CDC finds ‘pseudo-outbreak’ of whooping cough

Published 18 January 2012-Reuters

A cluster of suspected whooping cough cases in Colorado was actually most likely a “pseudo-outbreak,” according to an investigation by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The cases, reported in the summer of 2009, seem to have been mistakenly diagnosed when patients’ test samples became contaminated at one medical clinic. However, the CDC says, a cluster of whooping cough cases from the winter before likely was a true outbreak.

The pseudo-outbreak does not diminish the importance of the “real” cases of whooping cough that continue to crop up each year, said lead researcher Sema Mandal of the CDC.

“We’ve had strong evidence of other outbreaks,” Mandal told Reuters Health, citing a 2010 outbreak in California as an example.

Excerpt from article:

When the CDC investigated, it found differences between the cluster of “winter” cases that were diagnosed through April, and the “summer” cluster diagnosed from May through August.

While nearly all people diagnosed in the winter had classic whooping cough symptoms, only 63 percent of the summer cluster did. And people diagnosed in the summer were more likely to have only small amounts of pertussis DNA in their test samples — which suggested the samples may have been contaminated.

Indeed, the CDC found pertussis DNA on surfaces at the clinic where most of the cases were seen. Of the sites the team swabbed — from nurses’ laptops to sinks to glove containers — 61 percent had detectable pertussis DNA.

The researchers suspect that pertussis DNA from vaccines contaminated clinic surfaces, and then contaminated samples taken from patients to be sent to out for testing.

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[Comment by Jagannath Chattergee:  One of the greatest lies ever told on earth is that vaccines prevent diseases. What is untold is that diseases vaccinated against are common in vaccinated populations. Statistical jugglery ensures that these cases are “masked”.

If you study medical textbooks you will observe how doctors are manipulated into wrong diagnoses. These books clearly tell the doctor that when a vaccinated case presents itself with the disease being vaccinated against “it cannot obviously be that disease”. So a case ofwhooping cough after getting the full round of vaccines becomes “an ordinary but aggravated cough”.

The doctors will be angry that I am exposing trade secrets in these pages but that, my dear friends, is that.

This CDC article presents a very frightening scenario. Entire hospitals can get infected by the disease DNA being injected into children with a vaccine. Here they have found the pertussis (whooping cough) DNA all over the hospital surface! The source? Vaccines! So what is the solution? The injections must be in isolation and the persons administering the vaccines must be wearing gloves.

But dear Sirs, what happens to the children in whose bloodstream these vaccines are emptied, in large doses and by numerous vaccines? The article prefers to remain mum on that. They are still not willing to own up and probably never will. Just for the record, the fact that vaccines are causing DNA damage surfaced almost simultaneously with the discovery of the DNA Helix.]

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