Tourette-like symptoms for Corinth teens a mystery for parents

By Kassata Edwards

Corinth– A town in Western New York is in the news this week because of twelve girls with unusual symptoms: odd tics and verbal outbursts. One neurologist has called it “mass hysteria”. Two girls in Corinth have similar problems.

Twitching and joint pain are symptoms that both Lori Brownell and Alycia Nicholson share.

“When you look at all the symptoms there’s something very dark, it’s bigger than that” says Nicholson’s father Randy.

The two girls play softball together. Nicholson started having symptoms in May, Brownell in August. Both experience twitching that turns into body convulsions.

“There is something actually happening to their bodies, something I believe is coming from the outside, the environment somehow” adds Nicholson.

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