How the CDC promotes flu vaccinations

[SaneVax: How does the CDC support annual flu shot recommendations? The answer may surprise you. Seems a little creative statistical manipulation can turn 18 actual flu deaths into an amount that is sufficiently large enough to scare the populace into compliance. As flu season approaches, medical consumers must do their research before blindly accepting anyone’s word. Exercise your human right to fully informed consent – your health may depend on it.]

Bombshell: 18 people died of the flu, not 2,000 as claimed by the CDC

By Jon Rappaport

CDC: Flu propaganda?

(NaturalNews) Time and time again, as an investigative reporter, I’ve had the job of informing readers that their most basic assumptions are wrong.

In the medical arena, this is compounded by public acceptance of lies that seem to be absolute science. However, the “science” turns out to be manufactured delusion. The subject of this article is another such case. It flies in the face of massive propaganda that medical authorities have launched to literally brainwash the population.

The flu season is approaching, and of course we will see the Centers for Disease Control urge all parents to act like good little robots and have the whole family jabbed with flu shots.

The usual warnings and predictions will be trumpeted by the CDC and their compliant media.

The one persistent fact that will be shoved across is: every year in the US, 36,000 people die of the flu. We’ve all read and heard that figure, over and over.

It’s a “necessary” statistic for the CDC. They need to promote it. They need to convince the population that seasonal flu is dangerous.

The American people don’t understand that it’s a lie, a grossly manufactured delusion that bears no resemblance to reality.

In December of 2005, the British Medical Journal (online) published a shocking report by Peter Doshi, which spelled out the delusion and created tremors throughout the halls of the CDC.

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