Pregnancy: Which is worse, the flu or flu vaccines?

[SaneVax: A new Danish study seems to indicate getting the flu during pregnancy may increase the risk of your child having autism. If this were a true correlation, one would expect to be able to find a large ‘outbreak’ of autism during the few years after the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. Can anyone produce documentation of such an outbreak? Is this Danish study simply a case of asking the wrong questions to obtain the ‘right’ answers?

Pregnancy, Flu Shots and Autism

By Mr. Augie

Flu or flu shots?

Why is it we are told that flu shots are not safe for infants under six months—but are safe and necessary for the tiny fetuses?

Vaccinations have triggered autism and learning disabilities in children (several studies are given below). My headline Can Flu Shots Cause Autism? is a counter-punch to the dangerous and misleading news last week implying that flu shots for pregnant women may prevent autism. I don’t want to mislead my readers to think flu vaccines are the sole cause or trigger (not by a long shot) as there are others. For example, the MMR and other vaccines, other non-vaccine related environmental exposures, genetic predisposition, mitochondrial dysfunctions and so forth, along with synergistic and cumulative effects.

Vaccines are not near as safe or effective as our government health authorities have led us to believe. The dangers of the flu are wildly exaggerated being 1500 or so deaths a year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data (not 35,000 as touted). These deaths are mainly the elderly with preexisting conditions. Infant deaths amount to about 10 or so per year.

The question the CDC and state/local health departments are afraid to ask (or face) is: Are the inherent and known health risks of the flu shot on pregnant women and their unborn babies (or anyone) are greater than the risk incurred in getting the flu?

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