Smith says:

      I believe it was ruled out about a year ago. Some symptoms she doesn’t fit. Thanks for the suggestion!

  82. kurt vandyck says:

    I really hope all turns out well, I have a young daughter and am very concerned. I think a product from Max International would help, it saved my life. vandyckkurt@hotmail.ca

  83. Hi Glenda
    In Osteopathy there is a therapy called Visceral Manipulation which is very effective in normalising function of the digestive system. To me this would be the most effective treatment for your daughter’s condition as you describe it. Check it out at http://www.barralinstitute.com

  84. Hi Glenda,
    My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I know what it feels to seek help and feel helpless. Ironically I just received an email about this very same subject and there is a show this Sunday on Mother’s Day about the vaccine you may want to tune into. I am copying and pasting here what my email says:
    Dr. Rima Truth Reports
    Sunday Mornings – 10 AM to Noon, Eastern

    Our Guest for our Mother’s Day Special Edition is Leslie Carol Botha on Motherhood Denied through Gardasil, the infertility vaccine. Harmed by Gardasil? Know someone who has been? Here’s your opportunity: Participate in Gardasil Questionnaire. Listen to Leslie and learn how! Merk is now paying $6M to Gardasil victims (top award: $250,000 for death). Too little, too late! This infertility vaccine for girls and boys must be stopped NOW!
    Good luck to both of you, you will be included in my prayers.

  85. Hey!!

    I have not read all of your posts yet so I apologize if I am duplicating a comment. I was wondering if your Docs had suggested a GJ Tube? It bypasses the stomach and goes right into the intestines. I am a post op cancer patient and I require one for my nutritional needs. I am on a food called Jevity. I am not familiar with Celiac and if it just affects the upper GI and stomach or if it affects the intestines as well but a GJ Tube may assist with reducing the pains. It may be worth researching and asking about. I am sorry you are going through this at such a young age, I hope you are able to figure out a way to reduce your pain. Good Luck Love.

  86. Dr Young from http://www.phmiracleliving.com is in San Diego and he is someone you should definitely contact regarding your daughter’s treatment. I am certain he would speak with you over the phone and would be able to help you.

  87. I am so sorry for the pain that your daughter has been going through.
    I am with a company called VISI and we just got a new product called “PROBITA”
    I would like to tell you all about it if you could call me on my to;;-free #
    1-877-542-4514. It is a protein collagen chew and it heals all the membranes
    in the body because our bodies are only made up of water and collagen.
    My daughter has suffered from severe sciatic nerve problems and after chewing 2 chews
    one in the afternoon and one before going to bed, all her pain has gone and has not returned.
    She has been doing this for 3 weeks now and is totally pain free!!!
    Call me!!
    Diana Letourneau

  88. Hi Glenda, I am so sorry to hear of your daughter’s suffering and the terrible stress this has caused your family. This is of great concern to me as I have two daughters aged 12 and 7. I do not claim to have any expertise in the area of vaccines but I can’t help but notice you mention several times in your comments about toxin(s) being a t the cellular level. I know of a ‘cleanse’ system that works at a cellular level. I promote a product called Isagenix that as part of its protocol includes a ‘whole food cleanse’ product along with gluten free shakes to flood the body with complete nutrition. I know you have tried many things to help you daughter and I can see that you will not give up so I wanted to let you know about Isagenix. You can get some information about it at http://www.isaproduct.com and look for ‘Cleanse For Life’. I can also put you in touch with our scientific advisory board for more detailed information. Please reply to let me know your thoughts. Take good care, Lisa

  89. Hi Glenda, I am so sorry that your daughter has had to go through this. Please google Mastocytosis Society Canada and look up the symptoms of this condition. Myself and my children have this and I know that for my son and daughter the trigger was their pre school booster shots that they had at 4 years of age. We live in Ontario too and there are doctors here that your daughter could see. Let me know if you want more information…..with kind regards Denise

    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you Denise. I will look that up and read about it. Nice to see someone else from Ontario, since finding drs. here to do ‘untraditional’ testing is so hard. Naturopaths can do a lot, but still some tests we need medical drs. for. We also want to test for a bacteria, Bartonella, which we are trying to find a dr. who will do. ….a long road! Glad you were able to find treatment for your family!

  90. My heart is breaking reading your daughter’s story. My youngest son also had a bad reaction to a vaccine. I’m not sure if this would help your daughter as I have just ordered the product myself from amazon.ca. I found the information on mercola.com and I have health issues that I’m hoping this will help with the pain. If you search “Earthing” the mattress pads come up. It’s called a Universal mat and cover kit. There’s also a book included. If it really works as the article states…then it’s worth the $80.


    • Glenda Smith says:

      Thank-you for sharing, Diane. Can’t hurt to take a look! Will see what it says…$80 is cheap compared to a lot of what we have spent. Hope it works for your son! Send a post on how it worked for him. Take care.

      • You’re welcome! My son had his shot when he was around 3 and my healthy boy developed all kinds of weird illnesses after that. We are currently battling the fatigue and big red splotches that appear on his body when he gets hot. He reacts to most medications even some of the naturopathic stuff. He applied for Optometry school and is currently on the wait list for Waterloo BUT he doesn’t have all the shots and we went to public health and the neo natzi nurse there never recorded his vaccination reaction….so it basically never happened in our doctor’s eyes. He won’t give us a waiver so he can go to school. I’ve been steamed about it all weekend. Our doc knows how ill my boy has been and still he wouldnt sign the waiver. I am beyond frustrated. All I can say is that Karma comes around eventually for that lying nurse. But it doesn’t help my son much.

        Diane in Saskatchewan

  91. Hi Glenda
    I’m so sorry for what your family is going through. I know you are looking into everything and anything that will help your daughter and I so pray you will find something that works for you. A previous poster had mentioned Max Intl products and it may be something you may want to check out. It IS a detoxifier, and a good one at that, but it also builds and supports the immune system and reduced inflammation in ALL cells. Did your doctor determine that the chelation therapy is not appropriate because in doing it, stored toxins are released back into the system, thereby making the symptoms worse? Just curious as to how he’s trying to get the toxins out of her system. Cellgevity increases Glutathione, which is produced naturally by the body but decreases with age and illness and toxicity. I’m sorry if this seems predatory, but I have personally seen so many people with such a wide variety of health issues and in pain, have noticable improvements in the way their body is responding to these supplements. I am also in S. Ontario and would be more than happy to send you a sample if it is something you determine that you would like to try. Either way, God bless and good luck in your journey to recover your daughter’s health.

  92. Krissy Welch says:

    Please look at the Gerson therapy! It is NOT just about cancer but healing from all illness! God Bless you always!!

  93. Fibromyalgia? Symptoms usually arise after an accident, emotional trauma , or extreme stress. I have most of the symptoms listed above.
    Consider it.

  94. Saw this which treats the immune system through treating the intestinal lining. don’t know anything about it personally, but it has helped people with cancer heal their digestive and immune systems. http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=F2D4C2DF720D407226D28A0F49C34BE5
    Also seeing a classically trained homeopath can help Angie more than diverse remedies. It is specific not to her illness but also to her self and her vital force. I will find someone to refer you to if you wish- send me a message.

  95. Dorothy says:

    Hello Glenda,
    wow, you have received a lot of advice, so I hesitate to add any. But when my kids were born they were pretty much allergic to being alive! lol! we did homeopath etc with some results but what REALLY changed our lives was NAET. google it. it sounds to me that she was violently allergic to the vaccine and her body will just keep producing antibodies till it’s reversed. The NAET process is expensive and time consuming, but it is the only thing that has helped us have a normal life. The fist day I went in, I was speaking with a mother in the waiting room. I asked why she was there and if this stuff worked, I was VERY skeptical. She said her daughter was allergic to her epi pen, and severly allergic to peanuts…….talk about walking on eggshells every moment of every day! after some treatment, she is allergic to neither. Give it a go! best wishes to you and your family.

  96. Deborah Clauss says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter! Your story sounds too farmiliar to what happened to my son. After a year of suffering we took him to an immunologist who performed patch testing for non-IGE food allergies. These allergies can not be diagnosed from blood tests, scratch or prick tests. These types of food allergies are common in kids with Celiacs. My son was allergic to 15/16 foods tested. After months on Neocate junior via TF he is healing and beginning to tolerate more foods. I hope this information is helpful! Deborah

  97. Chris Taylor says:

    Hi Glenda,

    I’m so sorry for what your daughter is going through. Have you considered home schooling your daughter or your daughter doing classes online so that she will not fall too far behind her peers? I homeschooled my oldest and am currently home schooling my youngest two. Your daughter can do her work when she is able to, without having to wear herself out physically/mentally. I understand she wants to see her friends but there are home school groups that you can become part of. Angela may not physically be able to join them always, but maybe some friendships could be built and they could come to visit her.

  98. Dear Glenda

    Scary – this is the story of our daughter, excactly the same.

    One question, how was the aluminum test done ? Blood test ?

    The aluminum is only present in blood 1-2 days after the injection. Then it’s in the organs and can’t be measured in the blood any more.

    Many doctors don’t know that. You are on the right path. Look for aluminum in food and avoid that too. And cosmetics.


  99. So sorry to hear about your poor daughters reaction!! I’ve only just come to connect my health problems to the Gardasil vaccine. I developed celiac disease, erythema multiforme and several allergies following the vaccine, although nowhere near as bad as your daughter. I hope you find something that works for her, I’m sure the answer is out there so don’t give up!!!

  100. klaudeta mertiku says:

    I read your story some days ago but as I was left wordless, I was unable to make any comment to just say I really feel sorry. Today I just got to this website: http://www.post-vaccination-syndrome.com/3840/pvs.aspx

    It speaks about a doctor, a homeopathic that deals with PVS (post vaccination-syndrome). I read a lot of cases that he was able to heal and I just thought of your case.

    Hope it helps and my heart goes to you and your daughter

  101. When someone writes an post he/she maintains the
    plan of a user in his/her mind that how a user can understand it.

    So that’s why this piece of writing is amazing.

  102. Hi Glenda,
    I am so sorry to hear all of the stories about all the girls that have been damaged by this vaccine.

    I urge you to investigate the possibility that your daughter may be infected with bartonella and possibly other pathogens (Lyme disease for one). As you have mentioned yourself, the HPV vaccine suppresses the immune system. Bartonella can lie dormant until the immune system is suppressed and then it mounts an attack. Symptoms can include any of the following (but a bartonella sufferer won’t have all of the symptoms); gastric complaints, heartburn, tremors, seizures, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, memory problems, depression, rage, visual light sensitivity, sore soles of the feet, stretch mark like skin lesions, numbness, psychological issues, insomnia with fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, night sweats, day sweats, chills, etc.

    Research article about bartonella in children to 16 yrs of age:

    Please, please, please read this info and check the web links posted there. Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt is the top researcher in the world as far as bartonella goes. Perhaps if you contacted him, he would look into the possibility that the HPV vaccine could cause activation of a latent bartonella (and perhaps Lyme disease) infection. Maybe he could do a clinical study. Try to find research authored by him for the most up to date research into bartonella.

  103. Cara Colacchio says:

    Hi Glenda,
    My daughter has some genetic health issues and a benign brain tumor that went undiagnosed for a long time. Before any of the diagnoses, she had a flu and Hep A shot. Two weeks later she had her first ER visit. It started with the severe stomach pain like you described, doctors would look at her curled up in pain and ask if she was my only child. She had many of the symptoms on your list. She was finally diagnosed with Dysautonomia. There is disagreement still whether she has Neurocardiogenic Syncope or POTS. I would look into POTS for your daughter. It stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Doctors refuse to believe that the vaccines were the trigger for the Dysautonomia because of the other health issues that were finally discovered, but I believe they were and will no longer subject her to vaccines. Even with her deteriorated health state, doctors still insist it is safe to have her vaccinated. I don’t agree, and I’m the one left to pick up the pieces if she deteriorates again.

  104. Alicia Boone says:

    I am so sorry to hear your daughter’s story as my daughter’s is very much the same.

    My daughter was an outgoing, super funny, confident, soccer athlete, practicing 3-4 hrs a day. She planned to play HS soccer and move on to college soccer. Autumn was a free spirit and so full of life. Her love for animals and passion to save the mistreated drove her to want to open her own animal shelter. She had dreams, goals and a plan. In January of 2010 she received the series of Gardasil shots. Her second shot was on 3/31 and by 5/10 we had her back to the doctors due to shortness of breath, horrible rib and back pain. That is when our nightmare just kept getting worse. Autumn’s life after Gardasil. Excruciating rib/back pain episodes, unable to stand up straight or breath deeply. Pain episodes lasting as long as 4wks, requiring many ER visits. A mass measuring 6x12x9 found in her abdominal muscle under her rib was thought to possibly be bone cancer. Doctors kept her overnight to do a bone biopsy but morning came and the mass was gone. It literally disappeared overnight, the doctors could give no explanation and conducted no further studies. Constant leg/knee pain, intense muscle contractions, painful joints, chronic congestion, sore throats, ear pain, reoccurring hearing loss, bladder infections, heat sensitivity feeling faint in showers/bath, shortness of breath walking one flight of steps/talking too long, unbearable migraines leaving her screaming in pain, light/sound sensitivity, chest pain, racing heart, lymphadenopathy, tiny cuts bleeding over 20 min, bruising, petechia rash, cold purple feet, heavy menstrual cycles, paralyzing pelvic pain with lumps that come and go, cycles lasting 3 wks or longer. Chronic fatigue, sleeping sometimes 20 hrs a day, night sweats, strange skin sensations, lips going numb, reoccurring rashes covering her body including the mucosa of her mouth/nose making breathing difficult requiring ER visits. Gastroparesis- stomach paralysis causing severe bloating appearing 6 mths pregnant, debilitating pain, no appetite, severe weight loss, weight gain from body going into starvation mode, constant nausea, vomiting blood/bile leaving her begging for mercy, pleading for death. Autumn will live with a stomach virus for the rest of her life, 24/7/365. Can you imagine? Unable to absorb nutrition, malnourishment. Autumn fought hard to keep the life she had prior to Gardasil, but eventually was forced to quit soccer and withdrawal from school. She has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She suffers from extreme memory loss, anger, insomnia, severely diminished cognitive processes. She has self harmed, cutting and branding her wrist/hips to cope with the suffering she endures daily. Did the benefit outweigh the risk? Absolutely not. So where is the medical community now? They casually say Autumn is a complicated case, offer no answers, and wish us luck. PLEASE SHARE AUTUMN’S STORY TO HELP SAVE ANOTHER CHILD FROM DEVASTATION


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    We had no informed consent before Gardasil changed our lives. – SaneVax, Inc.

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